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  1. Veteran365

    Permission matrix setting up catergory

    Wouldn't affect me if I unchecked everything in acp for permissions and only set permissions in the user roles I guess I'm confused on his they work together /affect each other
  2. Veteran365

    Permission matrix setting up catergory

    So if I don't create user roles it will go off of main site permissions?
  3. what are there permissions for on front end you set user role permissions as well so what are the forum,page setting permissions for?
  4. Veteran365

    create a new private message action

    Kevin you are just awesome!
  5. not sure if its a bug but the action works and the pm is sent and shows up as me in this case but when member replies to message it doesnt show up in my pm box can this be fixed?
  6. Veteran365

    saved actions

    purchased worked perfectly
  7. Veteran365

    saved actions

    cant it be set up that if a topic prefix is added [APPROVED] using a saved action that it runs the rule? so if this condition is true run my actions?
  8. Veteran365

    Collab type ahead field

    ive looked at ajax.php file for rules but not sure how to do it
  9. Veteran365

    Collab type ahead field

    can you make it so its trigered on 2 characters? not 3 i have collab called PC and cat select it because its not 3 charaters long
  10. Veteran365

    whats wrong with this rule

    i set the condition up the correct way right?
  11. Veteran365

    whats wrong with this rule

    its 1.3.11
  12. Veteran365

    whats wrong with this rule

    its set so if the custom profile field platform its a dropdown has 3 options Xbox Playstation PC if string1 the field value = Playstation do the actions but the conditions are not met add-to-collab-bassed-on-platform-cpf.xml
  13. when creating a action to modify collab membership i type my collab name but the box isnt pulling list of colabs im typing it in like its listed but its not working is this a bug?
  14. Veteran365

    Member post count discrepency after content created

    if i want a award issued at 50 posts i have to set post count to 49 in order to have it ran at 50
  15. have this Rule: First Post Event: Any content has been created or updated Conditions: ( match all conditions ) Truth Value (new?) Member attribute values (post count) post count = 50 Actions: Give an award to a member (Issue the award) problem is when i hit 50 posts it says conditions not met post again so total is 51 its runs successfully why is this?\ how would i set it up so if post count is 1? would i have to set the number to 0?