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  1. Dan

    4.5.x compatibility

    I heard he passed away from complications associated to the recent covid outbreak
  2. Dan

    Sneaky bug to duplicate points

    Yeh it's been radio silent, since reporting.
  3. Dan

    Sneaky bug to duplicate points

    I haven't had any updates regarding this. I think a current solution is to disable the use of banks, as the exploit is done using that feature. I sent Kevin a video of how to reproduce the exploit.
  4. Dan

    Sneaky bug to duplicate points

    Here is the funds making it to the bank.
  5. Hi @Kevin Carwile, Some of our suers have been duplicating their points by taking advantage of an issue where points can be transferred twice within a single page load. See the screenshot as an example: I also have a video which I will PM you now, demonstrating how its done. My understanding is that when you transfer funds to a "bank" it isn't processed until page load is complete? rather than immediately? And therefore you can try and force a few transfers within that page load period. I may be way off in my guess on how it occurs, but hopefully the information I have provided is helpful.
  6. Dan

    Compare edited content

    For anyone interested in something similar, I ended up just using the database table core_edit_history by doing the following: $edited = \IPS\Db::i()->select( '*', 'core_edit_history', array( array( 'comment_id=?', $content->pid ), array( 'time=?', $content->edit_time ) ) )->first(); $comparison = similar_text($edited['old'], $edited['new'], $perc); return $perc;
  7. Dan

    Compare edited content

    Im having a bit of trouble trying to compare the content of two edited posts. Using the values provided: content - The created/updated content changed - An array of the properties being saved new - Boolean value indicating if content is new I get the following response from $content stdClass Object ( [warning] => [rulesDataChanged] => [changed] => Array ( ) [skipCloneDuplication] => [reactBlurb] => [likeBlurb] => ) Theres no values? I was hoping to find somewhere the previous post content so that I could compare how different the change was when the content was updated. When I use $changed I am able to grab the post data from $changed->post but thats only the new value, anyone suggest how to find the old value?
  8. For anyone curious in the future its this: $post = \IPS\forums\Topic\Post::load( $content->topic_firstpost );
  9. I have created a rule that does an action when a topic is hidden, but unfortunately I can;t seem to load the post object to get the post content because a topic doesn't contain that information. To be perfectly honest I don't even know where to find documentation on all the class namespaces, so I have kind of been guessing most the way. What am i doing wrong here? $post = \IPS\Content\Item::load( $content->topic_firstpost ); Is what I'm doing not even possible?
  10. Dan

    Available balance in postbit

    I ended up finding this valuable resource hidden away on the site: Final solution for anyone wondering: <a _title="{$currency->_title}" data-ipsTooltip class="ipsSpacer_top ipsSpacer_half ipsBadge ipsBadge_small ipsBadge_{{if $member->balance(1,0)->available< 0}}style5{{else}}style4{{endif}}" href='{url="app=points&module=points&controller=economy&do=statistics&currency={$currency->id}"}'> {$currency->display( $member->balance(1,0)->available )} {$currency->pluralized( $member->balance(1,0)->available )} </a>
  11. Dan

    Available balance in postbit

    @Kevin Carwile when you get a chance could you move this to the support section? I need a little bit of guidance regarding passing variables to templates, so that I can complete my desired result. I haven't had any luck with the IPS4 docs.
  12. Ok so I cant edit my previous posts, but I finally found a solution. I have deduced that the default value for a post state is open. Therefore setting an event condition to check for the state value wont work due to it always being open. Therefore, its not until "Defer To Page End" that the state has been set correctly. So I manipulate my action code to check the state of the content before processing the action code, and obviously have it triggered at point "Defer To Page End".
  13. I wish i could find the file where the event is define to investigate
  14. Update: Event trigger doesnt pick up the link as a new topic. It appears that the code triggers a new post when the topic is moved, despite keeping the same id. Odd. Back to the drawing board!
  15. Hi All, To anyone who is reading this and wants a solution. As per Kevins guidance above, I was able to locate the following: The state field in the database for topic's stores the value "link" when saving a link. Usually this field has the value of open or close, which defines the post being locked or not, etc. Keep in mind i didn't know how to deconstruct the object any other way than to view the database table for forum_topics. Hope this helps anyone in the future!