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  2. I see ... But while your hands are tied. I had to solve the problem. Where I added the script this variable is checked before. I have followed the logs and operation and found nothing wrong. I looked at your script and still do not understand how everything works. Any suggestion? Certainly. So I never disable this app. My forum depends a lot on it. I made a script that automatically updates this adaptation whenever I install a new version of IPS. I hope you will soon be able to resolve compatibility with IPS 4.2. So I can leave everything as it was before.
  3. Hi @Kevin Carwile, another bump here. I am not asking for general support, but reporting a possible bug. Even though I have the fields to public and permissions set correctly, my members do not see the topic fields - only moderators and admins can.
  4. I should point out that: $owner is null in your code which will cause unexpected results $values is null in your code which may cause unexpected results Your modification will break your site if the points app is disabled Your changes will be wiped out with your next core upgrade
  5. SORTED OUT I've added these lines in Reactable.php if ( $member->member_posts >= 5 ) { $balance = \IPS\points\Balance::get( $owner->member_id, 1, 0, $values[ 'points_rules_enforce_perms' ] ); $balance->credit( 10, '<i class="fa fa-thumbs-o-up"></i> '.$member->name, 0, array(), $values[ 'points_rules_enforce_perms' ] ); } And I got the expected result. Thanks for listening.
  6. Hi Kevin, just want to politely bump this if you can confirm or if you have any idea what might be causing this.
  7. I've attempted to open a discussion with IPS to see if there would be a way that I could implement this functionality on a production level going forward. But at this time, my hands are tied.
  8. This is the only functionality I use with the "Complete Automation Rules" and it is critical to the engagement methodology I use in my community. Is it possible to enable this feature with a plugin or manual adaptation? I would pay for the trouble-free service.
  9. The new IPS 4.2 reactions were built using PHP traits and therefore cannot be hooked by third party apps. It's not possible for me to connect them to rules at this time.
  10. I migrated to IPS 4.2 and the rule that had worked with the reputation system stopped working My rule adds 10 credits (Points Economy) to each positive reputation received. Can you help me solve it?
  11. Sure does, works beautifully.
  12. I dont know. Maybe? It depends on if those tokens are even part of the event.
  13. Would the following work if I wanted to pull these values? $tokens = \IPS\rules\Application::getTokens( $operation->event(), $arg_map ); $user = $tokens['[content:author:name]']; $title = $tokens['[content:title]']; $url = $tokens['[content:url]'];
  14. Earlier
  15. I have some custom data fields attached to topic in one specific forum. The fields are 'public', permissions are set correctly. When logged in as admin it seems to work correctly, however the fields are not visible when logged in as normal user. If I click Ctrl+F5 I can see that for split second the fields are loaded, but they are hidden right after. Latest version of Rules with 4.1.19
  16. Thanks Kevin, that's done the trick! Set the comment number attribute to less than 1 and it doesn't credit topic creations as a comment.
  17. Write a condition on the comment created rule that the number of comments on the topic is more than 1. That should do it.
  18. I have an issue where I have two different rules. 1) Topic created 2) Comment created Both rules serve different purposes, but when a topic is created, it also triggers the second rule which is comment is created. Any way to beat that? I tried using he condition on the comment created rule that it was to not trigger if it was of type topic comment (but that obviously doesn't work haha)
  19. Its an impractical workaround.
  20. I noticed in your topic on the IPS board that there is some terribly ineffective workaround, is this an option? I wonder if there is some way we (the customers) can pressure IPS in taking care of this, this app is one of the unique features that makes me locked to their platform, but if they decide to effectively kill it, I might consider moving. The irony is that they hamper Rules and at the same time advertise some Group Promotion feature in 4.2 that is barely a fraction of what this app already does.
  21. Ya. Would love to add hooks to the new reactions, but 3rd party devs are locked out since IPS 4.2 is starting to use traits.
  22. With this said, it will be impossible to use reputation and reactions in the Rules' Events and Conditions in the 4.2.*? That's bad - I have a couple of rules based on the current user's reputation
  23. Use the private setting on the collab category. It prevents users from seeing collabs unless they are a member or have been invited to it. Unless the collab membership is set to open, in which case any member who has permission to see the category will be able to see it until it is set back to closed or invite only. If you really want to go the other way and try to create a workflow with rules, there are events for when a member joins or leaves a collab.
  24. Hello, I've been having some trouble configuring a rule which will do the following: IF a Member (who cannot ordinarily see Collab Category X) is invited by someone in another group to their Collab in Category X, and IF they accept this invitation, THEN give this Member secondary membership in group Y (e.g. "INVITEES") so that they can enter and view Collabs in Category X (and participate as a Collab member). Likewise, I'd like a rule that removed this secondary group once the Member is kicked out of all Collabs in this Category. Now I think everything is relatively straightforward for the first rule except: how does one do a conditional check to see if a Member has accepted a Collab invitation? Or is there some absurdly simple solution to this that I'm missing? Thanks!
  25. You could create a custom action, and then create a rule for it which has a php code condition, and in that condition you can do your api call and return a true/false value. Then for that rule, add an action which triggers your other action.
  26. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to know if its possible to trigger an action from inside the php code of another action? I am currently using a specific rule to communicate with an API on our parent website, and would like to trigger an action if the integer variable returned is less than the balance being sent form the points economy. Any assistance regarding this functionality would be greatly appreciated, even just a push in the right direction. Cheers!
  27. Kevin you are amazing, initially your code didn't work but I added the square brackets inside the single quotes For anyone who needs this in the future here's how it was achieved. $tokens = \IPS\rules\Application::getTokens( $operation->event(), $arg_map ); $pdusername = $tokens['[global:user:field_2]'];
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