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  2. &bank=0 for the Path Aliases

    That's because the bank=0 is the same as having no bank parameter at all and the resulting page is the same, so the url is standardized.
  3. &bank=0 for the Path Aliases

    Hi @Kevin Carwile, how about this problem? It seems, you've missed my report about the bug described in the first post...
  4. Hi Kevin, When trying to add a new path alias mapping to this page https:// myforum.ru /index.php?app=points&module=points&controller=dashboard&do=balanceDashboard&curr=3&bank=0 (without spaces of course), the destination to a new alias will be saved without "&bank=0" on the end of the link! In case the "&bank=" is not zero, but 1,2,3 or any other numbers, the url works fine, but not with 0! Please help to check it. Here is a picture for quick understanding: And it doesn't matter, whether I am using the canonical way or not. By the way, your Points Economy application seems to have a similar problem with the Meta Tags, like I have described earlier before in this topic. Once, the home page "ipsguru.net/forums" has a manually added meta tag (for example, "MY BEST FORUM"), so ANY page related to the Points economy will have the same meta tag ("MY BEST FORUM") rather than the correct one like "Spending Account - Guru Mantra - IPS Guru" or "My Economy Dashboard - IPS Guru" or even "Economies - IPS Guru" => ALL these title tags will be changed to "MY BEST FORUM" once you have added this title tag to your main page "ipsguru.net/forums". Please check it as well. (this bug is actually the reason, why I'm trying to add my own path aliases to any page of your Points Economy application!)
  5. Meta tags for path aliases

    long time ago But that time I was just a "lite"-user of your application, and I didn't report that. But since the last Big Sale I'm the "full"-user, so it's time to report this as well
  6. Meta tags for path aliases

    Never even knew that feature was there. How long has that been around? Anyway, here is the fix: ./applications/pathalias/hooks/ipsHttpUrlFriendly.php ipsHttpUrlFriendly.php
  7. Meta tags for path aliases

    It can be found on the Admin Control Panel in the section "Site Promotion" > "Search Engine Optimization" > "Meta tags" ( test.ru/admin/?adsess=n3b50nb6uq1uomnfo919nhpd04&app=core&module=promotion&controller=seo&tab=metatags ) You can "Launch Live Meta Tag Editor" there, for easy changing. Once open, try to add something to the field called "Page Title" (for the page ipsguru.net/forums).
  8. Meta tags for path aliases

    So how is it that you are "manually changing the title tag"? I've never seen that feature.
  9. Meta tags for path aliases

    correct. I explain on an example taken from your community: you have a "personal" link - ipsguru.net/kevin. It has a correct meta title tag "Kevin Carwile - IPS Guru." The tag for the forum page ipsguru.net/forums is a standard one also: "Forums - IPS Guru" . Then, how to explain the situation, when we manually (in the ACP) change the tag for ipsguru.net/forums from "Forums - IPS Guru" to "Best Forums", and the page's tag for ipsguru.net/kevin will become "Best Forums" as well! And in the same time, the "normal" profile links for other user profiles like mine (ipsguru.net/profile/30-alexis) will continue having their correct tags ("username - IPS Guru"). Why? This happens with the canonical path aliases only
  10. Meta tags for path aliases

    When you say meta tag, do you mean title tag? And path alias app doesnt have anything to do with tags on pages. It either redirects a url to another one, or makes an existing page available on a new url. It doesnt create new pages or insert tags or even touch the html output.
  11. Hi Kevin, There is an issue I've found while testing the application Advanced path aliases which I've bought during the Big Sale. When our board main (home) page has its own Meta Tag, added manually in the Search Engine Optimization section of the ACP, so in this situation all of the path aliases will have the same Meta tag, which the home page has! Without the manually added Meta Tag for the home page, all the path aliases have their correct meta tag names, which they become automatically. The worst thing here is, that if I'm adding to my path alias its own meta tag manually, it doesn't overwrite the Home page meta tag and it still continues showing the Home page meta tag Example for better understanding: The home page https://www.mydomain.ru/forum/ has it's own meta tag (instead of the automatically one: "Forums - Invision Community") called "My best board on the world". The path alias urls https://www.mydomain.ru/forum/alexis or https://www.mydomain.ru/forum/topic/best will have the same meta tag "My best board on the world". But their meta tags should be as follows: "alexis - Invision Community" and "best - A test forum - Invision Community". And it seems to be not possible to change them in the Search Engine Optimization section The problem has an impact only on path aliases urls. ps.>If I remember correctly, this meta tags issue I've noticed right after updating my board to from IPS 4.1.13 to IPS ! Now I'm on the 4.2.6 , and the issue still exists...
  12. dynamic Furls

    Since Advanced Path Aliases can be controlled with rules, this is possible. But there are many considerations that need to be made when setting something like that up. In other words, there is not a simple way to do it.
  13. dynamic Furls

    Hello I purchased the full version of APA and I'm hoping that it can be used in conjunction with the Rules app to dynamically rewrite URLs. For example, IPS 4.2.5 will not allow the removal of '/forums/' from this URL: mysite.com/forums/topic/123-mytopic/ I need it to look like this: mysite.com/topic/123-mytopic/ Can you tell me if this is possible to do site-wide with a variable for [topicID], and if so, how I might approach it? mysite.com/forums/topic/[topicID]/ > mysite.com/topic/[topicID]/ Thanks
  14. Making custom home page url

    Can you tell me what urls you are putting in?
  15. Making custom home page url

    each url i try to input i always get invalid url, when trying to make a custom url in the settings can you tell me what i'm doing wrong please
  16. Nested paths?

    This app doesn't modify urls in bulk. It's a one to one mapping of url aliases. You need to set the alias for every page that you want a new url for.
  17. Nested paths?

    I have a page/database with multiple categories inside, https://community.smartcat.ai/academy, which is referenced from lots of places. Now I want to change "academy" to "articles", and I thought I could use this plugin to do this (so that old links are not broken). But it seems it only works on the topmost level, i.e. nothing after "academy/..." will be automatically redirected to "articles/...". Is that correct, or is there some configuration I might have missed?
  18. Problem with 301 redirects

    This app doesnt do encoded url paths. You'll need to use another method to redirect percent encoded urls.
  19. Problem with 301 redirects

    @Kevin Carwile, want to bump this as well. Again, this is either a bug with the app or "working as intended" (IPS all rights reserved). % sign is stripped from path url, which leads to completely different url then intended.
  20. Problem with 301 redirects

    You would think it is not that difficult, yeah. I think I found the problem. As I have non latin characters in my url, they are encoded with % followed by symbols. So this is my path url: .../article/347-%25d1%2581%25d0%25bb%25d1%2583%25d1%2587%25d0%25ba%25d0%25b8-%25d0%25b2-%25d1%2582%25d1%2580%25d0%25b0%25d0%25bd%25d1%2581%25d0%25ba%25d0%25b0%25d0%25b2%25d0%25ba%25d0%25b0%25d0%25b7%25d0%25b8%25d1%258f/ But the app converts it to: .../article/347-25d1258125d025bb25d1258325d1258725d025ba25d025b8-25d025b2-25d1258225d1258025d025b025d025bd25d1258125d025ba25d025b025d025b225d025ba25d025b025d025b725d025b825d1258f i.e. ,the % sign is removed from the url, thus I am mapping to a totally different url and thats why it doesn't seem to work. Is this a bug or there is no way for the app to support non english url's and paths?
  21. Problem with 301 redirects

    There is not two resources. You are creating an alias to a single resource. Enter the path to the non existing resource as the path alias, and the url to the existing resource as the mapped url, select the option to 301 redirect. Whats so difficult about this?
  22. Problem with 301 redirects

    So to do 301 redirect via this app I should have both resources online and available, is this correct? Kinda missing the point in this case, as the idea of 301 redirect is when you don't have the original online.
  23. Problem with 301 redirects

    The alias is the new url that you want the resource to be available on: i.e: /tutorials/category/subcategory/title-id The mapped url is the original url to the resource that you would like to alias with the new url. i.e https://site.com/tutorials/article/id-title/ This application only aliases existing resources/pages on your site with new urls. It is not a 301 redirect solution for urls that aren't a valid IPS4 resource.
  24. As I am switching from Tutorials app to Pages database I need to 301 redirect something like 400 urls. This app looked perfect for the task, but as I am trying the Lite version I cannot figure the proper way to do it. As far as I understand, this app takes one url and replaces all links to it within the IPS suite to another url. But what if I need to take the original URL offline? Will google be able to figure the redirect out or this is just for internal purposes? I believe I am also having problems understanding what is path alias and what mapped url... A practical example: Original url: https://site.com/tutorials/article/id-title/ Target url: https://site.com/tutorials/category/subcategory/title-id What should be my path alias and mapped URLs? What would happen if "Original URL" is no longer available?
  25. Rules Integration

    Nevermind. I got it working.
  26. Rules Integration

    What did you check in particular?
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