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  1. jeffmace

    Is there an API?

    I am wondering if there is an api like this Wordpress Points plugin. It will allow you to build other apps that can tie into this easily to add/subtract points.
  2. jeffmace

    Calculate Points from Install

    So the rules can do processing for past posts. I will be able to run it and figure out the correct totals for people that have been members for years. I do own the full version rules app if that makes a difference.
  3. Is it possible to process the initial launch of the points system for all users. Depending on why my values are, can it then process all my users and give them the appropriate points or does it always have to start from scratch? If a user has 23,325 posts, can it calculate all their new topics, replies, any other values so in the end, they might wind up with what it should be?
  4. jeffmace

    iAwards Achievements

    Today I purchased the iAwards application. I am looking to understand the best way and possibly see if this can be done in one rule 250 posts = 250 Post Achievement 500 posts = 500 1000 = 1000 2500 = 2500 5000 = 5000 I set this up as separate rules, but then i started getting errors and all sorts of bad issues saying that you have been awarded already, etc. So something was not right. What is the best way to to set this up so that the logic isn't fighting with the other rules/awards.
  5. jeffmace


    I am very excited to see where this goes. Very cool stuff
  6. Looks like I figured out how to do a credit of 500 points for new registered users, but I am trying to figure out how I can safely backfill all the current/past members with 500 points and to make sure it only does it one time.
  7. This looks interesting. I used to use the ipbEconomy back on 3.4 when it was available. Is this basically the same thing. Can anyone give some concepts on how people can use this. Will people understand Guru Points and Concept cash?