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  2. This app doesnt do encoded url paths. You'll need to use another method to redirect percent encoded urls.
  3. @Kevin Carwile, want to bump this as well. Again, this is either a bug with the app or "working as intended" (IPS all rights reserved). % sign is stripped from path url, which leads to completely different url then intended.
  4. You would think it is not that difficult, yeah. I think I found the problem. As I have non latin characters in my url, they are encoded with % followed by symbols. So this is my path url: .../article/347-%25d1%2581%25d0%25bb%25d1%2583%25d1%2587%25d0%25ba%25d0%25b8-%25d0%25b2-%25d1%2582%25d1%2580%25d0%25b0%25d0%25bd%25d1%2581%25d0%25ba%25d0%25b0%25d0%25b2%25d0%25ba%25d0%25b0%25d0%25b7%25d0%25b8%25d1%258f/ But the app converts it to: .../article/347-25d1258125d025bb25d1258325d1258725d025ba25d025b8-25d025b2-25d1258225d1258025d025b025d025bd25d1258125d025ba25d025b025d025b225d025ba25d025b025d025b725d025b825d1258f i.e. ,the % sign is removed from the url, thus I am mapping to a totally different url and thats why it doesn't seem to work. Is this a bug or there is no way for the app to support non english url's and paths?
  5. There is not two resources. You are creating an alias to a single resource. Enter the path to the non existing resource as the path alias, and the url to the existing resource as the mapped url, select the option to 301 redirect. Whats so difficult about this?
  6. So to do 301 redirect via this app I should have both resources online and available, is this correct? Kinda missing the point in this case, as the idea of 301 redirect is when you don't have the original online.
  7. The alias is the new url that you want the resource to be available on: i.e: /tutorials/category/subcategory/title-id The mapped url is the original url to the resource that you would like to alias with the new url. i.e https://site.com/tutorials/article/id-title/ This application only aliases existing resources/pages on your site with new urls. It is not a 301 redirect solution for urls that aren't a valid IPS4 resource.
  8. As I am switching from Tutorials app to Pages database I need to 301 redirect something like 400 urls. This app looked perfect for the task, but as I am trying the Lite version I cannot figure the proper way to do it. As far as I understand, this app takes one url and replaces all links to it within the IPS suite to another url. But what if I need to take the original URL offline? Will google be able to figure the redirect out or this is just for internal purposes? I believe I am also having problems understanding what is path alias and what mapped url... A practical example: Original url: https://site.com/tutorials/article/id-title/ Target url: https://site.com/tutorials/category/subcategory/title-id What should be my path alias and mapped URLs? What would happen if "Original URL" is no longer available?
  9. Earlier
  10. Nevermind. I got it working.
  11. What did you check in particular?
  12. I have confirmed that it does follow those conventions. All of the other tags work, just not [content:title], for whatever reason.
  13. Its possible that the classifieds app is not providing the content title in a way that rules knows how to access it. Rules depends on a standard set of object behaviors as defined by core IPS apps. If third party apps adhere to the same conventions, rules works seamlessly. But thats not always the case unfortunately.
  14. Alright, so I'm attempting to use this with the Classifieds app. URLs there are written as: /classifieds/item/24-testing We're attempting to create a rule that automatically generates this to /commissions/username/title However, the rule hangs at the second parse: /commissions/[content:author:name]/[content:title] So it gets stuck (let's say it was created here with my username) at: /commissions/alex-wright And doesn't parse the following [content:title]. This may be more to do with the Rules app than the URL Alias app. PS: I'm LordNowe from IPS.
  15. You create a "path alias" to redirect. A path alias is an IPS url. An IPS url has to exist under the base URL.
  16. Then it looks like the assumption from IPS is that every website using their software only uses their software and nothing else, which is miles away from the real world. As a test I created a file under /forums containing a redirect to the membership page and then tried setting up a redirect to that file which, if the above is correct, should work, but it doesn't. What I also don't get is the description of this application states: Advanced path aliases is an application that allows you to change or create url paths to point to any page on your site. It enhances the capabilities of the core IPS furl definitions in the following ways: Set any interior page of your site as the homepage Maintain multiple custom path aliases for any individual page Set a path alias as canonical to be used as the primary url for a page Create path aliases to 301 redirect old urls to new locations Create path aliases to redirect to external web pages Set the http protocol to be used explicitly for any page Automatically redirect old urls when new urls are created for a page How can you set up redirects to external web pages if everything has to exist under the base URL?
  17. It looks from your url http://www.mydomain.com/forums/settings/password , that you have your IPS board installed in a subdirectory of your site. Otherwise, the url would be http://www.mydomain.com/settings/password This is why you can't remove /forums from your urls. It's actually a part of your base url to any page on your IPS4 site. There would be no possible way that path aliases could rewrite that url to something without the /forums in it. Aliases created in IPS4 require IPS4 to route them correctly, but IPS4 does not exist outside of the /forums base path on your site.
  18. Was hoping this could solve a big problem I've got since upgrading to IPB4. For years I've used a 3rd party membership management system as there are multiple parts to my site requiring registration. Under IPB3 this wasn't an issue as you could set register/login/change password etc links from the admin side. That's been removed in IPB4 and support aren't interested in helping. I've bought and installed the full version of Aliases, but having problems getting it working. It might be me as there are no docs available that I can see. e.g I want to redirect the "Change Password" link I set the Path to /membership/profile I set "Map to" to http://www.mydomain.com/forums/settings/password/?app=core&module=system&controller=settings&area=password I leave Canonical as On If I then go to the user's control panel and hover over the Change Password link, the URL is http://www.mydomain.com/forums/membership/profile which is incorrect. It should be http://www.mydomain.com/membership/profile I tried to set the Custom Homepage URL to http://www.mydomain.com thinking that might resolve things, but that just says "Invalid site URL". Tried both with and without trailing slash. I also tried switching Canonical off and Redirect to on, but when hovering over the Change Password link, it remains as the default http://www.mydomain.com/forums/settings/password/?app=core&module=system&controller=settings&area=password It sound like this application should do what I want and solve a major headache, but can't get it to work so any help appreciated.
  19. I've made a couple of attempts to do that myself, however there have seemed to be side effects which were not easily solved, so I do not have a sound solution for you. You can attempt with htaccess, but it may end up redirecting urls you did not intend it to.
  20. About url with slashes I would like to avoid them With your plugin, the URL links are now without slashes on my site but the URL are sometimes linked on post or on others websites (referrers) with slashes So on google analytics, I have both lines for example : - forum/ 5732 hits - forum 12484 hits I would like to make redirections forum/ to forum (maybe on htaccess ?) Like that, analytics will only see one URL (the one without slash) Could you help me to achieve this ? Thank you
  21. It isnt meant to work dynamically. Its only going to rewrite individual urls.
  22. It works about the slash But it doesn"t resolve the problem about dynamic furl from third party apps.
  23. Did you download the free lite version of the app and try it? There is a good chance it will, but I cant say for sure as I'm not up to speed on that particular issue.
  24. Hello, I am interesting with this app but I have a question before buying it : - Does it resolve the furl IPS issue : https://invisionpower.com/forums/topic/433280-error-with-furl-changes/ I want to set custom furl for third party app url Thank you
  25. What suggestions do you have can I put the site in debug mode? Or access it. Any suggetions.
  26. On IPS 4.1.15+, there was an API change that breaks old builds. To fix, you'll need to install the app and then upload the following file to fix the white screen: ./applications/pathalias/hooks/ipsHttpUrlInternal.php ipsHttpUrlInternal.php
  27. Hi Kevin, PathAliases is exactly what I'm looking for and I was delighted to find it. I've just moved over from Wordpress and am in urgent need of being able to to create custom URLs to my external booking site while I finish creating pages for the various workshop that I run (www.understandingkids.co.uk). Unfortunately when I go into ACP and install the .tar, I get a blank screen and a broken website. I have to go into GoDaddy's CPanel and delete the application to be able to get the site back up and running again. I'm running the latest install of IPS4. Have you had others experience this problem or what might be causing the incompatability between my IPS and the application? Thanks, Lindsay
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