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    Rules test for attachment

    Hi, I have just installed the free version of the rules plug-in in order to understand whether it is worth getting the paid version. We give free legal advice and support to UK consumers and we have a problem with people posting unredacted documents so that their personal details or details of their litigation are exposed. We have just converted from vBulletin. In vBulletin we were able to configure all attachments to be automatically moderated so that we could check any documents and redact them if necessary. I'm a bit surprised but this seems not to be possible in Invision – this has been confirmed by Invision. I'm hoping to be able to produce a rule which test each new post for the presence of attachments and then to hide the attachment – not the post – until one of the site team can get to it and check it out. If it's not possible simply to hide the attachment, then we would settle for the moment for being able to hide the entire post. So far as I understand the rules plug-in, this is not presently possible. If I'm wrong then I'd be very grateful if somebody could explain how to configure a rule accordingly. If I'm right, then how about adding a condition to test for the presence of an attached document. And then of course, an action to hide the document would be great. If not then to hide the entire post. Thanks