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  1. abyss.z94

    Collab header cover not display

    Collab header still not show up :<, it only show on Collab Categories.
  2. abyss.z94

    Collab header cover not display

    What is that tool? I can't find any tool about clear caches on support section in ACP.
  3. abyss.z94

    Collab header cover not display

    I found a topic have same problem here but there have no solution about this. :<
  4. My collabs header cover is not show up on it forums so collab management is hiden too, what should i do now?
  5. abyss.z94

    Can't delete topic

    I read that topic before writing this. That problem is still not resolved if I want to delete completely an topic by the management function on the forum, what should i do now? The topic should be delete still hidden inside the sub-category but is still visible outside the parent category and click able to read. This problem is very annoying.
  6. abyss.z94

    Can't delete topic

    When I delete an topic in the collab, they are only hidden for user but not completely removed from the database and contribution counter on collab isn't change when im do it. Is this a bug?