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  1. I have a rule created with the following On a new database item created Action: Create new calendar event My issue is there is only the following fields to populate Event Container Event Author Event Title Event Content Event Tags Where do I put the event date?
  2. IndianaJoe

    PHP Code with Custom Tables

    Ahh, yes thank you. That worked.
  3. IndianaJoe

    PHP Code with Custom Tables

    I'm trying to use a simple lookup based on a value and am not getting anything returned from the query after a record is added. //<?php $team1Row = \IPS\Db::i()->select( 'primary_id_field, field_27', 'cms_custom_database_5', array( 'primary_id_field=?', $content->field_61 ) )->first(); $team2Row = \IPS\Db::i()->select( 'primary_id_field, field_27', 'cms_custom_database_5', array( 'primary_id_field=?', $content->field_63 ) )->first(); $newTitle = $team1Row->field_27." vs. ".$team2Row->field_27." winID: ".$content->field_61." loseID: ".$content->field_63; return $newTitle; Is this the right query structure to use? The final output is " vs. winID: 8 loserID: 23" with the ID's being correct. The custom database has the field_27 also. Thanks
  4. IndianaJoe

    Rule with Custom Content

    My website is sports related and I need a rule to update a team's record when a new game result is posted. I currently have a RESULT database with the game winner and loser and a TEAM database that has a team's record. On a new RESULT being added I would like a rule that does a query on the RESULT database finding all the wins and losses of both the teams in the RESULT. I got to the point of the Action, but not sure how to access the databases and exactly how to use that area. Thanks
  5. IndianaJoe

    Installed App and Now Website Isn't Accessible

    Anything I can do to install this without my default theme being jacked up? Everything seems to install correctly.
  6. IndianaJoe

    Installed App and Now Website Isn't Accessible

    Found the issue, when installing the application screwed up my default theme.
  7. Need help ASAP as I tried installing and now the website can't be accessed. I can only get to the login for the admin, but that is all. How can I manually uninstall?