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    Hi ! It would be great if Points Economy could show a leaderboard of users based on balance or points history. It could be a widget such as "My Balance". Thanks
  2. trestxe

    Some suggestions

    Hi, thank you for this great addon !! Here are some suggestions to add : - Ability for each user to create recurring transfer to another user (weekly - monthly..) - Ability to transfer a percentage of points from an account : I use a rule to withdraw points from all accounts each week, I would like to withdraw a percentage of points (ex : 20% of balance of all accounts are withdrawed each week) and not an amount of points. Thanks for considering it !
  3. Hi, I set up a rule which make a transfer of currency when a member posts a new message on forum, from a "central bank" account (another member). The rule works fine but the author gets an white page just after posting. The author gets the money, the withdraw of central bank account is ok but the new message doesn't appear on forum overview and the author's message count is not incremented. If the author reload the white page, he gets money again. EDIT : When the author of message is the "central bank" account, it works. Any ideas ? Thanks