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  2. alexis

    Button type custom data field

    Not sure, if this would happen sometime in the future.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Kevin Carwile

    Move active users to a new member group

    In order to create a condition such as that, you would need to be familiar with PHP and IPS internals so that you could do a database query to find the content count which you need. I know of no other easy way to accomplish it with stock rules.
  5. Sorry for the late reply. You could do this with automation rules if you set the profile field up as a custom data field. Since the collaboration app has rules actions to add a user membership for a collab, or remove a membership from a collab, you could create rules for when a user updates their custom data field to move them to the appropriate collab. It may be a lot of set up with 150 groups, but it could be done. My suggestion would be to create a custom action which has a member argument, and then has a rule associated with it which remove the given member from all of the 150 collabs. Then create another rule for when the profile field is changed, and add this custom action as an action on that rule, so that when that profile field changes, the first thing that happens is that they are removed from all groups. Then you must create subrules to that rule for every one of your groups to match the new profile field value and add them to the correct group.
  6. Do you have a specific example? There are different kinds of custom data field types and all kinds of different entity types that they can be associated with, all of which affect when and where the field may show up on the front end.
  7. Kevin Carwile

    Forums trigger action: hot topics

    I appreciate the idea. I have looked into this before. Being a 'hot topic' is not actually an event that can be hooked with rules. Its more of a result of a calculation which is done on the fly in the theme layer.
  8. Kevin Carwile

    Button type custom data field

    Sorry for the late reply. Just getting to clearing out my backlog just now. I have had this same kind of thought myself, but never really settled on an implementation for it in rules. I'm sure it could be done, but there are additional considerations to make such as csrf, bot, and spam mitigation.. as well as button state, selective availability, etc. This is a whole new can to open since rules is designed to deal primarily with workflow events originating from backend processes. Sticking a button in the GUI seems like a simple addition, but practically speaking, buttons are going to need all sorts of other logic built around them such as when they should be usable, how many times they can be used, how often they can be used. It would be awesome if somebody would build an expansion pack for rules that provided GUI elements connected to rules...
  9. Kevin Carwile

    Custom profile field - Day-to-Day Tracker

    You could also create a custom action in the Rules ACP to do it. As @jair had said, if you create a custom data field which holds a simple integer value which is associated with an IPS\Member, then you can bulk increase the value for every member on the site on a daily basis using a recurring scheduled custom action. You will create a custom action, give it a member argument, and then create a rule for that custom action which increases the custom data field by 1. You could optionally add a condition to that rule to check if the existing number value is greater than 0 so that members who have not entered a positive value as of yet would not have their number increased. Then from the custom actions ACP, you would manually schedule that action to run in bulk for every member on the site on a daily basis.
  10. Kevin Carwile

    Daily login Point Awards

    You would use the automation rules application for that. Create a rule for when a member logs in, and an action to award them points.
  11. Kevin Carwile

    Bulk process particular database content

    Hi, it appears that this is a bug in the Rules Argument configuration form. The database record classes should be available in the drop down list for you to select. Upload the following file to patch the bug. ./applications/rules/sources/Action/Argument.php Argument.php
  12. Last week
  13. Hey there! I have Automation Rules Full with the Pages extension. What I'd like to do is Schedule a custom action to look through all records in a specific content database Check the member group of authors who have content in particular categories of that database Archive content where the member group is "inactive" I can't at present find a way to configure the arguments so that it only processes records from a particular database. I can see how to bulk process Forums/Topics, and members themselves, and when I select PageItems it comes up with far less records than are contained in my custom databases (so I assume this refers only to the custom pages created, not the databases that appear on them?) Is there a way to do this?
  14. I've had a problem for months (years?) where member re-engagement emails are going to members who have logged in recently, sometimes even that same day. Those are the top three items in the scheduled actions list (I only have two rules, and one recounts member content upon deletion). Those members (48849, 17459, and 32415) last logged in according to their profile on: Tuesday at 11:07 AM May 15 July 7 Only one of those three should get the email. So what's happening? Latest version of IPS, Rules Lite, etc.
  15. Earlier
  16. okay thanks, also What do I set the first condition to? All there is number value (default) and checking is article is in a certain category.
  17. If your condition is that the number is greater than 0, then they will continue to be awarded on every review, because 2 reviews is greater than 0, and so is 3. I would set the condition that the number is equal to a specific number of reviews so that it only happens when the number reaches that singular value.
  18. Rule: Review pub Event: Review has been published Conditions: Review is in certain categories (Review Cat) Actions: Update custom data: Reviews (UpOne) Rule: When Reviews are allocated Event: Custom data updated: Reviews Conditions: Number Value (Num Val) Actions: Award Medal (Award Medal for One)
  19. Here is the condition for the 2nd rule. Is this correct for say awarding a medal at one review? If I wanted to do another one, would I have to create a new rule to the ruleset?
  20. What do I set the first condition to? All there is number value (default) and checking is article is in a certain category.
  21. Create custom data field to track the number of reviews. Rule 1: Event: article is published Action: increase the value of the custom data field by one Rule 2: Event: custom data field is updated Condition: is the value >1, 5, 10, etc Action: award a medal. Need some working, but this should be the basic idea.
  22. I've been trying to set up a ruleset to do this. I have my articles set up as a Review board where members can submit their Reviews (articles). Once they have been approved, I wanted a custom profile field to tick up by one, but the user profile fields dont seem compatible. So I tried to emulate the prestige ranking system ruleset to no avail. What I want is a ruleset that will keep track of reviews someone has published and I wanted that number to be displayed on their profile, but since that doesn't seem possible, I want to allocate a medal at certain increments to signify how many reviews someone has. Is this possible?
  23. Robin Gupta

    Daily login Point Awards

    Hi, Is there a way to identify daily user logins and reward them with Points (via points economy)? Thanks.
  24. xc0re

    Custom profile field - Day-to-Day Tracker

    Was thinking to put it into the 'About' tab on the profile page. By reading this, it sounds harder than expected and almost impossible for me, since I dont know much about PHP.
  25. Should be fairly straightforward, probably the most difficult part will be inserting it in the template where you want it to be visible. But just create a member related custom data field (do not use profile field for that) from a datetime type that should be editable by users. Then on the frontend, just show how many days since this date have passed - should be very simple php code.
  26. Bluto

    Custom profile field - Day-to-Day Tracker

    If you have a few extra bucks, sounds like what you're asking would make a great mod. onlyMe on the IPS forum has made several awesome mods for me. Really great prices and turnaround. Having a custom mod would allow you to get all the features you want. Just a thought.
  27. Hello everyone. Is it possible to create a rule for day tracking? e.g. increment days when people input their days into a custom profile field? Let's say on a addiction forum, where people can input their days (alcohol, drugs, gaming, etc.) and the rule increments its automatically on a daily basis. So Member X puts in: Days off: 20, now the rule increases it to: Days off: 21 on the next day. Possible? Best regards.
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