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  1. Alex Wright

    Display Custom Data Field Toggle

    Bumping this, could really use a way to include this toggle elsewhere outside of the profile.
  2. Alex Wright

    Display Custom Data Field Toggle

    Is there a way to display a custom data field True/False toggle anywhere other than the User Profile edit? Trying to place it into the footer using {$object->data_key}, but it's getting nothing. I'm still quite new to PHP though, so I'm sure I'm going about this wrong.
  3. Hello! I found the topic here: And while the rule works marvelously for any type of Status change on a report, I cannot get this to work with only certain types of report status changes (for instance, Under Review). I have tried using 'review' as the array key, both capitalized and not. This doesn't work for some reason, it's as if the array doesn't recognize it. I'd like one for the Completed type too, if possible. Any help appreciated! Thanks!
  4. I've input a description field for each of our "Banks". This is nowhere to be seen on the front end? Is there another setting somewhere that controls this?
  5. Alex Wright

    FURL File Missing?

    Yeah, I just added the homepage and dashboard directly to the FURLs list under advanced configuration. That's all that should be required, it seems?
  6. Alex Wright

    FURL File Missing?

    Hmm, it just means the URLs aren't as clean as they could be. I suppose I'll have to generate a few new FURLs if I need them? Edit: So I'm seeing rather than something like
  7. Alex Wright

    FURL File Missing?

    I just installed from the InvisionCommunity website, and it seems there is no furl.json included within the file. Is there a way to fix this? Regards, Alex W.
  8. Alex Wright

    Rules Integration

    Nevermind. I got it working.
  9. Alex Wright

    Rules Integration

    I have confirmed that it does follow those conventions. All of the other tags work, just not [content:title], for whatever reason.
  10. Alex Wright

    Rules Integration

    Alright, so I'm attempting to use this with the Classifieds app. URLs there are written as: /classifieds/item/24-testing We're attempting to create a rule that automatically generates this to /commissions/username/title However, the rule hangs at the second parse: /commissions/[content:author:name]/[content:title] So it gets stuck (let's say it was created here with my username) at: /commissions/alex-wright And doesn't parse the following [content:title]. This may be more to do with the Rules app than the URL Alias app. PS: I'm LordNowe from IPS.