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  2. anxips

    Has this project been abandoned?

    Thank you
  3. Kevin Carwile

    Has this project been abandoned?

    Continued active development on it has stopped. Critical bug or compatibility fixes will still be made.
  4. Has this project been abandoned?
  5. I've confirmed that this is indeed a bug within the process of merging members and then deleting one of them. Upload the following patch file to fix: ./applications/collab/extensions/core/MemberSync/ipsMemberSync.php ipsMemberSync.php
  6. Kevin Carwile

    How to add Collab as Model

    In the collab category settings, you must turn on the setting to "Use Collab Models". Then, when a new collab is created, one of the models you have flagged in the category can be selected to be used as the beginning template, if you have the settings set to "Force Model" and you have only one model flagged, it will be automatically used. When a new collab is created, content will not be copied over, only the content containers (forums, databases, galleries, etc).
  7. Daniel B

    How to add Collab as Model

    Hello there, I wonder how does the "flag as collab model" feature work? Because I have already set one Collab as Model; however all new Collabs under the same category won't copy the model's content structure... Nothing really happens. I wonder if I'm missing something? Regards.
  8. Rider

    Task "cleanup" remove followed GC

    Followed GC are deleted on GC without activity. It must be a normal shedding. You can closed this topic, thanks.
  9. Hello @Kevin Carwile I have a problem with merging multiple members accounts. Indeed, if I take for example 2 collabs and I have a member with 2 different accounts for the same person on each collab. if I merge the 2 accounts of this same user, the new merged account is not a member of one of the two collabs ! Each time, we lose the collab membership after the merger of several accounts of the same person which is very annoying Can you please propose a solution? Thank you
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