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  2. 4.3 plans for Automation Rules

    I'm assuming the obvious, that Rules will keep apace with IPS versions and 4.3, but I am specifically interested in integration with the new subscription manager. Is it safe to assume that Rules will incorporate events such as subscriptions being started/changed/deleted, paid/expired without being paid etc.?
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  4. Possible bug with custom data fields

    a bit tired of talking to myself, but yet another bump.
  5. Proglem with angled brackets in Custom Logs

    [content:url] and [member:namelink] are not the same token. The only thing they have in common is the letter "n" and "e". They are supposed to produce different results.
  6. Proglem with angled brackets in Custom Logs

    With this explanation, I can make a conclusion, that the generating links/urls tokens are not usable in the Custom logs associated to members. OK, but I wonder, why the same tokens are greatly working in the Points' adjustment notes?! The same tokens ([content:url], [member:namelink]), the same product (Automation Rules), the same browser (Vivaldi), but different results on the output! In the adjustment notes they works as expected, in the Custom logs not!
  7. Proglem with angled brackets in Custom Logs

    Also, the fact that you are seeing the html instead of it being interpreted as html has nothing to do with the token. That only means that the output was html escaped when it was output by the framework as to protect against cross site scripting. Imagine if someone was able to slip their own html into something you decided to log.
  8. Proglem with angled brackets in Custom Logs

    Tokens are simple string replacements using php strtr(). There is no context about them. In your case, One token generates a "url" and the other a "link", hence their names. A link contains html while a url is only the url. That is why they produce different results.
  9. Possible bug with custom data fields

    @Kevin Carwile - another kind bump. If you say that this is something outside of your control or it won't be fixed - thats fine. I just want to know if the problem is acknowledged and I will look for other solutions.
  10. Proglem with angled brackets in Custom Logs

    In my humble opinion, the tokens in the logs should work in this way: "[member:namelink]" should be shown as "alexis" but not like "<a href='https://ipsguru.net/profile/30-alexis' data-ipsHover data-ipsHover-target='https://ipsguru.net/profile/30-alexis&do=hovercard'>alexis</a>" Do you agree with me? And the usage of the token combination "<a href="[content:url]">message</a>" I see to work in this way: "message" but not like <a href="https://ipsguru.net/forums/topic/789-proglem-with-angled-brackets-in-custom-logs?do=findComment&comment=2925">message</a> In case you don't agree, explain me please, why the same tokens in the Points economy's adjustment note work as they should work according to my opinion above? For example, if I input "<a href="[content:url]">message</a>" in the Adjustment note (Action: Credit or debit a points balance), I will see on the Points economy dashboard this: "message" which is correct.
  11. Proglem with angled brackets in Custom Logs

    Are you saying the tokens arent replaced, or they are replaced but the html is being escaped, or are you saying something else? What you seemed to have just explained is exactly what I would expect to happen. I dont understand the problem.
  12. Hi @Kevin Carwile ! We have a long-term issue with the Custom logs in the Rules, namely: some of the operations are not supported in the Logs. I believe, that's because there are not much support of angled brackets by Logs. Example: 1) Log message in the Action of a Rule "Visited a profile of [member:namelink]" will be shown in the member's profile logs as follows: Visited a profile of <a href='http://2test2.ru/index.php?/prostoy-grazhdanin' data-ipsHover data-ipsHover-target='http://2test2.ru/index.php?/prostoy-grazhdanin&do=hovercard'>The Extreme</a> Instead of "Visited a profile of The Extreme" (with the link to the username) Another one: 2) Log message in the Action of a Rule "Wrote a <a href="[content:url]">message</a>, [content:content]" will become Wrote a <a href="http://2test2.ru/index.php?/topic/7-test-from-alexis/&do=findComment&comment=115">message</a>, <p> test </p> Instead of "Wrote a <a href="[content:url]">message</a>, test" (with the link to the written post, and content without < p >) We see that "a href" with angled brackets doesn't work again + the [content:content] is shown with < p >. It's worth to mention, that these problems are not presented in the Points Economies' logs (adjustment notes)! And as the result all works as expected: Please help to check, Kevin.
  13. Hi, Did you had the opportunity to test rules on a 4.3 beta version ? If yes : how is it going on ? If no : do you plan to integrate Automation Rules in the new IPS community version ? Thank you and best regards, Z
  14. Rules support for Clubs actions

    I would also add: actions to perform if someone is accepted/declined when they want to join a Club (e.g., send them a PM or email explaining why they might have been declined and further possible actions like contact the Administrator, etc).
  15. Hi, I have an error of a condition of one of my rules, that if doesn't see a category as being one. Here is my error report! Sujet only in "En cours" forum Operation Callback Exception Invalid container Line: 1833 of Content.php Ideally I would like members who likes or follows a subject to be notified on the forum of changing the tag of a specific forum. Currently members are notified if they follow a specific member in a specific forum when the tag changes; but it doesn't work. I would like to know also if there is a token to retrieve the contents of the tag? Link of my rule in attachment. Thank you for your help and your mod. notification-tag.xml
  16. TOKEN returns empty in post

    No I made a survey with FORMS, it's an option is automation rules so you support it. I'm trying to get the automation rules to post a topic with responses FROM FORMS.
  17. TOKEN returns empty in post

    Rules doesnt have surveys, so I have no clue what you have going on.
  18. TOKEN returns empty in post

    I have a survey I am trying to get up and running. It has a variety of questions. Some of which are MULTIPLE CHOICE and YES/NO answers. When it posts the results, it actually only posts the ~field_id~ itself instead of the actual value. What am I missing? All other TOKENS display as expected.
  19. Debug console pagination for Linked Rules

    @Kevin Carwile, did you get a chance to check this issue to verify if that's a bug or not?
  20. Automation Rules + iAwards "No reason provided."

    It can't be fixed from the Rules end. It needs to be corrected in the iAwards rules extension packaged with iAwards.
  21. Sorry for posting here but I did it since it's open and I have same problem. Is there a way to fix this already?
  22. Possible bug with custom data fields

    Another bump...
  23. Check length of $content

    Looks good. How did you implement this? Was it custom action, conditioner?
  24. Possible bug with custom data fields

    Kindly bumping this...
  25. Event on Content Length

    @Dan I have already verified my rule works for NEW Topic Created as well as replies to the topic. As @Kevin Carwile said, it's not easy to tell if it is the first "comment" or not. But for my use case at this time, it's fine. When I am not busy setting things up and trying to bring new members, I will revisit and see what I can do. To much going on right now.
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