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  1. Yesterday
  2. Hide topics that are too old

    Yes, indeed
  3. Hide topics that are too old

    @jair Got it. I would need to run the manual rule again, let's say, every week or every month, until all the topics created between the time I ran the manual rule for the first time and the time the automatic rule starts kicking in are hidden/locked (or whatever action we decided to use). Thanks for the pointer.
  4. Hide topics that are too old

    One more thing I remembered. There will be some topics that you will probably have to hide manually - those that are updated in the last year (thus the bulk rule does not catch them), but that have been updated before today (thus the new rule doesn't catch them). I.e., the new rule that is going to schedule the hiding of all future topics from now will not apply to topics that are not updated in the last year, because they don't trigger any of the two rules.
  5. Last week
  6. Hide topics that are too old

    Thanks @jair, you helped me a lot!
  7. Hide topics that are too old

    As I just went through similar rule creation (automatically lock topics after certain amount of time), maybe I can provide some help. You will need two rules - one to hide in bulk all already old topics and one that will handle future hiding of all new topics. For the bulk rule: 1. Create custom action that has a topic as argument. 2. Create a rule that is triggered by the custom action and hides all topics that have not been updated after 20.08.2017 (for example). Select whatever conditions you prefer. 3. Run the custom action right now - it should go through all topics and hide those not updated in the last year. 4. You remove this rule or disable it, it is useful only for one time. For the ongoing rule, it seems that you got it covered, but for someone that might be looking for help with it: 1. You create one rule that has event "Topic is updated" and its action is the custom action you created earlier. The key here is to mark the rule to be executed at a future date, 1 year from the last update. 2. You create a second rule, triggered by the custom action that hides the topics based on the trigger of the first rule. Actually, there is an example rule of this type here: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/7373-rules-starter-example-rules-pack/
  8. Hide topics that are too old

    Thanks, I will study these options.
  9. Hide topics that are too old

    You can create custom actions and then schedule them manually to run as a bulk processor for any given argument in your custom action. So, if you have a custom action with a topic argument, you can schedule it to run in bulk for every topic on your site. Its just then a matter of putting the correct rules on it to accomplish your task.
  10. Hide topics that are too old

    Hi @Kevin Carwile Sorry for not getting back to you on this sooner. I was able to create this rule and in fact I think I finally got all the logic behind how Rules work, it took me a while. I have one question for you, and please correct me if I am wrong. It seems that the custom actions scheduling occurs only for new topics. So, for example, if we want a topic to be automatically hidden after, say, one year, the app will create a scheduled action for one year after the topic was created. So the rule won't be applied to topics created before the rule was created. Is there a way to create a rule that would run through a cron job (for example), so we could force it to be applied to topics created before the rule? I hope I am making myself clear enough to understand what I mean! Many thanks!
  11. Automation Rules with 4.2.2

    Only bug fixes or compatibility fixes.
  12. Automation Rules with 4.2.2

    sorry bad english , i mean do u have any plans for near future to update full Compatibility with 4.2.x ?
  13. Issues after upgrade to 4.2

    Thanks @Kevin Carwile. I deleted the contents of that table -- there were over 700,00 items in it! I also cleared the logs. I will keep an eye on it.
  14. Issues after upgrade to 4.2

    Just empty your rules scheduled actions database table. Look for it in your database.
  15. Automation Rules with 4.2.2

    1. Yes 2. Yes 3. What?
  16. Issues after upgrade to 4.2

    Hi @Kevin Carwile, how are you doing? Please take a look at the screenshot below. Our "Schedule Actions" for the member re-engament rule is "clogged." This was probably caused by a server error when sending emails. How do I "unclog" this? As you can see, there are over 30,000 pages of this. Maybe a MySQL query to clean this? However, looking at the error log, I am seeing a lot of errors like this... And like this: Let me know if you require more info or even ACP access to our install. Thanks!
  17. Automation Rules with 4.2.2

    hi i want to buy this application but there are some questions . 1.any chance of using automation rules on 4.2.2? 2.i don't wanna 100% completely , but is it possible to use automation rules for sending message to users when they register ? please give me some information about your new 1.4.0 automation rules app and make me clear am i able to use it Temporary to get full Compatibility update ? thanks
  18. How do uninstall?

    It sounds like a problem with the uninstall process not actually removing the hook references to the app? Did you use the uninstall option that IPS provides or did you delete the files from your system manually.
  19. How do uninstall?

    Hi, I am using Rules Lite, but need to uninstall for time being. When I uninstall, I get this error message when opening and and all posts: Hod do I uninstall without breaking all posts? Thank you.
  20. +1. This is a good idea. Maybe on the new version of IPS (4.2.2.*) it will be possible to implement?
  21. As far as I can see in the current version of Rules it is not possible to use poll voting as an event. I think it could be useful to encourage people to participate in polls by giving them points, etc. I have no idea if it is easy to implement, just throwing it out there.
  22. Earlier
  23. i would like to know if this is possible: We have a Database on the site that lists all possible models of a single car https://www.bmw2002faq.com/models/ We also have a database of all colors and year available for this model. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/colors/ https://www.bmw2002faq.com/years/ Not all colors were available through all the models and they were not available through all the years. Model and year are Database relationship fields. I was able to configure the databases so that i can pick the colors and models in each of the colors. What i would like to do is have the colors be listed in each of the models and years once those years and models are chosen. Is it possible to write a rule like that? Thank you, Steve K.
  24. 4.2 plans for Rules app

    A seperate 4.2 extension will be released at some point.
  25. 4.2 plans for Rules app

    Hi Kevin, Did you had any chance to take a look at the official 4.2? Playing with Promotions, Content messages and recommendations will be sweet.
  26. Change rule hierarchy

    Nope. You're right. Moving rules between parents is not possible.
  27. How do you debit from a bank with rules?

    I've never tried to do that. I'm not sure how you could do that with stock rules. You would first need to know how much points the user had in that specific bank first to debit them all out.
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