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  2. Sorry i would edit my posts, but I can't. I was able to eventually able to solve it after the findings of my last post. I simply would delete the '0' that's automatically set for the 'manual transfer amount' before I change it to choose one of the other options available in the drop down menu.
  3. On inspection of the source, the console seems to be returning this error: An invalid form control with name='points_rules_amount' is not focusable. I have even tried putting in a manual value int the transfer amount with no change.
  4. Thanks Alexis, I took a look at this earlier, but it didn't seem to solve the issue.
  5. This one is related to an IPS bug with decimals. Check this post: It will help.
  6. What I ended up doing was create a rule, that condition was this PHP script. //<?php if ($credit_amount >= 1000) { return true; } else { return false; } And then i tried to put a refund style action on the outcome if returned false. But when I do the following: Transfer or exchange a points balance > Source = Logged In Bank -> Amount = Credit_Amount -> Destination = Logged in Spending Account. It wont let me save, and gives me no error as to why I cant save? Edit: In fact no matter what options i choose for Transfer or exchange a points balance, I cant save any settings.
  7. There's definitely a steep learning curve with Automation Rules that I think will naturally turn off users who can't handle anything more than a 'plug-n-play' approach. But in the long run, I do believe in the value of the all-purpose utility of Automation Rules. There's also a lack of discovery in the Marketplace, but I think the only way to overcome that is by constantly promoting Automation Rules. And unless you have a full-time marketer, that's probably going to be kind of tough.
  8. You can set a holding period on points that get transferred into a bank, but there are no configurations to control the amounts or intervals of specific transactions.
  9. No sorry, I mean the minimum transfer amount to bank. i.e. cant send any less that 1,000 points to the specific bank. or even can only transfer to bank in certain intervals.
  10. You can set the minimum balance for the bank. Is that what you mean?
  11. Hi Everyone Just wanted to know if anyone has successfully been able to set a minimum limit on a transfer to bank transaction? I noticed there isnt a setting and I tried to do ti with a rule, but i don;t believe it is possible. Any suggestions?
  12. I'll second these last two posts from a n00b client perspective. I've asked several "how about/can we do X?" in the Invision forums which were never answered, but I now realise that these issues could be addressed with Rules and/or Points Economy (had I known about these apps at the time). I think that at least several of @Kevin Carwile's apps should be put in a permanent leadership position in the Marketplace precisely because of the paradigm-shift they bring in, but to which not everyone has responded (yet). I don't think that IPS realises that apps like Collabs, Rules, Points etc. (not to mention some of the other talented developers out there, mea culpa) are a pretty big part of what puts IPB ahead of pretty much everything I've seen...whether it's currently realized or not. This is why although I was really enthusiastic about Clubs when it was first announced, it was in fact what made me take a closer look at Collabs and ultimately purchase it. I am still glad that Clubs is being implemented and will likely use it for something, but Collabs is an example of "already done, and better."
  13. Ah, you already have a template for it. For anyone else wondering the template is under points - > components -> currencyuserbit
  14. I would like to add the user's balance to the post container but am having issues finding the correct syntax.
  15. Thanks for update and continued maintenance to 1.0.8
  16. ok, it does let you pick, but if im the owner and im trying to make real money, then the points system is basically useless, unless you only want to make a reward point
  17. well can you show me this option...ive been looking and looking
  18. IPS4 has an annoying bug that has been around since day 1 and makes it impossible to use a number field with a decimals setting other than 0 or 2. Bug reports have been submitted but nothing has changed, so here is how to fix it on your own. Edit your theme template: core > global > forms > number Change line 28 from step="{expression="number_format( $step, 2, '.', '' )"}" to step="{expression="number_format( $step, $decimals, '.', '' )"}"
  19. So I see you have re-uploaded it to the previous 1.0.8 version? Thanks for that! It's better to have decimal fields rather than integer. (at least, there is a good solution for using decimals, which I've mentioned in this topic)
  20. Here is what you have to do to fix this very annoying IPS bug: Edit your theme template: core > global > forms > number Change line 28 from step="{expression="number_format( $step, 2, '.', '' )"}" to step="{expression="number_format( $step, $decimals, '.', '' )"}"
  21. I see that now. Now I'm remembering why I didn't do this earlier. If you specify a decimal places setting for the form field in the backend code, then it will validate and save to the database correctly, but the HTML number field is rendered with a buggy HTML5 step setting, which is why nobody can ever enter the number they want unless they are using exactly 2 decimals on their field. Now that I've removed the decimals setting on the form field, the HTML field works but the backend IPS code casts the submitted value to an integer. I wish they would just fucking fix their form field already. It's only been a year and a half since I submitted the bug report for it.
  22. Hi Kevin In the newest update (1.0.9) the decimals aren't saved at all! 1) When I try to set Points Exchange Rate to 1,9 (or any other decimals with comma or point), it shows the whole number: "1" 2) When I try to set Interest Rate to 0,05 (or any other decimals with point or comma), after clicking Save it shows the whole number: "0" @Kevin Carwile
  23. I'm pretty sure that ips commerce allows you to specify the allowed payment methods on a product by product basis. In fact, I'm sure of it.
  24. So I have a point currency set up to equal an IPS currency exactly for checkout. However, the exchange rate is set to 1.00001 rather than 1.00000. I'm not sure if it is the IPS Suite denying me to set it to 1.00000 exactly, or Points economy. This all works fine except for when someone tries to purchase an item from the store and pay for it with the exact amount of points that they have that the item is worth. It then gives an error saying that it would bring the balance below 0. I have my decimal places on the points set to 0 but I tried it with 2 decimal places and I still get the same error. Is there any way to fix this, or make a point currency equal and IPS store currency exactly? A path to the proper file to edit/adjust this restriction would help if that is the issue. The following images is in the Payment Methods in Commerce.
  25. I have downloaded and already set up the points system But i dont see how this is beneficial to the owner who has allowed payment in commerce store? Help me to understand this please.......If i put up a product thats $50 dollars, you mean to tell me that a member can pay that and i get nothing in return?? How is this a good thing if you if the person selling the product cant pick which payment they want to receive as payment? Example: I put up a $55.00 desktop for sale.........after filling in the rest of the required fields and uploading a picture of the product......theres no option in the commerce to say if i want to only except payment by paypal..............i cant make individual products except different payments........all products have to have all payments since the owner made commerce payments points, paypal, and strip So my question is, i guess i just lose out on $55 dollars cause one of the payment options is points
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