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  1. Will the new links I make get indexed into google instead of the old urls? I saw this in a review and accomplishing this looks very interesting but sounds complicated: Would there be a way to automate my pages articles to look clean? changing: to If so would this only require Rules & Advanced Path Aliases or Rules, Advanced Path Aliases, & the Pages add-on for Rules?
  2. JoshB

    Collab Categories under Forums?

    I left a link so you could see what I was talking about. I mean the actual categories with the pictures. or even to make it easier to understand. My forum already has the categories below it. I would like the actual categories listed under the forum like they are on the categories page. I was trying to do this with clubs and purchased the enhanced clubs app also. I mentioned it but the developer never responded to it. So I asked elsewhere and someone told me it would be better to get collabs when I asked about doing this. I should have asked before purchasing both.
  3. Is there a way to list my Collab Categories directly under the forums? Where they look exactly like this? I only plan on having these 2 or max a 3rd category.
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    Subscription Manager - So we can use points to directly upgrade users to different user groups. Future Market Place Suggestion 1 - Users have their own storefront on their profile connected to the main marketplace. Basically showing what products the user has added. Future Market Place Suggestion 2 - Integration with Group Collaboration. So groups can have a marketplace. Future Lotteries Suggestion 1 - Users in certain groups can host their own lotteries to be shown on their profile. Future Lotteries Suggestion 2 - Integration with Group Collaboration. So groups can have a lottery. Donations - Users can start a donation goal paid with points. With the option to show who donated and how many points. This would be great integrated with Group Collaborations also. I would like my users to be able to basically market their own profiles and groups. Site suggestion - Setting up donations for project features. So we can donate towards certain features request?