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    System Is misfunctional , Refund Posible?

    hey, im happy to see that you are looking forward to help, makes me feel better. regarding to my issues, it seems that i cannot find any way to look or see my spending point, i can see bank's blanaces etcs but no spending points. other issue is that i want the point system to be a payment option, that seems to be working partially, at first the currency is allways at EUR instead of changing to POINTS when choosing the payment gateway of POINTS , + seems like it has also an error with spending points balance cant go in debt, even tho it has amount to spend.
  2. i couldnt make this work properly for 1 week now, its seems to be installed the correct way, but spending points is no where to see, very much buggy and misfunctional, is there a way to get my $ back?
  3. having the same issue? any quick fix or an idea ?