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  2. Kevin Carwile

    Has this project been abandoned?

    Continued active development on it has stopped. Critical bug or compatibility fixes will still be made.
  3. Has this project been abandoned?
  4. Earlier
  5. I've confirmed that this is indeed a bug within the process of merging members and then deleting one of them. Upload the following patch file to fix: ./applications/collab/extensions/core/MemberSync/ipsMemberSync.php ipsMemberSync.php
  6. Kevin Carwile

    How to add Collab as Model

    In the collab category settings, you must turn on the setting to "Use Collab Models". Then, when a new collab is created, one of the models you have flagged in the category can be selected to be used as the beginning template, if you have the settings set to "Force Model" and you have only one model flagged, it will be automatically used. When a new collab is created, content will not be copied over, only the content containers (forums, databases, galleries, etc).
  7. Daniel B

    How to add Collab as Model

    Hello there, I wonder how does the "flag as collab model" feature work? Because I have already set one Collab as Model; however all new Collabs under the same category won't copy the model's content structure... Nothing really happens. I wonder if I'm missing something? Regards.
  8. Rider

    Task "cleanup" remove followed GC

    Followed GC are deleted on GC without activity. It must be a normal shedding. You can closed this topic, thanks.
  9. Hello @Kevin Carwile I have a problem with merging multiple members accounts. Indeed, if I take for example 2 collabs and I have a member with 2 different accounts for the same person on each collab. if I merge the 2 accounts of this same user, the new merged account is not a member of one of the two collabs ! Each time, we lose the collab membership after the merger of several accounts of the same person which is very annoying Can you please propose a solution? Thank you
  10. Hi, I noticed that all the followed Group Collaboration (on their homepage) was removed by the "cleanup" task. But strangely I notice that this is not the case in this GC?! Regards
  11. ImpartialGeek

    Collaboration application doesn't show up

    Is there any support here for this product?? This was a pretty expensive app to not be able to use. Please help!
  12. Kevin Carwile

    Number of Records in Database Grid

    Its in the following template: collab/front/components/nodeGridItem The latest content is retrieved and displayed around lines 54-71. As I said, its pretty much designed to just use the built in IPS functionality to show the latest post. You can work out your own custom solution to display anything else there if you like by modifying that template.
  13. Daniel B

    Number of Records in Database Grid

    May I ask probably where somewhere? I may be able to find a workaround! Thank you.
  14. Kevin Carwile

    Number of Records in Database Grid

    Thats not a configurable value. Its hardcoded in the template somewhere.
  15. This may be a silly question but I wonder how can I increase the number of Records shown in a Database Grid for a Collab. I haven't found the setting. Regards.
  16. Daniel B

    Page Databases error in Collab

    I managed to fix this! It was an issue with the Page Template, not Collab nor Pages itself, but my mistake with the sintax in the page template.
  17. Hello there, I created one Database; then linked it to a Collab Category, and inside a Collab I created 4 categories. Unfortunately, when I go to a Category I just created, the following error pops up: ErrorException: Object of class IPS\cms\Pages\Page could not be converted to string (4096) #0 /home/myusername/public_html/websites/projects/miwebsite.com/ipb/applications/cms/sources/Theme/Theme.php(610) : eval()'d code(376): IPS\IPS::errorHandler(4096, 'Object of class...', '/home/myusername/...', 376, Array) #1 /home/myusername/public_html/websites/projects/miwebsite.com/ipb/applications/cms/sources/Pages/Page.php(2210): IPS\Theme\class_cms_page_custom_wrappers->redesWrapper(Object(IPS\cms\Pages\Page), Array) #2 /home/myusername/public_html/websites/projects/miwebsite.com/ipb/applications/cms/modules/front/pages/page.php(112): IPS\cms\Pages\_Page->output() #3 /home/myusername/public_html/websites/projects/miwebsite.com/ipb/applications/cms/modules/front/pages/page.php(43): IPS\cms\modules\front\pages\_page->view() #4 /home/myusername/public_html/websites/projects/miwebsite.com/ipb/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php(96): IPS\cms\modules\front\pages\_page->manage() #5 /home/myusername/public_html/websites/projects/miwebsite.com/ipb/applications/cms/modules/front/pages/page.php(33): IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute() #6 /home/myusername/public_html/websites/projects/miwebsite.com/ipb/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(152): IPS\cms\modules\front\pages\_page->execute() #7 /home/myusername/public_html/websites/projects/miwebsite.com/ipb/index.php(13): IPS\_Dispatcher->run() #8 {main} Any advise?
  18. Guest

    Error on groups edit

    I am getting the same error on IPB 4.3.6 after i migrated from old host to new one, what's the fix?
  19. Kevin Carwile

    Boxed layout

    There is a setting in your collab category which you can enable the grid view. For databases in IPS, you can customize the theme views that are used for your databases. Thats how to customize the look. Thanks for the bug report.
  20. Daniel B

    Boxed layout

    Hello there, I was wondering how can I make my databases have this layout: Unfortunately the documentation doesn't mention this. Mine looks like this: And I'd also like to have the content of single records shown like this: How does IPSGuru achieve it? I'd also like to report a bug when editing the moderation permissions for Pages when creating a new role: Kind regards.
  21. ImpartialGeek

    Collaboration application doesn't show up

    I am having the same issue, and cannot seem to access/add any collabs. I have added it to my menu, as well as "show on forum index" and that does not seem to do anything either. I even tried adding a sub category thinking they worked like the forums, but that also did nothing. Any ideas?
  22. Got it, thank you sooooo much! you can delete if you want! recommending again @ IPS of course!
  23. In some parts of the screen I can't see the changes though damn nvm! I figured it out.
  24. Thank you so much! I will try to fix it that way. The highlighted changes will help for sure! Thank you!!!
  25. Kevin Carwile

    change in IPS controller leading to error on category?

    You could probably use your theme editor to track them down and change them one by one.
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