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  2. Global transaction list

    You go in to Rules->Custom Logs and create a new log, I will just give you a screenshot of the settings I use. Nothing fancy with the log settings, just make sure the log is associated with IPS\Member and just include some clear name and description. Then you need to add the fields that will be included in the log. For me thats member sending, member receiving and amount of points. To do that you need to click the + sign to the right on the created log and click "Add loggable argument". That's it, your log is ready. Now you need to go and create the rule that is going to write to this log. Go to Rules -> Create new rule. Choose event to be "A balance or transfer exchange has been completed" and in action set it to Custom logs -> Create new log entry: The dialog that is on the Next screen will allow you to fill all necessary log fields. I have it like this: That's it! Happy logging. By the way, I use the same rule to also send notifications to the members that are receiving the points, just adding another action. Otherwise they will never know. Points economy is a very flexible app, but you need to pair it with Rules Automation to unleash its full power.
  3. Global transaction list

    This reading is a good start: I will post later what I have done on my board to track this.
  4. Global transaction list

    wow! Any ideas how to do this?
  5. Global transaction list

    With Rules you can setup it to write each transaction in to a custom log.
  6. Global transaction list

    It's a pity! Will there be an opportunity to implement this function in the next releases?
  7. Global transaction list

    No, you cant do that. Sorry.
  8. Global transaction list

    I told about list where I, for example, could sort out only list of all transfers user-to-user.
  9. Global transaction list

    in ACP there are transactions PER USER not cross-cutting...
  10. Global transaction list

    In the ACP.
  11. Global transaction list

    Hello! Is there any page or some kind of block where shown global transaction list? I mean all transactions for all users at on place.. Where it's possible to filter transactions, sort them, etc. Thanks!
  12. Fixing the IPS4 Number field decimals bug

    Like I just want a post for example to be rewarded with .25 of a point. Or my daily interest rate to be .50%
  13. Fixing the IPS4 Number field decimals bug

    This didn't seem to fix it for me I still can't set daily interest aside from 0 - 1 and in rules can't payout with a decimal either. IPS 4.2
  14. A problem with floats and Rules

    Right now I'm seeing an other problem. In the database my balance is 224.25000, but in the front/ACP I can see 224.00. When I'm incrementing this value with ACP, it increments the 224.00 value, not 224.25. For example, 224.25000 (it is value in database) + 0.75 (added using ACP) = 224.75000 (in database, in front/admin still shows as 224.00), not 225.00. Sorry that I said: , but earlier (before I changed currency on my board) it worked correctly.
  15. A problem with floats and Rules

    Did you try to give, for example 0.25 points using Rules? Is this working for you?
  16. A problem with floats and Rules

    There is no other problem that I am aware of.
  17. A problem with floats and Rules

    @Kevin Carwilethis topic just didn't help me.
  18. A problem with floats and Rules

    I dont quite understand what you are saying.
  19. A problem with floats and Rules

    @Kevin Carwile It only helps me this way, that I now don't must use PHP to insert float to the "Adjustment Amount" field. But, as I said, if the value type is float, it doesn't do anything.
  20. A problem with floats and Rules

    Did you try this?
  21. Hi! I have a problem with giving points using Automation Rules Lite. If I specify an integer - it works correctly. But when I specify a float - it doesn't do anything. Normally (for example with ACP), I can give points while specifying an float. Is there any way to fix it? Thanks.
  22. Is there an API?

    There is an internal PHP api that can be used via custom application code, or you could create your own API endpoints to perform points functions via the Automation Rules application, since rules allows you to define your own functions and expose them on the REST API.
  23. Is there an API?

    I am wondering if there is an api like this Wordpress Points plugin. It will allow you to build other apps that can tie into this easily to add/subtract points. http://codex.mycred.me/chapter-v/remote-api/v1/
  24. Calculate Points from Install

    So the rules can do processing for past posts. I will be able to run it and figure out the correct totals for people that have been members for years. I do own the full version rules app if that makes a difference.
  25. Calculate Points from Install

    Points Economy doesnt calculate anything by itself. You use rules to issue points on an automated basis. As such, you just need to create a custom rules action and use it to bulk process your members. Assign rules to it which issue points based on the appropriate criteria.
  26. Is it possible to process the initial launch of the points system for all users. Depending on why my values are, can it then process all my users and give them the appropriate points or does it always have to start from scratch? If a user has 23,325 posts, can it calculate all their new topics, replies, any other values so in the end, they might wind up with what it should be?
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