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Found 27 results

  1. Hello @Kevin Carwile I have a problem with merging multiple members accounts. Indeed, if I take for example 2 collabs and I have a member with 2 different accounts for the same person on each collab. if I merge the 2 accounts of this same user, the new merged account is not a member of one of the two collabs ! Each time, we lose the collab membership after the merger of several accounts of the same person which is very annoying Can you please propose a solution? Thank you
  2. Hi, I bought points economy v1.1.0 and installed it on my forum running Invision 4.4.0 yesterday. I've created a currency, but I've been unable to set it up to use it as a payment method in Commerce. The option for Member Points doesn't appear in the list of Payment Method options when I try to create a new one, I just see the options for Stripe, Braintree, PayPal,, 2Checkout and Manual. I've tried disabling and re-enabling Points Economy and deleting and re-creating my currency, but to no avail. I've had a look through the site but I don't think I've missed a step. Any help will be gratefully received.
  3. Hi @Kevin Carwile, I've upgraded to IPB 4.4 and installed APA 1.1.7. However, I am experiencing a critical error when APA is enabled on my site: any page or link I try to get to beyond the core Invision Apps (e.g., Pages structures and pages I've created) throws an ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS from the browse (doesn't matter which one, mobile or desktop).. I have tried clearing the cache, clearing out all browser data (as Google directs), and nothing worked. Finally, I disabled all 3rd-party applications, which eliminated the problem. After re-enabling bit by bit I can definitely confirm that APA 1.1.7 is causing this issue (disabling it I lose my custom URLs but I can get to my pages). I considered downgrading to 1.1.6 but wasn't sure that was a good idea and thought I would post this to you first.
  4. Hello, I created a site with several projects. I noticed that the tab "Activity feed" dedicated to the activity in each project displays the activity of all the other site projects at the same time and not only the activity of the project in which we are consulting the feed, which is very annoying. Indeed, being on an individual project page, I would like the activity feed to show me only the activity of this project and not that of other projects. Can you please tell me how to do it? Thank you Example :
  5. Hello @Kevin Carwile I just noticed that on a private Group Collaboration in where topics are totally private and not accessible to guests, it's enough for the guest to go through the profile of a forum member to be able to access all topics from his news feed even if these topics are private! Indeed, if a guest click on the username of a forum member, he can read the content of topics from a sub-forum where he do not have access to... Here are the steps to reproduce this problem : I am connecting to the site as a user I access to a private Group Collaboration whose content is totally private and not available to guests only for Group Collaboration members. I am not a member of the private Group Collaboration. I can't read or see anything from this private Group Collaboration. I click on the avatar of Group Collaboration member, and I access its news feed. I can see the content of private topics that I do not normally have access to on the Group Collaboration because I am not a member of the group. If I click on the topic, only then I get the message "The club content is only visible to members". I can get the same result from the "All activity" feed on the site. It seems to me to be a serious permissions bug at the Group Collaboration that needs to be fixed. Can you please tell me how to fix it or if it is a technical bug to fix it quickly. Thank you for your advice
  6. LukasGr.

    Guest View Issue

    From IPS Marketplace topic: Hi, please help We have 2 categories in use and permissions are set correct as far as I can say that. But now there is a weird part: Although logged in members see collabs within a category (3 collabs in in category A and 2 collasb in category B) guests view is quite bugged. Whichever category they chose to browse, they always see ALL collabs (in this example, the always see 5 collabs mixed up. doesnt matter which category they are browsing) Is this a common bug? Do you have solution? Do you need more info / site access?
  7. Hi guys, I've found, that the rules with the event " Event: A balance transfer or exchange has been completed " don't want to fire. There is nothing happened, when I transfer points between my own bank accounts and spending account. Also, the Rule doesn't evaluate, when I send points to other forum users. What are the situations, when this event should trigger the rules? Probably, it's different from my understanding - I believe, they should trigger, once the points transfer has been proceeded (completed). (I have tested the transfers as in the Economy dashboard, as in the ACP in the "Economy" section. ISP, Points 1.0.5)
  8. Don't want to create a new topic for one question (bug?) only: When managing our banks, it seems to be impossible to change the Fee & Interest Cycle ОБЯЗАТЕЛЬНО for them. It always shows 7 (seven) there. It cannot be changed. Is that planned to work in this way? or it's just an error there? (ips + points 1.0.7)
  9. The Dark Wizard

    Permission Inconsistency

    So if I remove in the backend the ability for owners to not be able to delete threads, then they can't create a role with the permission to delete threads. This seems correct. However if I remove the ability for the owner to delete forums, he can make a role that has the ability to delete forums, this seems incorrect. @Kevin Carwile
  10. Hey Kevin, When deleting a collab, I get this error message:
  11. So I've created a log on my calendar. It's simple : it keeps record of any RSVP action made. My main data is the name of the member, and i've add a loggable record : the action (Yes/No/Maybe/Withdraw). My problem is simple : the rule to add a record works fine. It's always trigger. But the "action" record isn't fill if it's not an Admin : Here Naurel and UneFriteUneFois are both admins and have access to the ACP. Only admins can see the Log. Permission on the custom loggable field : The action itself :
  12. So i'm having issue with the 'no event' when a member refuse an event on my calendar (I got the extention) it trigger the withdraw event and not the 'no'.
  13. I have a feedback for the comment sections, is it possible to split all the comments in pages? i have 30 comments and the page lenght is huge... at this way, i propose the same thing for reviews sections... The second is a bug report for comment sections, randomly when i fully-loaded a collab page (the home), i keep receiving browser notifications (cause i have enabled the browser notifications) of all the comments in a collab group... all of them, not the last one (that would make sense)... and the bigger problem is that i'm not even following the group collab. Sorry for the language, but it's in italian... Thx in advance
  14. Hello, It seems after some time when users are creating posts in the forums (or sometimes randomly) it seems to spit out an error for browsing This happens to almost all the collabs, They can view individual links still, but browsing anything causes this error inside the collab. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? and how would I go about fixing this. Thanks!
  15. I'm trying to track down a presentation display issue for a collab. The collab has 3 different groups of boards, with 2-4 sub-boards within each board: For members in the default group, the boards display this way in the collab index: For members in any group other than the default group, the boards display this way in the collab index: I want default members to see the "expanded" view that everyone else sees, as opposed to everything being contained in the big "Boards" container which is hiding valuable info (# of items per board, last post in each board, etc.). How can I prevent that extra "Boards" container from displaying for default members?
  16. not sure if its a bug but the action works and the pm is sent and shows up as me in this case but when member replies to message it doesnt show up in my pm box can this be fixed?
  17. There is this weird issue where the scheduled actions only work once or twice and then even if I Execute it manually, they simply won't trigger. I'm changing schedules action's parameters if that matters. It says it ran successfully and gives no errors, but when I check the logs, there's nothing there. Is this the same as this here or is it different?
  18. This is a pretty old issue, noticed since my first try to use logs, attached to the member's profile, back to 1.3.6 or even earlier before. I think, it's time to report it to you Once we have created custom logs, attached to the member, we've got a new Tab (Node) in the profile called "Logged Activity": When clicking on this Tab (Node), it doesn't show us the necessary info, it just provides a blank page The only way to see the logs there, is to reload the page (F5), then it works normal and shows all the info it should show by the first clicking on the Tab. Could you please check for the issue, and if it exists by your side, kindly try to fix it Many thanks,
  19. when creating a action to modify collab membership i type my collab name but the box isnt pulling list of colabs im typing it in like its listed but its not working is this a bug?
  20. Veteran365

    whats wrong with this rule

    its set so if the custom profile field platform its a dropdown has 3 options Xbox Playstation PC if string1 the field value = Playstation do the actions but the conditions are not met add-to-collab-bassed-on-platform-cpf.xml
  21. I've just enabled of one my scheduled actions, which I was using on the previous versions (1.3.6), and found out, that when there is time to be executed, and the action executes fine, but without triggering the associated rule! And if I execute that custom action manually, my associated rule triggers successfully and works as desired! I have re-created as the custom action and as the rule assigned to it, but the problem still exists I'm attaching my rule, could you please take a look and check, what's going wrong, Kevin? (I suppose, the rule exporting also exports the necessary custom action?) Thank you! zarplata.xml
  22. Event: Topic has been created - NOT working Rule: new topic testing Event: Topic has been created Conditions: None Actions: Post new topic comment (message) new-topic-testing.xml
  23. Michael

    Rule-Event not triggered

    I created a rule with this event, but this rule gets not triggered. I am getting no debug-log (debug enabled) when an user adds a image in a gallery. Is this the right event or is something missing? Bild => Image
  24. Hi guys, I just updated from rules 1.3.7-lite to 1.3.10-lite, and its causing my site to break. I have a rule that applies during login which is set to send a scheduled reminder email 7, 14, 30, 60, 90 days in the future with varying different scheduling keyphrases for each schedule, and that rule is breaking my site during login, causing an error as seen in the screen capture that i've attached. I've attached the offending rules also. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Adam send-reminder-email.xml
  25. When I try to click on Manage Rules, it gives me EX0 error saying something went wrong. Same for Rules Logs. Other options seem to work. This is what I found in error log (if that's helpful)