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  1. Yesterday
  2. No. It depends on rules to issue points, and the new IPS reputation system introduced in 4.2 is not hookable by rules.
  3. Hello, We're looking for a points system to where community members earn points to doing helpful things (such as answering questions), and can spend points to ask questions. Would this plug-in help with that? Cheers, Bret
  4. Last week
  5. System Errors Running "BalanceUpdate" Task

    @Kevin Carwile after installing your patch, I continue having the error: It appears each 12 hours, and triggered only by a guest. (Guests are not allowed to use the Points application)。
  6. System Errors Running "BalanceUpdate" Task

    I dont understand what you just said.
  7. System Errors Running "BalanceUpdate" Task

    Thank you for the patch, @Kevin Carwile, it was a long term error. On my board I still have this error, but now it's triggered a guest (once in every twelve hours), which is the only group do not allowed to use the Points application. The log entry was triggered by a guest Guest The URL of page the error occurred on was Not available Please help to check again, thanks.
  8. System Errors Running "BalanceUpdate" Task

    OK, it appears to have cleared the error. Thanks for the assist!
  9. System Errors Running "BalanceUpdate" Task

    The intent was to throw the exception that the core code was asking for instead of returning the null value. As for what happens when you run the task manually, I don't know what the expected behavior of that is supposed to be.
  10. System Errors Running "BalanceUpdate" Task

    That makes more sense but now I have a question. What was the intent of the new file? I uploaded it on one forum and then ran the balanceupdate task manually from the task list, I got a white screen and when I went back to the task list the balanceupdate task was gone. Was this the intent?
  11. System Errors Running "BalanceUpdate" Task

    My bad. ./applications/points/extensions/core/Queue/BalanceUpdate.php
  12. System Errors Running "BalanceUpdate" Task

    In one of my forums I have Rules installed however there is no "queue" in the file system /applications/rules/extensions/core/Queue/BalanceUpdate.php In the 2nd forum I do not have Rules installed and there is no "rules" in the file system /applications/rules/extensions/core/Queue/BalanceUpdate.php Unless your intention is for me to create that structure in each? The ballanceupdate task exists in the task list of both
  13. System Errors Running "BalanceUpdate" Task

    Try this patch: ./applications/rules/extensions/core/Queue/BalanceUpdate.php BalanceUpdate.php
  14. Earlier
  15. System Errors Running "BalanceUpdate" Task

    Update: I get these same errors even with the app Enabled.
  16. I have 2 licensed copies of this app on 2 different forums and I am having the same problem on both. I first loaded up the app and then disabled it. I am now getting the pictured errors when running the "BalanceUpdate" task. I confirmed this by running the task manually and immediately received the error. Am I doing something wrong? Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated!
  17. Economy admincp for moderators

    Ohh yeah, haha thanks.
  18. Economy admincp for moderators

    If you add them as an administrator, they can access your ACP. There is not a front end moderator cp for points.
  19. Is it possible to give permissions for moderators to use the points economy admincp?
  20. Economy Dashboard issue

    Inspect your javascript console and look for errors. Everything you mentioned is javascript related. And as I'm not from China, nor do I have access to browse the web from a Chinese IP address, I have no capacity to troubleshoot that.
  21. Stock-Market

    Lottery was always intended to be a separate app. But I do believe that the merging with Miller Media is a positive step for the life of these products.
  22. Economy Dashboard issue

    While accessing any community with the Points Economy installed with the Chinese IP-address, I cannot use the Economy Dashboard comfortably. Just take a look, how it looks like on your forum by my side (and it doesn't matter what browser I'm using - always the same). On my community it's the same - no graphs at all Another bad thing is that when clicking on any small white triangle right from "Guru mantra 1" or right from my nickname "alexis" or even right from "Create" button, - in any situations I'm not able to open the menu And the link becomes something like https://ipsguru.net/index.php?app=points&module=points&controller=dashboard#elCreateNew_menu or https://ipsguru.net/index.php?app=points&module=points&controller=dashboard#balance152_menu or https://ipsguru.net/index.php?app=points&module=points&controller=dashboard#elUserLink_menu - and the page didn't update.... this situation happens only when I'm on the Economy dashboard or My economy dashboard pages. Once changing my IP-address (using VPN), the problems above disappear. This makes me troubles, and I believe, to all users from China too Please help to check, @Kevin Carwile
  23. Stock-Market

    I'm proud to be one of the first six users, who support Kevin's application by purchasing it on the marketplace I hope, that being a part of Miller Media and starting to get payments for the Points Economy application, Kevin will also start to consider implementing new features to this great application! I've checked trough the topics in this category, and found many good ideas worth to be implemented. I summarize them here for easy search and analysis: Besides of the gaming plan you wrote in the second post of this topic, the other good ideas are: - more graphs on the Economy Dashboard; - new widgets: 1) showing the Top-X users who got most points within a specific time period (day/week/month/year), 2) showing the most *rich* people among the users, who have points in a specific currency. (this info we have in the ACP, great to have it available somewhere on the forum). - ability to adjust points manually for the specific users groups (moderators) on the front end (without using the ACP), - Donations - When changing points from one currency to another, there should be a field somewhere on the Economy Dashboard, showing the current exchange rate between these currencies; - Reactions support! Would be great to find out the solution for this issue - the whole reputation system is currently out of our control which is very bad... By the way, the new addon called "Points" has the new Reaction system support: the points can be earned/lost according to the reaction given!
  24. Stock-Market

    Hi Kevin, Does this new setup with Miller Media allow you to spend more time on building these suggested features? I am eager about getting the lottery concept running for my community.
  25. Custom PostContainer

    Hello! I want to display the member points in a custom format on my postContainer, I tried using this syntax, but theres no result. How I can do this in the right way? {$comment->author()->balance(1,0)}
  26. Fixing the IPS4 Number field decimals bug

    Another note. You will need to make this change to both your admin theme and your front end theme.
  27. Commerce integration

    You need to go to Commerce > Settings > Payment Methods > Create New Then choose the member points option.
  28. Commerce integration

    Hi There I saw in the feature list that you can add it as a Payment method. I would like to do so. When I want to add a payment method in ipb comerce I cant find the points option. How to do this? Is there any other Documentation instead of API Docs?
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