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  2. Collab articles and linked albums

    The reference is stored by the article as a custom field, so moving the article may only affect which albums could be selected, but wont have any effect on the existing reference. If the article is deleted, the reference goes with it, but the album remains.
  3. Collab articles and linked albums

    HI @Kevin Carwile..posted this in the Album Link Marketplace topic but thought this might be a better place for this. I was just wondering if your Album Link app was meant also to function well with articles in Collabs? I would assume so, but since as you say an album workflow is linked with its article, what happens for example to a linked album if its article is moved out of a Collab (or deleted)? Thanks!
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  5. Hi Kevin, I'm posting this here apropos of a similar thread in the Invision forums: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/439602-inconsistent-theme-html/ I've noticed that with certain themes (particularly two of Ehren's ipsfocus themes), there are many Collabs pages that apparently aren't properly wrapped in the ipsBox wrapped (going again from the above thread). I don't know if this has been reported or not, but I thought I'd raise this issue as I'm told it's a developer issue. I can give more of a list when I have more time, but the ones I remember offhand are many of the Collab edit pages (editing Pages, Blogs, etc).
  6. Commerce For Collabs

    I have two feature requests that are related: Feature 1: I, the admin, would like the option to charge people for creating a project within specific categories. Feature 2: I would also like the option to allow either/or specific projects or projects within categories, to charge for admission into the project. Clarification: So, if I, a random user, creates a new project within a certain category I can choose to charge for admission from other users for access to the project. Then, I as the administrator can set a commission rate for the users who are creating these projects. When a user pays the project creator to access the project, the admin gets a % commission from that sale.
  7. Menu System

    Excellent. Thank you, Kevin. I have it installed and will begin working with it. I already have a feature request and will post it separately.
  8. Menu System

    Yes, there is a customizable menu for every collab.
  9. Menu System

    I have not yet purchased the application and am wondering if there is a menu system/bar for each collaboration? When someone has gone into a forum topic is there a quick way to navigate to the calendar within that collaboration for example. Thank you in advance.
  10. Hi Kevin, I'm getting the following exceptions when activating IN_DEV mode on my 4.2.2 development instance and browsing to a collab's index page (Collabs 1.4.1 installed). Can you help? Whoops\Exception\ErrorException thrown with message "Undefined variable: showTimeline" Stacktrace: #11 Whoops\Exception\ErrorException in /var/www/site/system/Theme/Theme.php:4290 #10 Whoops\Run:handleError in /var/www/site/system/Theme/Theme.php:4290 #9 IPS\Theme\theme_collab_front_tabs_stream in /var/www/site/system/Theme/Dev/Template.php:169 #8 call_user_func_array in /var/www/site/system/Theme/Dev/Template.php:169 #7 IPS\Theme\Dev\_Template:__call in /var/www/site/applications/collab/modules/front/collab/collabs.php:119 #6 IPS\Theme\Dev\Template:stream in /var/www/site/applications/collab/modules/front/collab/collabs.php:119 #5 IPS\collab\modules\front\collab\_collabs:viewCollab in /var/www/site/applications/collab/modules/front/collab/collabs.php:56 #4 IPS\collab\modules\front\collab\_collabs:manage in /var/www/site/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php:96 #3 IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller:execute in /var/www/site/system/Content/Controller.php:50 #2 IPS\Content\_Controller:execute in /var/www/site/applications/collab/modules/front/collab/collabs.php:30 #1 IPS\collab\modules\front\collab\_collabs:execute in /var/www/site/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php:146 #0 IPS\_Dispatcher:run in /var/www/site/index.php:12 If I add error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE) to constants.php I then get the following: Whoops\Exception\ErrorException thrown with message "Declaration of IPS\collab\_Collab::mergeIn() should be compatible with IPS\Content\_Item::mergeIn(array $items, $keepLinks = false)" Stacktrace: #20 Whoops\Exception\ErrorException in /var/www/site/applications/collab/sources/Collab/Collab.php:22 #19 Whoops\Run:handleError in /var/www/site/applications/collab/sources/Collab/Collab.php:22 #18 require_once in /var/www/site/init.php:282 #17 IPS\IPS:autoloader in [internal]:0 #16 spl_autoload_call in /var/www/site/applications/collab/Application.php:407 #15 IPS\collab\_Application:activeCollab in /var/www/site/applications/collab/Application.php:546 #14 IPS\collab\_Application:affectiveCollab in /var/www/site/init.php:448 #13 IPS\collab_hook_ipsApplication:allExtensions in /var/www/site/system/Member/GroupPromotion.php:351 #12 IPS\Member\_GroupPromotion:matches in /var/www/site/system/Member/Member.php:3624 #11 IPS\_Member:checkGroupPromotion in /var/www/site/system/Member/Member.php:316 #10 IPS\_Member:save in /var/www/site/system/Session/Session.php:210 #9 IPS\_Session:init in /var/www/site/system/Session/Session.php:93 #8 IPS\_Session:i in /var/www/site/system/Member/Member.php:145 #7 IPS\_Member:loggedIn in /var/www/site/system/Dispatcher/Front.php:643 #6 IPS\Dispatcher\_Front:baseCss in /var/www/site/init.php:448 #5 call_user_func_array in /var/www/site/init.php:448 #4 IPS\Dispatcher\collab_hook_ipsDispatcherFront:baseCss in /var/www/site/system/Dispatcher/Front.php:63 #3 IPS\Dispatcher\_Front:init in /var/www/site/init.php:448 #2 IPS\Dispatcher\collabgreet_hook_greetCheck:init in /var/www/site/init.php:448 #1 IPS\Dispatcher\collab_hook_ipsDispatcherFront:init in /var/www/site/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php:103 #0 IPS\_Dispatcher:i in /var/www/site/index.php:12 If I give up and further set error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_USER_ERROR & ~E_STRICT); then I'm able to browse to the collab's home page. Thanks for your assistance!
  11. I was wondering if it is (or can be in a later version) possible to use 4.2's new Copy to Database function to copy a Forums thread to a database contained in a Collab category? I tried copying a thread and it ended up in a general category, and I wasn't able to move it into a Collabs DB category.
  12. Can't change all /gc/ FURLs

    Yeah...not such a big deal for me, since everything still works. But thanks for clarifying this for me!
  13. Can't change all /gc/ FURLs

    Yeah, happens when I try too. Thing is, it happens for all apps in the suite. So it basically just a limitation of the friendly url modification system built into core.
  14. Collab Categories under Forums?

    It sounds like what you are in need of are theme customizations. That is the layer where you need to go to move components around to get things to look exactly like you want it to. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you what needs to be moved where. To be honest, I still do not know what you are asking for with the words you have chosen.
  15. Collab Categories under Forums?

    I left a link so you could see what I was talking about. I mean the actual categories with the pictures. http://asylum.pm/gc/ or even https://ipsguru.net/projects to make it easier to understand. My forum already has the categories below it. I would like the actual categories listed under the forum like they are on the categories page. I was trying to do this with clubs and purchased the enhanced clubs app also. I mentioned it but the developer never responded to it. So I asked elsewhere and someone told me it would be better to get collabs when I asked about doing this. I should have asked before purchasing both.
  16. Collab Categories under Forums?

    You can choose to display collab categories on the forums list page above or below. Whichever you prefer. The setting is on the category settings page.
  17. Is there a way to list my Collab Categories directly under the forums? Where they look exactly like this? http://asylum.pm/gc/ I only plan on having these 2 or max a 3rd category.
  18. SELECT SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS * FROM( ( SELECT 'IPS\\forums\\Topic' AS class, forums_topics.tid AS id, GREATEST( IFNULL( forums_topics.last_post, 0 ), IFNULL( forums_topics.last_real_post, 0 ), IFNULL( forums_topics.last_post, 0 ), IFNULL( forums_topics.start_date, 0 )) AS date, forums_topics.starter_id AS author, 10 AS hidden FROM `forums_topics` LEFT JOIN `forums_forums` ON forums_topics.forum_id=forums_forums.id WHERE forums_forums.collab_id=1 AND forums_topics.forum_id IN(1,2,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,15,16,17,18,20,21,22,23,25) AND forums_topics.state!='link' ) UNION ( SELECT 'IPS\\gallery\\Album\\Item' AS class, gallery_albums.album_id AS id, GREATEST( IFNULL( gallery_albums.album_last_img_date, 0 ), IFNULL( gallery_albums.album_last_comment, 0 ), IFNULL( gallery_albums.album_last_review, 0 ), IFNULL( gallery_albums.album_last_img_date, 0 )) AS date, gallery_albums.album_owner_id AS author, 10 AS hidden FROM `gallery_albums` LEFT JOIN `gallery_categories` ON gallery_albums.album_category_id=gallery_categories.category_id WHERE gallery_categories.category_collab_id=1 AND gallery_albums.album_category_id IN(1,3,6) ) UNION ( SELECT 'IPS\\cms\\Records1' AS class, cms_custom_database_1.primary_id_field AS id, GREATEST( IFNULL( cms_custom_database_1.record_last_comment, 0 ), IFNULL( cms_custom_database_1.record_last_comment, 0 ), IFNULL( cms_custom_database_1.record_last_review, 0 ), IFNULL( cms_custom_database_1.record_publish_date, 0 )) AS date, cms_custom_database_1.member_id AS author, 10 AS hidden FROM `cms_custom_database_1` LEFT JOIN `cms_database_categories` ON cms_custom_database_1.category_id=cms_database_categories.category_id WHERE cms_database_categories.category_collab_id=1 AND cms_custom_database_1.category_id IN(1,4,5,6) ) UNION ( SELECT 'IPS\\blog\\Entry' AS class, blog_entries.entry_id AS id, GREATEST( IFNULL( blog_entries.entry_last_update, 0 ), IFNULL( blog_entries.entry_last_update, 0 ), IFNULL( blog_entries.entry_date, 0 )) 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downloads_files.file_submitted, 0 )) AS date, downloads_files.file_submitter AS author, 10 AS hidden FROM `downloads_files` LEFT JOIN `downloads_categories` ON downloads_files.file_cat=downloads_categories.cid WHERE downloads_categories.ccollab_id=1 AND downloads_files.file_cat IN(1) ) UNION ( SELECT 'IPS\\classifieds\\Advert' AS class, classifieds_adverts.cl_a_id AS id, GREATEST( IFNULL( classifieds_adverts.cl_a_date_updated, 0 ), IFNULL( classifieds_adverts.cl_a_date_added, 0 )) AS date, classifieds_adverts.cl_a_member_id AS author, 10 AS hidden FROM `classifieds_adverts` LEFT JOIN `classifieds_cats` ON classifieds_adverts.cl_a_category_id=classifieds_cats.cl_cat_id WHERE classifieds_cats.cl_cat_collab_id=1 AND classifieds_adverts.cl_a_category_id=0 ) UNION ( SELECT 'IPS\\quizzes\\Quiz' AS class, quizzes_quizzes.quizz_id AS id, GREATEST( IFNULL( quizzes_quizzes.quizz_updated, 0 ), IFNULL( quizzes_quizzes.quizz_last_comment, 0 ), IFNULL( quizzes_quizzes.quizz_last_review, 0 ), IFNULL( 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  19. Can't change all /gc/ FURLs

    HI Kevin, Apropos of your Invision forums comment here: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/407257-group-collaboration/?do=findComment&comment=2701072 I've tried changing the /gc/ path to "domains" (my local name for Collabs). I can change one FURL (yoursite.com/gc/), but when I try to replace gc in the other two instances it doesn't work - it simply tacks "domains" on to the end of /gc/ as per this screenshot:
  20. Ahh....yeah, that makes sense. Thanks for verifying that!
  21. Yeah. I agree. But its like that because a collab is a content item under the hood and everything "in" the collab is just linked to it. The searching is simply an IPS core feature which is just searching the content in "this collab", which technically is only the collab description. Searching in all collabs, produces results for all collab descriptions. Searching in all apps produces results across the board.
  22. When I'm in a Collab and use the contextual search field in the upper-right corner of the screen and select "This Collab," it doesn't seem to actually find anything from the content posted within the collab (e.g. blog entries). I find I have to switch to "All Content" in order to find content I've posted in my collab. Even if I search in "Collabs" in general I can't find content I know is there. So I'm wondering what searching in Collabs or a specific Collab is supposed to accomplish? The option doesn't seem that useful or relevant unless you can search content within a Collab, right?
  23. Collab pages always taken from the same database

    Oh, that was super-tricky, but thanks, it does work!
  24. Force change collab owner

    @Kevin Carwile If the collab owner's account is deleted and on the collab page shows a guest account owner. How do I change the owner in this case?
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