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  1. Vova / forum.smartCAT.ai

    Collab pages always taken from the same database

    Oh, that was super-tricky, but thanks, it does work!
  2. Vova / forum.smartCAT.ai


    Is there any chance you would be implementing an API for this? I see tons of awesome uses for the app, but it needs to be integrated with our platform (www.smartcat.ai).
  3. Vova / forum.smartCAT.ai

    Nested paths?

    I have a page/database with multiple categories inside, https://community.smartcat.ai/academy, which is referenced from lots of places. Now I want to change "academy" to "articles", and I thought I could use this plugin to do this (so that old links are not broken). But it seems it only works on the topmost level, i.e. nothing after "academy/..." will be automatically redirected to "articles/...". Is that correct, or is there some configuration I might have missed?
  4. Vova / forum.smartCAT.ai

    Collab pages always taken from the same database

    Sorry, I didn't get it. There's no option to select a certain database when creating a Page within a Collab, is there?
  5. Vova / forum.smartCAT.ai

    Collab pages always taken from the same database

    Hi, I had one Database in my configuration, and when I enabled Pages for a collab, they were created within that database/page. What I mean was: the database/page was called "academy", with the address forum.smartcat.ai/academy. When I created an in-collab category, say, "book", it would appear as "forum.smartcat.ai/academy/book". I decided to separate out the in-collab page from the main one (because having it under "academy" really made no sense, and I might have needed some additional fields/settings). So I created another database, created some categories within it, and clicked "Move to Collab". It said "Successfully moved to collab", but it didn't. The pages/categories did not appear within the collab, and they were basically gone altogether. If I try entering the URL directly, I get this in-collab error message: So, the question is, is there any way to create a collab category within a certain system database?
  6. Vova / forum.smartCAT.ai

    Default collab forum

    Is there a way to make a collab forum "default", so that its topics are displayed right within the collab (without the need to navigate to the forum itself)?
  7. Vova / forum.smartCAT.ai

    "Join the Group" UX

    Here’s feedback I got from one user who tried (and failed!) to join a group: [About the “Submit” button:] “I thought it was optional, in the case you want to leave a message.” And there were more of them, because I made an email survey. If I hadn’t, they would have just been gone as members.
  8. Vova / forum.smartCAT.ai

    "Join the Group" UX

    For the first one, a workaround is to add the following custom CSS in Theme definition: form[action="[group_url]/?do=joinRequest"] #join_collab_collab_join_message { display:none; }
  9. Vova / forum.smartCAT.ai

    "Join the Group" UX

    I think it would be a better UX if the "Join the Group" button didn't open a new page, rather than just opening a hovercard that would be closed after the request is sent. It would also make sense to make the "Message to admins" box optional. In most cases, for an open group you just want to join right away, and not go through a new window and some text input (even if it's optional) before you are in.
  10. Vova / forum.smartCAT.ai

    Cannot create collab records

    I managed to fix this by enabling individual permissions for collab records.
  11. Vova / forum.smartCAT.ai

    Cannot create collab records

    I created a category within a collab, but get a 403 error when trying to add a record (by clicking Add new record). Any suggestions how to fix this?
  12. Vova / forum.smartCAT.ai

    Auto-follow joined groups

    I've been using Collabs (full version) for a couple of weeks now, and, first of all, thanks for making a great app (that fills a huge gap in ICS default functionality). One feature I miss is to make all new members of a Collab follow it automatically (according to their preferred settings). This is how it's done in most social groups, after all: If I join a group, I want to stay updated of what happens inside. Currently, it is pretty hard to engage users who join certain groups, as there's no easy way to reach out to all of them.
  13. Vova / forum.smartCAT.ai

    Where to start??

    Hi, we’ve just installed the plugin, and I’m totally lost what to do next. There is no quick start guide, no tutorials, no proper documentation. I’m navigating to Community > Collaboration, but I have absolutely no idea as to what to do next. Help anyone?