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    4.3 Points for Subscriptions

    Greetings Kevin, There is no update for subscriptions in the 4.3 update for points economy. There's currently no way to award points to anyone who purchases a subscription, like you have with products. There is a tab that allows you to add points for the purchase - it's not there in subscriptions. Will that be coming out soon? Thank you, Lisa
  2. I did what you suggested, error message still occurs. See video process:
  3. So we tried that first - the points were in the spending account and the same error message was happening. I am going to try right now to put 20 in each of the accounts and see what happens.
  4. 1. We are having trouble with check out. This has been tested and has worked in the past but is not working. Customer has 20 social coins to spend Product is $20. Points Exchange Rate is 1.0 Social coins payment method is ON for this product. Customer tries to check out - gets error message "the transaction would drop the debited balance below the allowed amount" - what do we need to do to resolve? 2. Is there a way to display how much someone has in their account so they could make a conscious choice during check out? ERROR MESSAGE:
  5. Blisslandia

    Specific Payment Methods for Commerce Products

    Okay! That worked - I was able to make 3 different currencies and then tell 3 different products to only give a specific currency to each - which is perfect and just want I want - BUT - the system let's you (currently) TRADE coins with other coins. I'm not sure if I want that on. I don't want you to be able to trade one coin for another - I want to keep them separate. Is there a way to turn trading option "off"?
  6. Blisslandia

    Specific Payment Methods for Commerce Products

    Wait! I found it - it's in the payment methods part - that's it - giving this a try now!
  7. Blisslandia

    Specific Payment Methods for Commerce Products

    Okay - so I'm looking inside of the currency and I don't see anywhere to "make a different points payment method" for this currency - how do you do that? Insert existing attachment
  8. Blisslandia

    Specific Payment Methods for Commerce Products

    It only asked me if I had credits or card, which I chose credits, and it didn't ask me which coins to use - let me give it another try and see if we can get this to work.
  9. I have S Coins, C Coins and B Coins. Right now they are all weighted the same, 1.0 coin = 1 unit I would really love a way to assign (for example) COMMERCE PRODUCT C to be only purchasable if they have C Coins to use, and that they could not use B Coins or S coins. Right now, I could check out only if I had B coins or S coins, but I really should only be able to check out if I have enough C coins. I'm trying to create an easier way for large scale credits - I want folks to get their membership, and in turn, get a credit for a future purchase to something specific. I want them to collect the coins from different currencies and save up to trade them in for a product.