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  1. I'm trying to create a rule whose condition is that the post content contains a link. I tried just setting it up to search the content for the string "http", but it never triggers. So then I tried writing a custom PHP script to do what I want, but there is a bug in it that I can't isolate -- I get no error message, the page load just crashes. Can anyone either help me figure out why the first method doesn't work, or figure out what's wrong with this PHP set up as a truth value test, "Value is TRUE"? //<?php return stripos($content->$content,'http') !== FALSE;
  2. eGullet

    Rule on sending PM

    I want to create a rule that executes when a member with zero posts sends a PM to a specific account. I can't figure out how to attach a rule to that event though. Do I have to just use "content created"? How do I see the "To"?
  3. eGullet

    Getting the pids of the posts being merged

    Thanks. OOP I've got, it's the IPS I'm missing. DB columns as properties make sense, thanks.
  4. eGullet

    Getting the pids of the posts being merged

    Where can I find documentation of what those data types are? I see that the editor says that they are topics in this case. Is it just an array with the list of fields in the database?
  5. eGullet

    Getting the pids of the posts being merged

    Well, so, six months later I have time to dig back into this! I wasn't using PHP to access the old topic id, though, I was just using the replacement token [items:url]. I'm happy to switch to using the PHP, but I don't understand how to map from your list of available replacement tokens to PHP variables. For example, how can I tell that $items is an array of objects that have a "topic_firstpost" member? Is that data type your creation, or is it coming from Invision?
  6. I've got a rule that creates a user-friendly record of topic merges, and in an ideal world I'd like to be able to provide a link to the first post that was merged in. The pid doesn't change when the topic is merged, so then I can create a findpost-type link within the new topic. I can't figure out how to figure out the individual pids, though, only the new and old tid. Is this possible?
  7. Is it possible to access the custom profile field that I already use for that data?
  8. eGullet

    Rule on report status change

    Excellent, thanks!
  9. eGullet

    Rule on report status change

    It doesn't appear that there is any way to attach a rule to a status change of a report (or a comment on a report), just on the action of making the initial report. Is this a limitation of the Suite, or might it be possible to add this to Rules?
  10. I want to create a rule that creates a new topic when a member has a post hidden for the first time, and I want to store the ID of this topic in a custom profile field (or somewhere else if I have to, I can migrate the existing field if necessary). Is this possible using Rules? I can't figure out how to find the ID of a topic that a rule creates.