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  2. elisa

    Rule for Teamspeak

    Hi, Is there a custom rules set in rules expansion pack to give XP in Members shop? I have seen this feature in some website and I would want to know if this can be done using the rules expansion pack. It gives rewards for logging on teamspeak once every 24 hours. If the feature can also be timed like giving experience on per hour basis I would appreciate it.
  3. alexis

    Rules 1.4.6 Disabled in Marketplace

    As I see, your products have been removed from MillerMedia website. A.Rules are also not accessible anywhere now. Too bad
  4. i have a custom field bound to a topic in a specific forum and im checking this when the topic is posted so that if the value is below a a threshold it is automatically denied. But the custom field is always null. i've tried using raw php to compare and even then the value is null.
  5. kenster

    Daily login

    Hi Guys, Could someone tell me how i would create a rule that will award a user login points upto X per day?
  6. IPCommerceFan

    Commerce Rules: Support Requests?

    We figured out a workaround for this via the built-in REST API, but its not very "pretty". I understand IPS has shut the door on this app via the Invision marketplace, but we still find it highly valuable. What would it take to get you/your team to flesh out more functionality for Commerce?
  7. muratdzeko

    How Do I Find The Correct Object Reference?

    Thanks but i wouldn't need this plugin anyway if i was expert enough to do what you said. I tried many things but I could not. I was thinking of buying the full version, but I guess I won't. I also delete the plugin. Thanks again.
  8. Kevin Carwile

    How Do I Find The Correct Object Reference?

    Well, it all depends on what variables are available inside the template you are putting that code in. $object is likely not even a variable within scope. Accessing rules data as an object property is only going to work if you have a reference to the object that the data is assigned to. How and where to get that reference depends entirely on the context of the available template variables.
  9. Hello, I want to show custom data field on topic.  Data is associated with IPS/forums/topic Stored Data Type is Integer Field Display Mode is Manual Field Editing Mode is Public Use Required How can i display on topic with manual? I tried a lot but I couldn't Thank you. My data_key is priceTag. I cant find correct object. {{if $object->priceTag}} <strong>Price:</strong> {$object->priceTag} {{endif}}
  10. Zorro_X

    Rules 1.4.6 Disabled in Marketplace

    Hi, Is there any updates since V1.4.6 ?
  11. I have designed a rule to send a custom welcome email to new members as soon as they are validated. Problem is I need to target 5 different audience based on the selection they have made from below: Can someone here please advise on the last two things that Im stuck with: What comparison Type should I select to target the checkboxes value....? What value should I put in compared value: ID, label....? https://carnity.com/register Attaching all settings here Highlighted with the question mark is my actual doubt, as I played with few options but email aren't not triggering. Thanks in advance.
  12. Incase someone wants to do this, here is the PHP code you need: // This works by pulling up the content of the first post of the topic you designate by ID number. // To find a topic's ID, look at the topic's URL, it's a five or six digit number // Replace the number below with your topic number $topic_number = "90"; $myvar = ""; // LINKS TO DATABSE $link = new mysqli('DB_ADDRESS', 'DB_USER', 'DB_PASS') or die('Could not connect: ' . $link->error); $link->select_db('DB_NAME') or die('Could not select database'); // PULLS TOPIC TO FIND POST ID $show_results = mysqli_query($link,"SELECT * FROM forums_topics WHERE tid='$topic_number'") or die ("Couldn't find the topic with that number"); while($row = mysqli_fetch_array($show_results)){ $topic_id = $row['topic_firstpost']; $myvar = $topic_id; } // PULLS POST CONTENT FROM POST ID $show_results2 = mysqli_query($link,"SELECT * FROM forums_posts WHERE pid='$topic_id'") or die ("Couldn't find the PID part"); while($row = mysqli_fetch_array($show_results2)){ $myvar = $row['post']; } // REMOVE nbsp TAG AND REPLACES WITH HTML FRIENDLY VERSION // This is required due to a bug with the automation return $output = str_replace("\xA0", "&#160", $myvar); return "$output";
  13. I have a rule created with the following On a new database item created Action: Create new calendar event My issue is there is only the following fields to populate Event Container Event Author Event Title Event Content Event Tags Where do I put the event date?
  14. Bluto

    Condition: link in post content

    return stripos($content->$content(),'http') !== FALSE; or try $search = 'http'; $search_title = stripos($content->title, $search); $search_content = stripos($content->content(), $search); if ($search_title !== FALSE || $search_content !== FALSE ) { $found = 1; } if (count($found) > 0) { return TRUE; } return FALSE;
  15. danydanay

    Feedback plugin integration

    Thanks, but developer dont anserw
  16. I'm trying to create a rule whose condition is that the post content contains a link. I tried just setting it up to search the content for the string "http", but it never triggers. So then I tried writing a custom PHP script to do what I want, but there is a bug in it that I can't isolate -- I get no error message, the page load just crashes. Can anyone either help me figure out why the first method doesn't work, or figure out what's wrong with this PHP set up as a truth value test, "Value is TRUE"? //<?php return stripos($content->$content,'http') !== FALSE;
  17. alexis

    Feedback plugin integration

    I personally do not think it is easy to do... But I can suggest to write a request to authors of that plugin to integrate it with Kevin's Rules. They have their website here: https://ipb.silvesterwebdesigns.com/
  18. danydanay

    Feedback plugin integration

    Hi, i want to integrate with this plugin: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/3366-trader-feedback-system/ I think is not difficult but i dont know how to do it
  19. It's probably because that field has not yet been populated by the member creation process at the time when the rule is ran (which is immediately after the member object is created.) I'm guessing it is a timing issue. You need your rule to run at the end of the member creation process, but it's actually triggered at the very beginning. To compensate for that, you need to offset your condition evaluation to the end of the process. In order to do that, create a custom action from the Rules ACP which takes a member argument. Then create a rule for that custom action which checks the profile field value and has the appropriate actions if the condition is true. Then what you do is trigger your custom action from the "Member created" event, but you set the action to run at the end of the page load, that way, your custom action rule can evaluate against the member once the member data has been fully populated by the creation process.
  20. Hi Kevin. Unfortunately already tried with that Comparison Type and it fails as well. The debug simply states that the condition didn't meet. So I'm really not sure how to troubleshoot.
  21. Oh, sorry. Yeah, you are right. That should be the correct thing to compare to. Just try lossening your value to check to TRUE like, that way if the value of the profile field is something like an integer value of 1, the truth comparison will still see it as true.
  22. But when I compare against "Member that was created" isn't the content between parenthesis the custom field already? (pre-candidato is the custom field) ... Or should I use [member:field_xx] instead?
  23. Looks like your comparing the "Member that was created", which is a Member object to see if its value is Boolean TRUE. Which an object is not a boolean true value. I'm not sure how the value for that checkbox is represented in the system, but I'm guessing that at a minimum, you want to use the "Value is TRUE or equivalent to TRUE" condition to do a soft evaluation of the value. And the value you want to compare is not the "Member that was created". You want to compare against the value of their custom profile field.
  24. Kevin Carwile

    email composition fields not opening in Rules

    I've seen this issue myself. I believe it has something to do with a javascript race condition that occurs on production sites based on the way that the javascript files are combined together by the IPS production packaging. I've tried to work around it a couple of times but still do not seem to have fully succeeded.
  25. liquidfractal

    Feature request: Rules for PMs

    Hello, For a future release, I'd like to be able to configure rules around PMs, e.g., I'd like to send out an email notification to members (or members of group X) if they have unread PMs in their mailbox (or mailbox X) which are X weeks/days old. This is only one example, but it seems to me that PMs are glaringly absent from the Rules parameters and should be built in. If there is a way to specify PMs, I don't see it and quite frankly it should be easily accessible in the listing as it is an important aspect of the core suite. Thanks!
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