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  2. System Errors Running "BalanceUpdate" Task

    FTP would allow me to see if the patch is in effect.
  3. System Errors Running "BalanceUpdate" Task

    Hi @Kevin Carwile I've tried both of the patches you uploaded in this topic, but no one helps I still have the above described error appearing once in 12 hours, and triggered by a Guest. I can provide you the access to the ACP or ftp, if this can help you to finally resolve the long term issue with this. Thank you!
  4. 8 decimal places

    @Kevin Carwile is there anything that I can do?
  5. 8 decimal places

    I work with a forum that has a point system based on bitcoin. The bitcoin currency uses 8 decimal places, yet the points system doesn't let me go past 5. Is there any quick edit to grant the 8 decimals?
  6. A problem with floats and Rules

    I solved this problem by creating own application for economy. Thank you for help.
  7. System Errors Running "BalanceUpdate" Task

    ./applications/points/extensions/core/Queue/BalanceUpdate.php BalanceUpdate.php
  8. System Errors Running "BalanceUpdate" Task

    Hi @Kevin Carwile, it would be much appreciated, if you could completely resolve the issue shown above
  9. Specific Payment Methods for Commerce Products

    There are permissions on the currencies that you can tweak. Turn the "exchange in/out" permission off for your selected member groups.
  10. Specific Payment Methods for Commerce Products

    Okay! That worked - I was able to make 3 different currencies and then tell 3 different products to only give a specific currency to each - which is perfect and just want I want - BUT - the system let's you (currently) TRADE coins with other coins. I'm not sure if I want that on. I don't want you to be able to trade one coin for another - I want to keep them separate. Is there a way to turn trading option "off"?
  11. Specific Payment Methods for Commerce Products

    Wait! I found it - it's in the payment methods part - that's it - giving this a try now!
  12. Specific Payment Methods for Commerce Products

    Okay - so I'm looking inside of the currency and I don't see anywhere to "make a different points payment method" for this currency - how do you do that? Insert existing attachment
  13. Specific Payment Methods for Commerce Products

    It only asked me if I had credits or card, which I chose credits, and it didn't ask me which coins to use - let me give it another try and see if we can get this to work.
  14. Specific Payment Methods for Commerce Products

    You can customize which payment methods are usable on a product by product basis in commerce. Just make a different points payment method for each of your currencies so you can control which currencies can be used for checkout on individual products.
  15. I have S Coins, C Coins and B Coins. Right now they are all weighted the same, 1.0 coin = 1 unit I would really love a way to assign (for example) COMMERCE PRODUCT C to be only purchasable if they have C Coins to use, and that they could not use B Coins or S coins. Right now, I could check out only if I had B coins or S coins, but I really should only be able to check out if I have enough C coins. I'm trying to create an easier way for large scale credits - I want folks to get their membership, and in turn, get a credit for a future purchase to something specific. I want them to collect the coins from different currencies and save up to trade them in for a product.
  16. No. It depends on rules to issue points, and the new IPS reputation system introduced in 4.2 is not hookable by rules.
  17. Hello, We're looking for a points system to where community members earn points to doing helpful things (such as answering questions), and can spend points to ask questions. Would this plug-in help with that? Cheers, Bret
  18. System Errors Running "BalanceUpdate" Task

    @Kevin Carwile after installing your patch, I continue having the error: It appears each 12 hours, and triggered only by a guest. (Guests are not allowed to use the Points application)。
  19. System Errors Running "BalanceUpdate" Task

    I dont understand what you just said.
  20. System Errors Running "BalanceUpdate" Task

    Thank you for the patch, @Kevin Carwile, it was a long term error. On my board I still have this error, but now it's triggered a guest (once in every twelve hours), which is the only group do not allowed to use the Points application. The log entry was triggered by a guest Guest The URL of page the error occurred on was Not available Please help to check again, thanks.
  21. System Errors Running "BalanceUpdate" Task

    OK, it appears to have cleared the error. Thanks for the assist!
  22. System Errors Running "BalanceUpdate" Task

    The intent was to throw the exception that the core code was asking for instead of returning the null value. As for what happens when you run the task manually, I don't know what the expected behavior of that is supposed to be.
  23. System Errors Running "BalanceUpdate" Task

    That makes more sense but now I have a question. What was the intent of the new file? I uploaded it on one forum and then ran the balanceupdate task manually from the task list, I got a white screen and when I went back to the task list the balanceupdate task was gone. Was this the intent?
  24. System Errors Running "BalanceUpdate" Task

    My bad. ./applications/points/extensions/core/Queue/BalanceUpdate.php
  25. System Errors Running "BalanceUpdate" Task

    In one of my forums I have Rules installed however there is no "queue" in the file system /applications/rules/extensions/core/Queue/BalanceUpdate.php In the 2nd forum I do not have Rules installed and there is no "rules" in the file system /applications/rules/extensions/core/Queue/BalanceUpdate.php Unless your intention is for me to create that structure in each? The ballanceupdate task exists in the task list of both
  26. System Errors Running "BalanceUpdate" Task

    Try this patch: ./applications/rules/extensions/core/Queue/BalanceUpdate.php BalanceUpdate.php
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