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  1. Zorro_X

    Rules not ruling anymore since V1.4.5 install

    interesting : how may I chose by hand a specific member to test/debug the rule ?
  2. Zorro_X

    Rules not ruling anymore since V1.4.5 install

    ok, here is the rule as attached file. It tries to detect inactive members since more than one year from a group to change its primary group and send a reminder through PM & e-mail. mi-détection-apprentis-inactifs.xml
  3. Zorro_X

    Rules not ruling anymore since V1.4.5 install

    Hi, thankyou for your reply, here an example : User X has made its last post at november 27, 2017 Schedule on all users Rule triggers on users where their last post is NOT within the last year => user X does not fit in. Edit : It seems the problem may be a bit deeper than expected. In fact, when performing a search with the built-in user search engine looking for users having their last post between dec.11 2016 and dec.11 2017, user X does not appear in the list neither (!!!???) So the rule may be ok, but IPS may have some bug here... really strange situation...
  4. Hi, Since the installation of latest update (V1.4.5) some rules dont work anymore, like just ignored... Some clues about it ? Best regards, Z
  5. Zorro_X

    Activity reward

    Hi, We're trying to detect active members in community to reward them (under a reputation condition too). So, to detect that kind of users we've imagined to find users having published a certain amount of posts in a period of time AND only in specific forums/sections of the community (the technical ones). But it seems we've reached the limits of Automation Rules... So maybe by making some code/condition "by hand" it could be possible ? Do you have any ideas ? Thankyou and best regards, Z
  6. Hi, When using periodically scheduled rules using "one month" periods, it seems to have the same effect than "every 30 days". The expected behaviour in that case is (like a cron) to be scheduled the same day of each month, not "every 30 days" as it currently does... Any chance it could be fixed ? Best regards, Alexander
  7. Hi, Can someone explain me what is the difference between "last post" and "last activity" on a time based activity rule definition ? What does "last post" contains as actions : only create a topic and/or answer/comment a topic ? something else or more ? What does "last activity" contains as actions : does it mean "anything" on the forum (like "log in") ? Thankyou in advance for your answers.
  8. Zorro_X

    PHP 7.2.X and rules ?

    Thankyou !
  9. Zorro_X

    PHP 7.2.X and rules ?

    Hi, Since PHP 7.2.X is the recommended version to use with IPS V4.3.X, before using it, I wonder if it is ok with the automation rules plug-in ? Thankyou, Z
  10. Zorro_X

    4.3 plans for Automation Rules

    no news here, then everything should be ok...
  11. Hi, Did you had the opportunity to test rules on a 4.3 beta version ? If yes : how is it going on ? If no : do you plan to integrate Automation Rules in the new IPS community version ? Thank you and best regards, Z
  12. It seems the "drag'n drop problem" has scrambled everything... I'll make a new sandbox "clean" copy, enable the debug mode, and show you what I'm talking about. There is no need to understand the -complex- set of rules already set (french commented), but only the test rule showing the eventual bug I'm talking about. The rule is not "disabled" in the "official way", but it just does not work at all, the same way as it were disabled. I'll came back once I've restored the sandbox copy...
  13. Zorro_X

    Bug when organizing custom actions

    I've sent you a PM video capture of how it happens to me. And here a final screenshot showing that even the new empty custom action has received a field from another one :