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    Check a member registered date

    Oh, I will try and get back here, I didn't even thought about the attributes, if something is not working, I will get back here. Thanks @alexis
  2. Zayon

    Check a member registered date

    Anyone? ... No one?
  3. Hello, I made a rule, I tested it and it worked, but I want to add a condition to that rule, I want to check if a member was registered until 28th October 2019, because that's the date when I wanted the users to receive the Halloween 2019 award from my community, and now that I finally get the automation rules (full), I want to automate it, I tested the rule and works fine, gives the award but gives it to all the members, not only for those who had an account on that specific date. In other words, if a guy has an account until 28th October 2019, then he gets the award but if the account was created after that date, the users are not getting the award. Thanks in Advance - Zayon