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  2. liquidfractal

    Has this project been abandoned?

    @pixeldude don't bother. Kevin has said he is discontinuing all support for IPS4 apps because he's basically got another position at some company somewhere. See this thread: Track back to read more of the comments. See also this recent thread: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/458590-kevin-carwile/ I suggest you make alternate arrangements as soon as possible to move your data out of these apps, and stop your subscription, as Kevin no longer cares about notifying people there's no further support (but he will gladly take your continued subscription money). Run fast and run far!
  3. pixeldude

    Has this project been abandoned?

    @Kevin Carwile Could you please let us know if there will be a 4.5 update? Thanks!
  4. liquidfractal

    Has this project been abandoned?

    Cool...any ETA on the 4.5.x compatible release?
  5. liquidfractal

    4.5 Compatibility

    Yes, as a paying member I too would like to know when the 4.5.x-compatible release of this (and your other apps) will happen. Thanks!
  6. Guest

    4.5 Compatibility

    Hello there, I wonder if compatibility for 4.5 will be added on launch? Regards
  7. helladen

    Developer Files

    I am unable to modify this plugin myself using the developer files, is this allowed?
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