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  2. liquidfractal

    Link to latest version?

    Since this file can no longer be download on the Invision site, @Kevin Carwile can you provide a link to the latest version of the file? Thanks!
  3. Kevin Carwile

    Selling Points

    Only if you create a rule that issues points to someone when a product is purchased.
  4. kenster

    Selling Points

    Is there a way we can sell bundles of points through the native store?
  5. Hello! Vi wants to took your apps from IPS Where can I download points economy?
  6. alexis

    Sneaky bug to duplicate points

    The Points Economy application has been removed from the Marketplace!! It is now even not like "This file is not currently available for purchase.", but it is not existing anymore! https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/7911-points-economy/ Another excellent application has been abandoned by Kevin. That's very bad Unfortunatelly NOT
  7. Bluto

    Sneaky bug to duplicate points

    Yea, it would be nice to get a reply. I wonder if he's giving up on his apps. He responded "No" to someone in another thread who asked him about an update to Automation Rules. Glad I didn't start using this app. Might go with the other points app Members Shop. I don't like the idea of the developer not even responding to a thread about an issue.
  8. Dan

    Sneaky bug to duplicate points

    Yeh it's been radio silent, since reporting.
  9. Bluto

    Sneaky bug to duplicate points

    @Dan I guess this is a big issue since @Kevin Carwile hasn't replied in a month.
  10. Bluto

    Sneaky bug to duplicate points

    Hopefully @Kevin Carwile will respond and make any fixes.
  11. Dan

    Sneaky bug to duplicate points

    I haven't had any updates regarding this. I think a current solution is to disable the use of banks, as the exploit is done using that feature. I sent Kevin a video of how to reproduce the exploit.
  12. Bluto

    Sneaky bug to duplicate points

    Any news on this? I want to use Points Economy but don't want what happened to @Dan to happen.
  13. Dan

    Sneaky bug to duplicate points

    Here is the funds making it to the bank.
  14. Hi @Kevin Carwile, Some of our suers have been duplicating their points by taking advantage of an issue where points can be transferred twice within a single page load. See the screenshot as an example: I also have a video which I will PM you now, demonstrating how its done. My understanding is that when you transfer funds to a "bank" it isn't processed until page load is complete? rather than immediately? And therefore you can try and force a few transfers within that page load period. I may be way off in my guess on how it occurs, but hopefully the information I have provided is helpful.
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