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  1. Police Community

    Blog [content:content] not fetching content

    Thanks Kevin - Rather than the custom action - can I just set the action part of the rule to execute in 5 minutes time?
  2. Police Community

    Blog [content:content] not fetching content

    No errors in debug - shows condition met and rule evaluated - content successfully created.
  3. Hi Kevin Cant get the rule to bring the content of the blog when its created; Event: When blog is created Condition: Is in specific blog area Action: Create topic in forum with title as blog [content:title] by [content:author:name] and content as [content:content] Result - topic created - title as topic title - topic content empty. create-post-in-blog-discussion-forum.xml IPB 4.1.10 Rules 1.3.13 Could you advise please? Thanks
  4. Police Community

    Blank Titles Support Tickets

    Grrrrr ..... I will bat this back at them and express some displeasure at the diversion - we have loads of tickets now we can't do anything with .... FRUSTRATED with every update at the minute, fix some issues cause a load more. Its never ending. Thanks Kevin
  5. Police Community

    Blank Titles Support Tickets

    We have no idea how or why it's happening, they are being created by "Guest" yet guests are not allowed to create tickets. We are assuming they must be piping into the desk - ticket 3199 was me just sending an email from my email account to the sales at policecommunity .co.uk the ticket gets created but again from Guest and no title
  6. Police Community

    Blank Titles Support Tickets

    Kevin We have upgraded to 4.1.8 and after doing so we are now getting support tickets being created that do not have any titles as per the screenshot Invision have advised that they believe it to be the rules app that needs an update as that is causing it - they have given no further information other than they believe it to be rules causing the issue. Support ticket 940908 - Staff Mark Higgins Can you advise please? Thanks
  7. Police Community

    Additional Points Being Issued By Rules

    Kevin We have set up a series of iAwards that auto award based on post count, reputation or time since being a member. They all award perfectly fine and remove the previous award when a member moves to the next threshold. One of the conditions is to check that the member does not already have the award so it is not duplicating the actions if it has already processed it. They are all running from a custom action which is manually scheduled once per week. The only issue we have is that each award gets 10 economy points, whilst it is issuing awards appropriately it is duplicating and triplicating the number of points being issued to members as it stands so some members are getting more than they should. All the award rules are set up in our ACP under Rules "Awards - Membership" "Awards - Posts" and "Awards - Likes" you will see each one has an action of issue points. If the member already has the award then the condition fails so the action should not happen and I believe that is the case but the points are issuing several times over. We have only manually executed the custom action once and allowed three cycles of 10 to be processed before stopping it when we realised what it was doing. We have manually gone into all persons points balances and manually adjusted the additional points to deduct them from their totals. Can you login to take a look and try and understand why we are getting multiple points for the same action being issued - its all visible in a members transaction history in economies. If you look at the member "David" as a typical example you will see what I mean. Thanks
  8. Police Community

    EX0 error after update to 1.3.10

    Hi Kevin It is certainly causing EX0 error for me as an admin - checking on other users it appears to work ok for the ones I have tried. Two bits fail - the loading of the notifications when you click on the notifications icon in the top right, it just rotates and never loads. If I click on View All Notifications then it goes to my domain.com/notifications and this is where I get the EX0 error
  9. Police Community

    Locked Background Task

    No not that I can see but if you login to our ACP at the bottom you will see background tasks - if you try to manually run the one there it fails and keeps looping until you close the browser tab. This task will not clear and consequently the task queue locks constantly every 1 minute.
  10. Police Community

    EX0 error after update to 1.3.10

    Hi Kevin I have upgraded to and it has resolved the majority but /notifications delivers an EX0 error. If I disable Rules the page loads fine, enable rules EX0 error returns. Wayne
  11. Police Community

    Locked Background Task

    Hi The tasks are still locking causing the 'queue' task to lock. I have just had to reboot my server because the queue task has built up over several days to the point where things were un-usable. Thanks
  12. Police Community

    FEATURE - Email Collab Members

    Yeah I appreciate that - what I think needs to happen is that you can send all members a message - we have two roles, collab owner and collab moderator. How do we send to all standard members that have joined a collab?
  13. Police Community

    FEATURE - Collab Specific Sidebars

    Hi Kevin Could we have the ability to apply a sidebar that is specific to a collab so we could for example place individual Twitter Feeds for each collab down the side as opposed to currently having to make them all the same? Thanks
  14. Police Community

    FEATURE - Email Collab Members

    Hi Kevin Could we have the ability to be able to email all members of a collab by the collab owner or better still to send all members of the collab a PM? Thanks Wayne
  15. Police Community

    Locked Background Task

    Hi Kevin You still have access to my site in the ACP etc but since installing economies I am getting the following error If I manually try to run it it fails by timing out. In the background tasks if I try to manually run tasks the progress bar just keeps cycling and never actually works Its all struggling because of the background task of 'Removing bank balances' Thanks