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  1. Gabriel Torres

    Rule for when user is added to a usergroup

    My idea is to send a welcome Private Message to users when they are moved to a specific usergroup. From what you are saying, the PM would be sent everytime the member data is updated, and not only once... I don't know if there would be other parameters to make sure this PM is sent only once...
  2. Hi, Is it possible to create a rule that is triggered when a user is added to a specific usergroup? Thanks!
  3. Gabriel Torres

    Commerce Rules: Subscriptions

    Cool, will keep an eye and let you know.
  4. Gabriel Torres

    Commerce Rules: Subscriptions

    Hi @Kevin Carwile I was wondering if my old Commerce rules, with the trigger "Event: A product line item has been paid on an invoice" would work just fine for subscriptions as well or do I need to make any adjustment? Cheers.
  5. Gabriel Torres

    Commerce Rules: Subscriptions

    Hi @Kevin Carwile I've just upgraded to 4.0.1 and moved our "product" to the new subscription feature, which is way easier and simpler to configure and use. I was wondering if the "Commerce Rules" supports this new feature. Thanks, Gabriel.
  6. Gabriel Torres

    Help with Commerce Rules

    Hi, We have both Rules (Full) and Commerce Rules installed. I am trying to create an email and/or a notification to alert users when their subscription is coming to an end (e.g. seven days before the actual expiration). Could you give me some pointers? Best regards, Gabriel.
  7. Gabriel Torres

    Help with automation: Delete users

    Yep, I figured that would be the case! No worries and thanks for the prompt reply!
  8. Gabriel Torres

    Help with automation: Delete users

    Hi, I wonder if there is a way to automate this task: Delete user that is from a certain usergroup and has 0 posts. This task would be ran daily. Thanks.
  9. Gabriel Torres

    Hide topics that are too old

    Hi @Kevin Carwile I don't see anything related to that on the system or error logs. Note that I made another test disabling the other rule that sends out PMs when topics are hidden, but still getting the same issue ("unresponsive" after a while)...
  10. Gabriel Torres

    Hide topics that are too old

    Reduced the number of topics per batch to 50 and I am still getting "unresposive" status.
  11. Gabriel Torres

    Hide topics that are too old

    @jair Thanks for your input. The 1 million topics is the total number of topics present in our community. The custom action actually scans all topics and apply the rules on each topic that triggers the conditions. So, even if we change the time span, the scheduled action will still scan all 1 million topics present in our community... That said, disabling the notification rule might actually be a good idea! Will play with this and let you guys know what happens.
  12. Gabriel Torres

    Hide topics that are too old

    @jair @Kevin Carwile I created a rule to hide all topics older than 4 years in a specific forum, and scheduled it to run manually using a "Topic" Custom Action, however I am facing a couple of issues. First, let me tell you what I did: 1. Created a new "Topic" custom action. 2. Created a new rule linked to this custom action as follows: Conditions: 1. Topic is in the target forum 2. NOT - Topic last updated date and current date is within 4 years 3. NOT - Topic is hidden Action: Hide topic Source: Event/Global Data, Data to use: (The name of my custom action) Member responsible: "Equipe Clube do Hardware" Reson: Manual/Custom text Here are the unexpected behaviors: 1. The Scheduled Action is getting "unresponsive". I tried to reduce the number of topics per batch from the default 500 to 100. Should I try lowering this even more? 2. Several error messages at the logs. My best guess is that these are being triggered by another rule we have, that sends a private message to users when their topics are hidden (more about this later), and there are some old topics where the user was deleted, so there is no member_id for the topic author available. Is there a solution or should I simply ignore these error messages? Here is how we have the rule "Send PM when topic is hidden" configured: Event: Event: Tópico has been hidden Conditions: None Action: Send MP - hidden topic Action to perform: create a new private conversation Conversation Participation Mode: All recipients will be participants in the same conversation Join creator in the conversation Conversation Creator: Event/Global Data - The member who hid the topic comment Conversation Participants: Event/Global Data - The hidden topic (author) Conversation subject: manual configuration Conversation Message Body: manual configuration Thank you in advance.
  13. Gabriel Torres

    Hide topics that are too old

    @jair Got it. I would need to run the manual rule again, let's say, every week or every month, until all the topics created between the time I ran the manual rule for the first time and the time the automatic rule starts kicking in are hidden/locked (or whatever action we decided to use). Thanks for the pointer.
  14. Gabriel Torres

    Hide topics that are too old

    Thanks @jair, you helped me a lot!
  15. Gabriel Torres

    Hide topics that are too old

    Thanks, I will study these options.