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  1. Bluto

    Sneaky bug to duplicate points

    Yea, it would be nice to get a reply. I wonder if he's giving up on his apps. He responded "No" to someone in another thread who asked him about an update to Automation Rules. Glad I didn't start using this app. Might go with the other points app Members Shop. I don't like the idea of the developer not even responding to a thread about an issue.
  2. Bluto

    Sneaky bug to duplicate points

    @Dan I guess this is a big issue since @Kevin Carwile hasn't replied in a month.
  3. Bluto

    Sneaky bug to duplicate points

    Hopefully @Kevin Carwile will respond and make any fixes.
  4. Bluto

    Sneaky bug to duplicate points

    Any news on this? I want to use Points Economy but don't want what happened to @Dan to happen.
  5. Bluto

    Condition: link in post content

    return stripos($content->$content(),'http') !== FALSE; or try $search = 'http'; $search_title = stripos($content->title, $search); $search_content = stripos($content->content(), $search); if ($search_title !== FALSE || $search_content !== FALSE ) { $found = 1; } if (count($found) > 0) { return TRUE; } return FALSE;
  6. Bluto

    email composition fields not opening in Rules

    I have noticed in the past that the save button stops working for rules I created. I go in to modify them and the save button doesn't do anything. Not sure if this is related or not, but I believe I had to re-create the rule. I can't quite remember. Sorry if this really isn't any help. Hopefully you'll figure it out.
  7. Bluto

    email composition fields not opening in Rules

    Works fine for me on 4.4.4. I also save the rule and went back and edited it and that worked too.
  8. Bluto

    checking for posts in specific forums/categories

    Try this... First create a rule set. First rule: Event: Topic has been created condition: content is in specific forum Select your password protected forum Second rule: Event: Topic Comment has been created condition: content has a particular author Those both evaluated true when I tried with a user on my testing site. You'll probably have to make a separate rule for each client. You can add a separate action rule or add it onto the second rule. This might need more testing, but it appears to work (condition wise).
  9. Bluto

    Rules 1.4.6 Disabled in Marketplace

    I hear what you're saying in this particular case, Rules is quite complex. I think would give any IPS app / plugin way more exposure then the IPS site. If people started listing their mods there, the word would catch on. I've spent thousands on both and and they sell a ton of Wordpress plugins. I'll agree that a solo site would take awhile to gain traction, if it gained traction at all. I hope everything works out in the end. Rules is a GREAT app and very powerful. It would be a shame to see the development stop.
  10. Bluto

    Rules 1.4.6 Disabled in Marketplace

    I believe Adriano (might have spelled that wrong) had a app disabled by IPS. He wrote a long paragraph in the thread about not supporting the app any longer because of IPS flagging the app for some reason. I moved that app to my inactive / non-supported folder. More money wasted on apps. As of two days ago, Adriano's post was deleted and the app was available for purchase again and supported by Adriano. Not sure what happened, but it appears that IPS flip flopped on their decision. I've also been seeing other apps / plugins which aren't available for sale any longer. Sure, IPS has the right to flag whatever they want on their site. What I don't particularly care for is targeting quality developers - guys who know what's going on, like Kevin. I would love to see all the developers get together and form a software store off the IPSs site - solo site, codecanyon, etc. As far as I'm concerned, IPS is needed for only 1 thing, core. It would be interesting to see someone create a forum, commerce, blog, and gallery app to compete with IPS offerings. Of course, at that point, they'd probably come up with some other rule which benefits them and strays out of the philosophy of a modular approach where 3rd party developers contribute unhindered to the ecosystem. As mentioned above, this can obviously be done off the IPSs site, something I hope will happen in the future.
  11. Bluto

    Rules 1.4.6 Disabled in Marketplace

    Since the LITE 10 rules version is free and still available and downloadable, it must be all those people who have 11+ rules that are opening too many support tickets.
  13. Bluto

    Detect reactions?

    Using the link below: You should be able to compare the reactions table and the information from the active record and do what you want. Have fun!
  14. Bluto

    Detect reactions?

    Thinking about it a little more, if someone removes their reaction, that also effects things. But since the action will be a points type of reward, the admin isn't probably going to "take away" points from a member. I think, in the end, to make this happen there is going to have to be straight up comparison between database pulls of the rep index table and comparison against what the active record is returning. At least with the first condition above it appears to be an easy sort of what is a reaction and what isn't a reaction active record change.
  15. Bluto

    Detect reactions?

    At this point here I believe you could create a new condition based on receivers specific rep points. pp_reputation_points = total number of rep points the content author has which will increase with each positive reaction (see below). Using the below you could do something with the content author's total. Though, the below doesn't take into account if that particular reaction event was 0 or -1. The condition below doesn't know if the Author's rep points actually went down because it's not comparing the original # of rep points and what affect the event has on that total. Basing everything on reactions only being positive, meaning there is no neutral or negative ratings, would assume that every reaction event = a positive increase in the Author's total. I haven't considered 0 or -1 only 1, which makes things easy(er)(ish). The below is a simple example and might be totally wrong. Winging it. //<?php foreach ( $changed as $key => $data ) { if ($key == 'pp_reputation_points') { $repPoints = $key['pp_reputation_points']; } } if ($repPoints > 10) { return TRUE; } return FALSE; An example action for the above would be: Since the author has above a 10 reputation, we're going to give him 1.5 points economy points vs. 1 point for someone with a reputation under 10 who receives a reaction.