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  1. Zorro_X

    4.5.x compatibility

    Sometimes you just need to test and see what happens, that's why most of us creates sandbox work & test copies, to validate thinks like that... Anyway, it will be interesting to know if we stop paying for the licence will the downloaded and installed module still continue to work ? (like in V4.4.X for example)
  2. Zorro_X

    4.5.x compatibility

    nope, everything seems OK for me. Maybe another plug-in you're running ? Meanwhile I had the time to see that at least some of the rules managing members (in)activity are still working in the updated sandbox. So maybe there is no need to update (?). @liquidfractal : I think I understand Kevin's concern, he has developped a very useful set of modules that enhances quite well the basic IPB software. Unfortunately Invision seems to accuse him of all the possible bugs and issues appearing when one of those plug-ins are installed. In other words instead of collaborating with him, he seems deprecated and accused of all bad things that could happen. So how would you react in that situation ? But thankyou for the advice, maybe it is time to learn how to develop our own plug-ins...
  3. Zorro_X

    4.5.x compatibility

    Hi, Today I've tried to install the 4.5.2 version in a sandbox copy of my community. The big news is for the plug-ins updates you can only use their marketplace, knowing that Invision does not appreciate much the Rules engines (they seem to be used to say the bugs came from the rules when the plug-in is installed), it may not be updated very soon... (once I had a bug, then write to Invision support, they have sent me here telling me it was the plug-in rules fault, here I've been sent back to invision... The bug seems to have been solved "by itself" with new IPS updates (no rules updates meantime)... ) The good news is you can force the activation of the plug-in even without updating it. I've not yet tested to see if it works well (or only if it just works), but once activated there are no obvious bugs appearing...
  4. Zorro_X

    4.5.x compatibility

    Hi guys, I've not yet tested 4.5.x. Does it means the current automatic rules version is no more compatible (at all) with this new release ?
  5. Zorro_X

    Rules 1.4.6 Disabled in Marketplace

    Hi, Is there any updates since V1.4.6 ?
  6. Zorro_X

    Rules spreading PM to 85 users

    Hi, for the moment I seem to be "alone" with that issue... But like said on my first post, I had other "new" issues since last update. So I recommend you to wait a little before upgrading... In another hand, I switched back to PHP 7.1 hopping this may "solve" something...
  7. Zorro_X

    Rules spreading PM to 85 users

    nope : no one has rights to add more than 4 users to a conversation... even moderators cannot add more than 10 users...
  8. Zorro_X

    Rules spreading PM to 85 users

    Reading other posts where IPS seems to not "like" your app, may it be possible IPS has inserted some "incompatible code" to make your app unstable since last update ? Before V4.4.X I never had such problems (I had others, but not so critical).
  9. Zorro_X

    Rules spreading PM to 85 users

    Can you please thel it to Invision, because they say the problem is in your application... I've no custom code, the only other plug-ins that are runing are MemberMaps and SwipperSlider that does not concern private messages at all... Each time it happened I had to go through SQL to remove all users from the spreaded conversation. It is not a sustainable way to work...
  10. Zorro_X

    Rules spreading PM to 85 users

    Hi, Same bug is happening again : a private message has been spread to more than 100 people from the community...
  11. Zorro_X

    Rules spreading PM to 85 users

    Thankyou, I already use logs to debug. But : . there are no rules able to perform what happened (add users to a PM). . some rules seems to be triggered without user interaction (and they're not trigered by a scheduled routine) . there are no new rules added since last updates (V4.4.X for Invision software and V1.4.6 for rules) and before the updates nothing like that never uses to happen. All rules were already in use before the updates and without such problems.
  12. Zorro_X

    Rules spreading PM to 85 users

    I've no rules set to add 85 random users to a random private message. I've rules set to change users groups but not in the way shown (primary group set as secondary then no primary group set). As said, I've first contacted Invision support, here is what they said to me, so it is the only reason why I'm contacting you : ... (?)
  13. Hi, First I've contacted Invision support but they've suggested me to disable Automation Rules app and/or contact you. Yesterday we had a strange behavior in our community : into a PM I've sent to 2 users then leave the conversation (to let the users talk in private without me) in February 13, the last item of the discussion is also on February 13. Yesterday (April 2) without any user action and knowing that none of the users in the PM can add more than 4 users to a current conversation, 85 users have been added to the conversation, apparently randomly chosen from the users database. Invision support says "there really is no way for our software to do such a thing, the feature simply doesn't exist"... Now we've a confidentiality issue in our system that could randomly and potentially give access any user to any PM... We're very concerned by this security problem. Since last update (Invision V4.4.X and Rules V1.4.6) we've also experienced some other strange behaviors that seems linked to automation rules system : regarding users groups changes, some users got their primary group set as secondary group then their primary group set to none... Others have changed group without any human intervention and without matching any rules of the system. Best regards, Alexander
  14. Zorro_X

    Rules not ruling anymore since V1.4.5 install

    interesting : how may I chose by hand a specific member to test/debug the rule ?