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    Commerce Rules: Support Requests?

    We figured out a workaround for this via the built-in REST API, but its not very "pretty". I understand IPS has shut the door on this app via the Invision marketplace, but we still find it highly valuable. What would it take to get you/your team to flesh out more functionality for Commerce?
  2. IPCommerceFan

    Commerce Rules: Support Requests?

    Hey Kevin, That's understandable. Commerce is a pretty niche choice in the face of all the other eCommerce solutions, but it works very well for us so we're sticking with it. If you're open to it, we'd be willing to pay for that functionality to be added and rolled into the Commerce Rules app, for the benefit of all.
  3. Hi, First of all thank you for creating such a powerful app. We are currently using it to generate follow-up emails after a purchase, and to notify us via email and member notification when product reviews are created. So far everything is working perfectly! I was wondering though, why there is no support request integration? Maybe IPS didn't include any way to "hook" into those for integrating into the rules app? Here is what we are trying to accomplish: Do you think this could be added for a future release? Thanks!