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  2. Zorro_X

    Activity reward

    Hi, We're trying to detect active members in community to reward them (under a reputation condition too). So, to detect that kind of users we've imagined to find users having published a certain amount of posts in a period of time AND only in specific forums/sections of the community (the technical ones). But it seems we've reached the limits of Automation Rules... So maybe by making some code/condition "by hand" it could be possible ? Do you have any ideas ? Thankyou and best regards, Z
  3. Earlier
  4. Another way would be: $post = $content->comments(1,0); The IPS\forums\Topic object model has the following core method on it: /** * Get comments * * @param int|NULL $limit The number to get (NULL to use static::getCommentsPerPage()) * @param int|NULL $offset The number to start at (NULL to examine \IPS\Request::i()->page) * @param string $order The column to order by * @param string $orderDirection "asc" or "desc" * @param \IPS\Member|NULL $member If specified, will only get comments by that member * @param bool|NULL $includeHiddenComments Include hidden comments or not? NULL to base of currently logged in member's permissions * @param \IPS\DateTime|NULL $cutoff If an \IPS\DateTime object is provided, only comments posted AFTER that date will be included * @param mixed $extraWhereClause Additional where clause(s) (see \IPS\Db::build for details) * @param bool|NULL $bypassCache Used in cases where comments may have already been loaded i.e. splitting comments on an item. * @param bool $includeDeleted Include Deleted Content * @param bool|NULL $canViewWarn TRUE to include Warning information, NULL to determine automatically based on moderator permissions. * @return array|NULL|\IPS\Content\Comment If $limit is 1, will return \IPS\Content\Comment or NULL for no results. For any other number, will return an array. */ public function comments( $limit=NULL, $offset=NULL, $order='date', $orderDirection='asc', $member=NULL, $includeHiddenComments=NULL, $cutoff=NULL, $extraWhereClause=NULL, $bypassCache=FALSE, $includeDeleted=FALSE, $canViewWarn=NULL )
  5. Just wondering if anyone knew how we can have it so Membershop points that you earn (such as from posting) will convert to Reputation Points after say every hour?
  6. For anyone curious in the future its this: $post = \IPS\forums\Topic\Post::load( $content->topic_firstpost );
  7. I have created a rule that does an action when a topic is hidden, but unfortunately I can;t seem to load the post object to get the post content because a topic doesn't contain that information. To be perfectly honest I don't even know where to find documentation on all the class namespaces, so I have kind of been guessing most the way. What am i doing wrong here? $post = \IPS\Content\Item::load( $content->topic_firstpost ); Is what I'm doing not even possible?
  8. Perfect. Good job on solving that one.
  9. Ok so I cant edit my previous posts, but I finally found a solution. I have deduced that the default value for a post state is open. Therefore setting an event condition to check for the state value wont work due to it always being open. Therefore, its not until "Defer To Page End" that the state has been set correctly. So I manipulate my action code to check the state of the content before processing the action code, and obviously have it triggered at point "Defer To Page End".
  10. I wish i could find the file where the event is define to investigate
  11. Update: Event trigger doesnt pick up the link as a new topic. It appears that the code triggers a new post when the topic is moved, despite keeping the same id. Odd. Back to the drawing board!
  12. Hi All, To anyone who is reading this and wants a solution. As per Kevins guidance above, I was able to locate the following: The state field in the database for topic's stores the value "link" when saving a link. Usually this field has the value of open or close, which defines the post being locked or not, etc. Keep in mind i didn't know how to deconstruct the object any other way than to view the database table for forum_topics. Hope this helps anyone in the future!
  13. What I would do is find a way to test the topic object to see if it is a redirect and put that test in your rule as a custom php condition.
  14. I understand that, but is it possible for me to edit your application files to only accept the event trigger associated to a new topic rather than a redirect topic? im sure I could look in the db and find a field or something associated to redirect topics to destinguish them. where would I locate the event trigger files? This is kind of important to my use case for this product as I use this particular event trigger to report to somewhere else for management purposes. I have a very large community so it’s triggered fairly regularly for redirects.
  15. In that case, the new topic is the one that redirects. Fundamentally, it is a new topic that is created which may or may not need to be processed by rules. But suppressing events for it as a designed behavior would exclude any use case for where a rule needed to operate on it when its created.
  16. Hi, Just wanted to report an issue where the event "Event: Topic has been created" is triggered when a topic is moved and the checkbox is selected to create a redirect to its new location. Could we perhaps have this changed to not trigger on those cases?
  17. Kevin Carwile

    Daily login Point Awards

    Start by installing the rules app. Then create a new rule. Use the "member has logged in" for the event. Add an action to the rule and choose the action to adjust a points balance.
  18. Guest

    Daily login Point Awards

    and how will you do that? any settings you can point out?
  19. Kevin Carwile

    When file is downloaded

    File downloading is not an event that a rule can be assigned to.
  20. How do I, for example, add points to a member for downloading a file?
  21. Kevin Carwile

    The results of the reputation rewards

    Just export the rule and post it here.
  22. https://ibb.co/i3iTpU https://ibb.co/edJiOp https://ibb.co/m5D03p
  23. liquidfractal

    deleting member throws config/server error due to Rules

    OK thanks Kevin - I'll relay this back to Invision.
  24. Kevin Carwile

    Warning level

    You cannot return the $warning content item as a string. It is a content item object, not a string. As such, the $member and $moderator variables are not strings either and cannot be converted to strings, hence the error.
  25. Kevin Carwile

    Commerce Rules: Support Requests?

    I'll keep that in mind. Thank you.
  26. Kevin Carwile

    Rule with Custom Content

    I'm assuming that the "action" you want to take is to update the TEAM database record for both teams in the RESULT record with their new total wins/losses. You would need to write your own custom php code to do that as your "action". If you are not a coder or familiar with the IPS internals, then there is not really a way to do this.
  27. IPCommerceFan

    Commerce Rules: Support Requests?

    Hey Kevin, That's understandable. Commerce is a pretty niche choice in the face of all the other eCommerce solutions, but it works very well for us so we're sticking with it. If you're open to it, we'd be willing to pay for that functionality to be added and rolled into the Commerce Rules app, for the benefit of all.
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