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  2. Zayon

    Check a member registered date

    Oh, I will try and get back here, I didn't even thought about the attributes, if something is not working, I will get back here. Thanks @alexis
  3. alexis

    Check a member registered date

    Did you try a condition "Member attribute values"? @Zayon
  4. Zayon

    Check a member registered date

    Anyone? ... No one?
  5. alexis

    Action "Create new event" is broken

    I've checked with the database by command 'SELECT * FROM calendar_events' , and found the events inside! They are just not shown on the community! The difference between them and other, *normal* events, created manually, is the "event_start_date"-column, which is always "0000-00-00 00:00:00" by the Rules created events.
  6. I've tested on several rule events, and unfortunately found out, that the Content Calendar action "Create new event" doesn't work properly. In the rule debug logs it says, that the action is evaluated, and there is even a successful result "content created". But in fact, there are no Events have been created at all When testing, I've added several tags to the Event in the action settings , and the system logs started to show the following error: The error happens when visiting the event author profile or "All activity" page. And there are still no events in Calendar created by this action @Kevin Carwile , could you please confirm, if that's a bug or not, and kindly fix it, if it is a bug? And please do not forget to fix that long-time bug in the Path alias: https://ipsguru.net/forums/topic/984-remove-slashes-feature-doesnt-work-correctly Thanks,
  7. alexis


    @Kevin Carwile how about if placing all your IPS applications and add-ons onto your current board, somewhere like here: https://ipsguru.net/files/category/4-downloads You have a downloads section on this community. Lets let others to purchase your products there!
  8. Hello, I made a rule, I tested it and it worked, but I want to add a condition to that rule, I want to check if a member was registered until 28th October 2019, because that's the date when I wanted the users to receive the Halloween 2019 award from my community, and now that I finally get the automation rules (full), I want to automate it, I tested the rule and works fine, gives the award but gives it to all the members, not only for those who had an account on that specific date. In other words, if a guy has an account until 28th October 2019, then he gets the award but if the account was created after that date, the users are not getting the award. Thanks in Advance - Zayon
  9. Gangst3r


    I join the question
  10. ModUniverse


    Is there no way to purchase this plugin anymore? Highly interested in getting ahold of it as it’s exactly what I need for my community.
  11. My Name is Tito


    Hi Team! I'm trying to set up a rule that email's every twenty minutes so I can try to change the POP3 Check Frequency on G Suite (GMAIL). If anyone has any ideas on how I can accomplish this task that would be great cheers. Basically G Mail checks based on how many emails you get so I'm planning on trying to change the POP3 Frequency by emailing myself every 20 minutes for example and then on my G Mail it would just auto-hide the email etc. Cheers, My Name is Tito
  12. I have a rule that temporaly promote users, to VIP but, I want it to show the user name that triggered that rule on Log. I know that on Action screen there's a text field called Schedule Keyphrase, how can I show the member that triggered the rule and set the variable on this field? On Action's Keypharase field it's setup like this: Removed VIP status after time period on [entity:id] Follow down my rule: Rule: Promote to VIP Event: Custom data updated: VIP Conditions: Truth Value ( vip30 is ON) Actions: Change the primary group of a member (Promote member to VIP) Update custom data: VIP30 (Demote VIP member after X days) Else Actions: Change the primary group of a member (Move member to regular group) Hope that you can help me with this and thanks for your efforts on this plugin, 'cause it's awesome!
  13. Gabriel Torres

    Automatic PM when topic title is edited

    @alexis Not the case here, because the object type is really a topic.
  14. alexis

    Automatic PM when topic title is edited

    you can try to add another condition with "NOT" enabled in such a case like "Content is of a certain type", where you would select (select! because it is a "NOT"-condition) "Pages".
  15. Gabriel Torres

    Automatic PM when topic title is edited

    Using the code above, there is at least one case when the PM is sent when it shouldn't. With Pages, I had an articles scheduled to go live, and as soon as it went live, I received a PM telling that the topic's title was edited, but in fact what happened was that the comment topic for that article was created. This probably can be solved by adding a condition in the code above, but I have no clue about what to do.
  16. Gabriel Torres

    Automatic PM when topic title is edited

    It seems I was able to make it work with: //<?php if ($changed['title'] != '') { return TRUE; } else { return FALSE; }
  17. Gabriel Torres

    Automatic PM when topic title is edited

    @alexis Ops! Event: topic was edited
  18. alexis

    Automatic PM when topic title is edited

    @Gabriel Torres while waiting for Kevin, you may try to check these two topics: https://ipsguru.net/forums/topic/838-duplicate-title https://ipsguru.net/forums/topic/970-compare-edited-content Probably you can find there some help for your specific needs.
  19. alexis

    Automatic PM when topic title is edited

    @Gabriel Torres what Event do you use for your rule?
  20. Gabriel Torres

    Automatic PM when topic title is edited

    Hi @Kevin Carwile I am trying to create a rule to send a private message to the topic author whenever a moderator edits the title of a topic. Here is what I have so far: Condition: "Title was edited" Actions: Send PM The problem is that the PM is being sent also when the topic is moved, etc, not only when the title is edited. So I am missing something in the "actions" part, but I really don't know what I am doing wrong in my code. Thank you in advance, Gabriel.
  21. elisa

    Rule for Teamspeak

    Hi, Is there a custom rules set in rules expansion pack to give XP in Members shop? I have seen this feature in some website and I would want to know if this can be done using the rules expansion pack. It gives rewards for logging on teamspeak once every 24 hours. If the feature can also be timed like giving experience on per hour basis I would appreciate it.
  22. alexis

    Rules 1.4.6 Disabled in Marketplace

    As I see, your products have been removed from MillerMedia website. A.Rules are also not accessible anywhere now. Too bad
  23. i have a custom field bound to a topic in a specific forum and im checking this when the topic is posted so that if the value is below a a threshold it is automatically denied. But the custom field is always null. i've tried using raw php to compare and even then the value is null.
  24. kenster

    Daily login

    Hi Guys, Could someone tell me how i would create a rule that will award a user login points upto X per day?
  25. IPCommerceFan

    Commerce Rules: Support Requests?

    We figured out a workaround for this via the built-in REST API, but its not very "pretty". I understand IPS has shut the door on this app via the Invision marketplace, but we still find it highly valuable. What would it take to get you/your team to flesh out more functionality for Commerce?
  26. muratdzeko

    How Do I Find The Correct Object Reference?

    Thanks but i wouldn't need this plugin anyway if i was expert enough to do what you said. I tried many things but I could not. I was thinking of buying the full version, but I guess I won't. I also delete the plugin. Thanks again.
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