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  1. Yesterday
  2. Installed App and Now Website Isn't Accessible

    Anything I can do to install this without my default theme being jacked up? Everything seems to install correctly.
  3. Last week
  4. Installed App and Now Website Isn't Accessible

    Glad you were able to figure that out.
  5. Installed App and Now Website Isn't Accessible

    Found the issue, when installing the application screwed up my default theme.
  6. Need help ASAP as I tried installing and now the website can't be accessed. I can only get to the login for the admin, but that is all. How can I manually uninstall?
  7. Hi Kevin, Thank you very much for your response. I have tried to get it working, but I guess I'm not up to par with your level of skills. I can't get it to work. Chris
  8. Earlier
  9. It seems the "drag'n drop problem" has scrambled everything... I'll make a new sandbox "clean" copy, enable the debug mode, and show you what I'm talking about. There is no need to understand the -complex- set of rules already set (french commented), but only the test rule showing the eventual bug I'm talking about. The rule is not "disabled" in the "official way", but it just does not work at all, the same way as it were disabled. I'll came back once I've restored the sandbox copy...
  10. Your custom action is setup with an argument of type \IPS\membermap\Markers\Markers but it is named user_to_move, which doesn't make sense because the argument is not a user, it is a content item. So my assumption here is that you have a confused set of rules here. I don't see how this is all supposed to work together. I also noticed that you did not have debug mode turned on for that rule, so there are no logs giving any additional insight. You have said that the "entire rule is disabled", but it's clearly not disabled. When a rule is disabled, it is marked as disabled and does not evaluate for the event. In this case, the event you have chosen for the rule in question is when your custom action is triggered. Where is this custom action even being triggered for your rule to evaluate?
  11. Bug when organizing custom actions

    I've sent you a PM video capture of how it happens to me. And here a final screenshot showing that even the new empty custom action has received a field from another one :
  12. did you tried while connected in the sandbox ?
  13. Bug when organizing custom actions

    ok, thankyou for trying : could it be linked to the fact I'm using safari ? I'll try to make a video to show you...
  14. Bug when organizing custom actions

    Still not able to see any kind of issue. See the attached video of me trying to reproduce what you described. untitled.mp4
  15. Bug with automatically-generated collabs

    Yep, that was it. Thanks!
  16. Bug with automatically-generated collabs

    Its probably only soft deleted as that was a feature IPS recently added.
  17. I'm not sure if this applies to Rules or Collabs or both, but I was experimenting with a rule that automatically created a collab in a certain category if a condition was true. The rule worked fine and the collab was created, but after I deleted it from the collab menu, when I view my Profile card it still shows up in my list of recent Collabs, and when I click its name in my Profile card (the card that comes up when I put the mouse over my name) I can still access the Collab when it should be deleted. It does not show up when I open the Collab category on the site though. EDIT: No matter how I try to delete the generated Collab - either by selecting its checkbox in the Category menu or by clicking the Domain Management menu and selecting Delete - the Collab isn't actually deleted and shows up in my Profile.
  18. timed/monthly rules/actions

    Yes, of course this is the basic logic. But ..ok, well, I'll just look at it and see what i can see
  19. timed/monthly rules/actions

    Custom actions have a recurring scheduling feature. Create a custom action and schedule it to happen on a recurring basis.
  20. timed/monthly rules/actions

    Hello, Is it currently possible to create timed rules? For example, I want a rule that would pay out X amount of points from a given Points economy to a specific member every 4 weeks/28 days, or (even better) on the 1st of every month. I haven't been able to find a way to do that. If this functionality isn't currently in Rules, I think it would be a very powerful addition. EDIT: Typical me...I ask a question and then one minute later I realise there are Custom Actions that can be scheduled. I'm still not sure how to link custom actions with the acount actions however. I guess what I'm after is a way for the triggering event to be, say, the first day (day 1) of the month.
  21. No argument available for content?

    Still getting "no argument available for content" Going to see what trial and error can do for me. Thanks for the support thus far.
  22. Custom fields associated to comments

    There is not a internal form builder for comments to hook into to add the field for display. But it's there for internal uses if you need to track custom data for comments. As for the display of the data, make sure you have permissions set on that custom data to be able to view it.
  23. No argument available for content?

    Don't know. Seems like you should have a valid $record there assuming that your $content->tid is correct and that your record_topicid field is correct and that your database is correct. With these things, it's always in the details.
  24. The key to this is to encapsulate the locking of the topic and the creation of the new topic in a custom action. So you create a custom action first, that accepts a topic as an argument. Then you create rule(s) for that custom action that first locks the given topic and then creates the new topic in the appropriate forum. Then all you have to do is schedule that custom action to happen when the original topic is created. So you have a rule that you create which runs when a new topic is created, which then does the custom action you created at a future time (i.e. scheduled). There are two tricky parts to your spec that you will need to work out. Firstly, you will want a condition that will prevent your scheduled topic creation from triggering your custom action again which will start another scheduled cycle, so maybe check something in the topic title, or even the user that you will be using to post the new topic. Secondly, you will need to provide a calculated date and time as the scheduled date for your custom action since you've indicated its not just a simple "in 7 days" situation. So you'll be needing to do math with dates. That's never fun.... what timezone are you calculating from? What timezone are you calculating to? I hate working with dates, it's always a mental pretzel for me.
  25. Hi, I need to pick your brains for this one. Suppose the following: a user creates a topic in a subforum on Monday (probably somewhere in the morning). I want to create an automated action that that specific topic will be automaticly locked the next Monday right after midnight (from Sunday on to Monday). I can't seem to figure out how to create a rule for this. By the way, I am using the LITE version - if that makes any difference. That's step one. If someone could help me pull that off I would be most thankful. Step two would be: after that automatic lock, create a new topic with a custom title "<prefix> Monday <date 1> - Sunday <date 2>" in that same subforum. But I could live with the fact that step two is a bridge too far. Thank you so much in advance! Chris
  26. No argument available for content?

    Ohhh so its not possible to lock a database record this way because its not a Content Object? //<?php try { $record = \IPS\cms\Records2::constructFromData(\IPS\Db::i()->select('*', 'cms_custom_database_2', array('record_topicid=?', $content->tid))->first()); } catch( \UnderflowException $e ) { return "Record doesn't exist"; { return $record;
  27. No argument available for content?

    I am getting an error 500 that doesnt appear in either the debugging or server logs. Am I moving in the right direction with this? //<?php $record = \IPS\Content::constructFromData( \IPS\Db::i()->select('*', 'cms_custom_database_2', array('record_topicid=?', $content->tid))->first() ); return $record;
  28. No argument available for content?

    Correct. You need to load and return the actual database record object and not an array of database values which is what the database query will give you.
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