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  2. Get the parent forum of a topic ?

    wonderful ! Thankyou so much ! Do you have a detailed documentation where I may found these kind of informations without asking you each time ? Regards
  3. Get the parent forum of a topic ?

    Try $content->container()
  4. Yesterday
  5. Hello again, When editing a custom PHP code of a condition into a rule based on topic creation event. The $content var contains the created topic, this is ok. But how may I access to the parent forum of this new topic ? (in order to get a custom data value). Something like $content->parent_forum is available ? Thankyou for your attention.
  6. Forget about it : I've found by myself ! I need to use a custom data, that's the point I was missing. Thankyou for the initial clue, and for this mighty powerful app !!!
  7. The "process content after creation" switch ? ok, so how do I save the comment into a rules field ? It seems my logic for detecting the title being fixed by the user is maybe wrong. Currently I'm trying to do it on topic update event. Do I need to create a new custom event to perform what you're suggesting ? If yes, how do I set the message object into this event through PHP code (any documentation on this rules PHP API ?)
  8. On closer analysis, the above code doesn't appear to work, can confirm the array of objects returns as intended, but when using it with the rules application there's a php error: E_NOTICE Error in file �Application.php(1462) : eval()'d code� at line 67: Undefined variable: operation Fatal error: Call to a member function event() on null in /var/www/html/applications/rules/Application.php(1462) : eval()'d code on line 67 E_ERROR Error in file �Application.php(1462) : eval()'d code� at line 67: Call to a member function event() on null
  9. There is a switch on the configuration form for creating a new comment that you switch on, and a text box appears where you can enter php code to run after the comment is created.
  10. Last week
  11. For anyone who wants to use the multiple "member" database field to be able to use as private message recipients in the future, here's my code: $tokens = \IPS\rules\Application::getTokens($operation->event(), $arg_map); $id = $tokens['[content:id]']; $hosts = array(); $query = \IPS\Db::i()->select('field_6', 'cms_custom_database_2', array('primary_id_field=?', $id))->first(); $users = preg_split('/\s+/', $query); foreach ($users as $member) { $hosts[] = \IPS\Member::load( $member ); } return $hosts; Since there are no tokens available for the database being used and the field being utilised, you will need to look through your db and find the corresponding names. i.e. field_6 (field name) and cms_custom_database_2 (db name)
  12. Hi, thankyou ! Sorry but I don't get the "to process the comment with php code on the rules form" : do you mean to use PHP code instead of manual configuration to define the content of the new comment ? Do you have an example of this crossing comment reference usage ? It sounds like the exact solution I'm looking for...
  13. If you are creating the comment via rules, then youll notice that there is an option to process the comment with php code on the rules form where you setup the action to create that comment. You could then save that comment to a custom rules field using the rules php api. This would allow you to refer to the comment later in another rule.
  14. Hello, I'm starting to use your rules system, first of all, it is real useful, thanks to you I've automated most of our forum moderation handwork ! But, I'm facing a little problem on wich I've not found any documentation neither previous question/reply here. The context : we are very strict with the posted subjects titles format the users posts in our community. Thanks to your rules, if a user posts a new subject with a not valid subject format, a new comment is posted explaining what's wrong and how to solve it. To be sure on identifying this automatic comment, i've even inserted a text random tag ID in the text. My problem now is that when the user fixes its title I don't know how to delete or hide this specific automatic content. I've been able to identify the modified topic with fixed title in a valid way, but once there I don't know how to access that tagged automatic comment in order to remove it (or hide it if removal is not possible). Can you help me please ? Thankyou for your attention, Best regards, Z
  15. Cheers, makes sense now. field_6 is a string of member id's that are split by empty space. I just need to iterate and load the array of id's as an array of member objects. You have once again been incredibly helpful
  16. How to get a list of members depends specifically on what is stored in 'field_6'. I know you have said its an array of members, but thats a generalization, since field_6 is actually a string which needs to be CONVERTED into an array of members. So how to do that conversion depends on what that string looks like. In your example, you are using a regular expression to split the string on multiple spaces. If your members are stored as member id's separated by spaces, then that split will give you an array of member id's. (Assuming that that's actually how your string in 'field_6' is formatted, which would be kinda weird in its own right). But either way, an array of member id's is not going to cut it. You need an array of member objects, so you will need to first get the array of member id's correctly, and then iterate on those id's and load them as a member object and add that member object to an array. Once all member objects are loaded into another array, then you need to return that array of member objects.
  17. Thanks for your help thus far Kevin, just a little stuck with returning the array of members. Here's what I have. $tokens = \IPS\rules\Application::getTokens($operation->event(), $arg_map); $id = $tokens['[content:id]']; $query = \IPS\Db::i()->select('field_6', 'cms_custom_database_2', array('primary_id_field=?', $id))->first(); $hosts = preg_split('/\s+/', $query); return $hosts; Currently all the id's are successfully stored in the array. I just don't understand how to return the array correctly.
  18. Your select on the database is going to return a string value. Also, the select method returns an object instance. You need to call ->first() to attempt to fetch a record. How is data being stored in that field? Because your retrieval from the database is not going to result in any array, it will result most likely in a string value being stored in 'field_6'. You'll need to process that string to turn it into an array of members.
  19. What I'm currently trying to do as an alternative, is the following for the participants option: //<?php $tokens = \IPS\rules\Application::getTokens($operation->event(), $arg_map); $id = $tokens['[content:id]']; $query = \IPS\Db::i()->select('field_6', 'cms_custom_database_2', array('primary_id_field=?', $id)); $hosts = array(); foreach ($query as $host) { $hosts[] = $host; } return $hosts; Just trying to work out how to return the correct data type.
  20. Hi Kevin, I have been trying to setup a notification system that informs a group of users based on a database field type of member (multiple). When using rules to perform the action of create a private message, i noticed it only PM's the first member stored in the array.
  21. Question before purchase of Pages extension

    No, there is not a system event for that. However, you could use the content updated event to check the expiration and set your own scheduled action to happen near the same time.
  22. Hi, Before I go ahead and purchase the pages extension, is there an event trigger for when content expires? I noticed there is a moderation option called "expire" that is available when posting content. The plugin mentions the following, but just wanted to confirm for expiry: All standard rules content events (created, updated, pinned, featured, etc.)
  23. Forms- Membership Group Change

    This is the app in the IPS marketplace I"m using https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/7606-forms/ The thing is, I'm not sure where I would create an "Approve/Disapprove" button in this forum. I might have to ask Mike about this.
  24. Forms- Membership Group Change

    The question is what happens when the admin clicks the "Approve" button. If the form is a content type, then you might be ablee to use the "content has been approved" event in the rules. Then go from there.
  25. Hi Kevin, I have the application "Forms" created by Mike and I was wondering if it were possible to set up a form application that a member would need to fill out in order to get a membership approval? Basically, I want to set up a form - have the user submit the form - have an admin/moderator approve it. Once the admin/mod approves it, it the automation will assign them to the proper group. The trick for me is figuring out when the automation process takes place - and that would be when the moderator/admin clicks on an "Approve" button. This is the part I'm unsure how to do.
  26. Earlier
  27. Possibilities of Rules

    Theoretically, yes. Practically, no.
  28. Possibilities of Rules

    1. User is in group A with the possibility to publish 5 albums in the Gallery. 2. User is transferred to group B, in which only 3 albums are allowed. 2 albums are not available. Rules are able to delete albums with images / images more inaccessible to the user? Delete after a specified time?
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