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  1. Thanks for answer! Do you help with PHP code?)
  2. Hello! Here is what I did: 1. Create new Custom Data Fields - Work City (checkbox) 2. Create new Database Fields - Order city (radio) I want to: 1. If new record in database is created 2. Send an Email to everyone who matches the value of Work City = Order city For example: 1. There are 10 members who have Database Fields (Work City) = London 2. Create an new record for which Custom Data Fields (Order city) = London How to send a Email bulk letters to anyone with Custom Data Fields (Order city) = London? Thanks for your app and support!
  3. EvgenuZybov

    How display VALUE for custom dield?

    i am need support!
  4. EvgenuZybov

    How make Email reminders for event?

    Use PHP?
  5. Hello, Kevin! I created a calendar event and want to automatically send Email reminders about the event to all enrolled users. How do I send an Email the day before the event?
  6. EvgenuZybov

    Points charged problem

    Hi, thanks for the reply! I meant that if you import this rule into your website, you'll see that no points are awarded for EACH page view. Points should be awarded for each page view, but this is not happening. I need this to work as I described.
  7. EvgenuZybov

    Points charged problem

    Hello! I use Automation Rules + Points Economy. I want to make the user is charged one point when viewing the same page. I created a rule that applied to my question. The problem is that points are awarded not always. Sometimes charged, sometimes not. What's wrong with him? opyit-za-prosmotr-lyuboy-stranitsyi.xml
  8. EvgenuZybov

    How display VALUE for custom dield?

    Is there anybody out there?
  9. Hello! I can make custom field string type, and i am use radiobox. Ask me, please, how display VALUE this field for my template? I can use this, but on show KEY: {{if $comment->author()->club_user_level}} <li class='ipsType_light'> {$comment->author()->club_user_level} </li> {{endif}} Help me please!
  10. EvgenuZybov

    Problem make progressbar

    Hello! I make up a formula of CSS for use in ProgressBar. style="width:calc((100% * {expression="\IPS\Member::loggedIn()->balance( 1, 0 )->display( 'amount' )"})/45823)" But the formula does not work because the value is substituted together with the sign problem. style="width:calc((100% * 20 251)/45823)" Space in 20(space) 251. Please tell me how to get rid of it?
  11. EvgenuZybov

    Increase user balance (real dollars)

    Thanks for answer, Kevin!
  12. EvgenuZybov

    Increase user balance (real dollars)

    That is, if I buy Commerce rules extensions, i can create a rule which will fill the balance of the user of IP Commerce?
  13. Hello! I need to increase the actual balance of the user depending on the response triggers . I know that it is possible to create a new currency in the Points Economy, but this fictional currency rather than real dollars on the user's account .
  14. EvgenuZybov

    Img tag for Unit Suffix

    Hello! I need to substitute a picture in Unit Suffix field. The problem is that it is not in the template is processed and displayed as part of the text (not raw). What to do?
  15. EvgenuZybov

    Check visit page

    Please help me