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  2. webmaster-peopleandchat

    Calendar stacking?

    Hey Kevin, any idea how to correct the icons? Don't matter if it push in as you see below or open to full mode. What can i threw in custom.css to correct this?
  3. Any news on this ? For information, I don't know if there is a relationship, but we use Elastic Search for indexing topics on the site ! Thank you
  4. It migrates the social groups data into group collaboration. It was provided for people who upgraded from that app to GC.
  5. Thank you for your reply. what does it do exactly? and how to make it work on my site?
  6. Social Groups was an app for the IPS 3.x platform.
  7. Hello, Do you know what the "Social Groups Importer" tab in the Admin panel > COLLABORATION > Import Tools is for? When I access it, there's no explanation. I just have a message that says: No social groups detected Thanks
  8. Hello, I created a site with several projects. I noticed that the tab "Activity feed" dedicated to the activity in each project displays the activity of all the other site projects at the same time and not only the activity of the project in which we are consulting the feed, which is very annoying. Indeed, being on an individual project page, I would like the activity feed to show me only the activity of this project and not that of other projects. Can you please tell me how to do it? Thank you Example : https://motards.net/gc/1-projet-dentraide/
  9. A blank page could mean that a 500 server error occurred. This could be all sorts of causes, but likely its due to some stale caches causing code errors or something related. Unfortunately, without a stack trace from your error log, there is no way for me to help you correct the problem. If you can track down a log of the error causing the blank page, and post it here, I may be able to make a recommendation to fix it.
  10. Exactly as it says in the title, when I click the add new collab button, it presents me with a blank page. I had the app working before on another site, but it also ceased to work there for some odd reason. https://shackletonenterprises.org/ Set it to online for the time being.
  11. Kevin Carwile

    Calendar stacking?

    I see, you had Commerce products enabled for the collab category. Unfortunately, Commerce products are not compatible as collab content.
  12. Kevin Carwile

    Calendar stacking?

    PM me with access to your ACP so I can check your logs.
  13. webmaster-peopleandchat

    Calendar stacking?

    Thank you Kevin worked good. What can I do to get this issue corrected too? https://www.peopleandchat.org/gc/cat/23-user-groups/
  14. Kevin Carwile

    Calendar stacking?

    Try adding this to your custom css .cForumGrid { min-height: 280px !important; }
  15. webmaster-peopleandchat

    Calendar stacking?

    Kevin is there anyways to fix the grid so it does not use 4 boxes but 3 box instead to correct it? because I notice that's what the zoom is doing to it, taking it from 4 boxes then zooe back in to only 3 boxes in the grid.
  16. webmaster-peopleandchat

    Calendar stacking?

    https://www.peopleandchat.org/gc/3-legend-of-camp-ground/ Here is where the error message is only found, now that i was able to disable the app and turn it back on. https://www.peopleandchat.org/gc/cat/23-user-groups/ - error page https://www.peopleandchat.org/gc/cat/14-small-business/ - working correctly.
  17. Kevin Carwile

    Calendar stacking?

    What's the url to the page with the grid on it?
  18. Kevin Carwile

    Manage forums bug

    Well, I fixed the permission bug first which made the search empty, so I removed that.
  19. webmaster-peopleandchat

    Calendar stacking?

    Ideas how to correct it if on my end or your end so it can load correctly? It's like the grid is all over and not even. When I zoom out and back in it would even it all out looking perfect. Not sure?
  20. webmaster-peopleandchat

    Other Error?

    It gives no error in the support section. Even tried to clear the cached, got other errors like above. Only error i'm dealing with now is one. [[Template collab/front/components/collabRow is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]]
  21. webmaster-peopleandchat

    Disable app until fixed.

    [[Template collab/front/components/collabRow is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] I did remove all widgets, it didn't do anything to it but keep giving the same error. Would like to get this fixed so I can keep using this app not disable it please.
  22. alexis

    Manage forums bug

    You removed that search line? OK! That works fine in this way.
  23. Kevin Carwile

    No "Collab Settings" available for Owners

    The purpose of the "Restrict Owner Permissions" is to allow all natural IPS core restrictions to apply to the owner. Its basically a pass through. That means it includes the post edit time restriction and/or any other current or future restriction modifications that are part of IPS core or another third party application for that matter. I'm not picking and choosing which restrictions to apply from core. That would create a nightmare of code to maintain. You'll need to figure out the best configuration that works for you between the two.
  24. Kevin Carwile

    files no longer sellable etc.

    IPS license needed renewal.
  25. Kevin Carwile

    Manage forums bug

    Thanks for this report. Got a fix for it. Please apply the following patch file and let me know if problem is completely resolved for you! ./applications/collab/modules/front/collab/nodes.php nodes.php
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