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Found 3 results

  1. I believe, it would be good to have a condition to check for the balance of a member: whether a user has a necessary amount of points for doing some certain actions. Currently we have only six conditions, included in Points Economy, and some of them probably should help to check, whether points are enough, if we know some of PHP code: The problem is, that not all the forum admins' php knowledge is good enough to fill that text area, so probably adding "points" to the data use for this condition will help? Since the amount of points should be an integer field, it won't be too complicated? (The event of the rule above is just a "Custom Data updated") By the way, I didn't find a way, how to make such actions with points like we can do with Updating our custom data fields: As you can see, I'm particularly speaking about missing the "subtract" action. In the Actions, we only have two possible operations which we can do with Economy Points: "Credit or Debit a points balance" and "Transfer or exchange a points balance". With the first one, we only can proceed with Automatic Credit/Debit, Credit Only or Debit Only adjustment types. But none of them allow us to input a negative amount for adjustment! That's why for the operations, where we need the certain points amount to be subtracted, we have to use another E.Points action called "Transfer or exchange a points balance". Is it planned to be done in this way? Or do I miss something? (Kevin, what about adding a Spoiler button to the Editor on your forum? )
  2. Hi Is there a template edit I can make to show the members points total in their member card next to each of their posts? Thanks
  3. I know you can assign a users Points in the ACP, but what about giving the option for the admin to allow Moderators to adjust a users Points in the Moderator Control Panel?