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    Monthly stats

    Is this something we can do with Rules for a Points Monthly Stat?
  2. C0min

    Monthly stats

    Hello, Is there a way to see the list of all users, sorted by points they earn for duration of Monthly?
  3. C0min


    Hi, I have some suggestion. I using Lite Version of this App and it's wonderful New Trigger Items: Edit a Content (Different with "Update contents" > contents being updated by editing, new comment, new review ...) Club Created Join a Club Create new Activity stream New actions Option: Send activity Item to Activity streams (Just like notification or email, custom content with this option will send as an Item to Activity Streams) Create new Activity stream (Like create new album > Action: Create activity stream for this album / Create Topic > Action: Create new activity stream for this topic and ...) Thanks.
  4. Hello, I tried that way but It didn't worked. more specific, I add this code: $currency = \IPS\points\Currency::load( 1 ); to "profileheader" template and it five me this result: Also there is a "profileTab" on points template, is this regarding to User profile? because i can't see any points Tab section in there.