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    Great, great, great!
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    Possible Bugs

    Hm, I don't have an own server. It's managed hosting. In germany we wrote f.e. 10.000,00 € and not 10,000 € . But I don't know, if this is a special server-setting in germany.
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    I would love a stock-market. Managing and holding shares. With a few options for price-changing, like group/user/board-activities or simple "supply and demand". Okay, this would be a big thing with many possible details. But It was asked what I would like.
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    Possible Bugs

    Hm, no. It is with both.
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    Possible Bugs

    Hi! If it's the wrong place, sorry. After installation and first tests I see the following problems: 1. Error clicking the economy-tab on visiting Member-Profile (EX0) 2. Saving any balances wrong (Saving 10,00 --> 1000,00 after saving)