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    Check a member registered date

    Did you try a condition "Member attribute values"? @Zayon
  2. I've tested on several rule events, and unfortunately found out, that the Content Calendar action "Create new event" doesn't work properly. In the rule debug logs it says, that the action is evaluated, and there is even a successful result "content created". But in fact, there are no Events have been created at all When testing, I've added several tags to the Event in the action settings , and the system logs started to show the following error: The error happens when visiting the event author profile or "All activity" page. And there are still no events in Calendar created by this action @Kevin Carwile , could you please confirm, if that's a bug or not, and kindly fix it, if it is a bug? And please do not forget to fix that long-time bug in the Path alias: Thanks,
  3. alexis

    Action "Create new event" is broken

    I've checked with the database by command 'SELECT * FROM calendar_events' , and found the events inside! They are just not shown on the community! The difference between them and other, *normal* events, created manually, is the "event_start_date"-column, which is always "0000-00-00 00:00:00" by the Rules created events.
  4. alexis


    @Kevin Carwile how about if placing all your IPS applications and add-ons onto your current board, somewhere like here: You have a downloads section on this community. Lets let others to purchase your products there!
  5. alexis

    Automatic PM when topic title is edited

    you can try to add another condition with "NOT" enabled in such a case like "Content is of a certain type", where you would select (select! because it is a "NOT"-condition) "Pages".
  6. alexis

    Automatic PM when topic title is edited

    @Gabriel Torres while waiting for Kevin, you may try to check these two topics: Probably you can find there some help for your specific needs.
  7. alexis

    Automatic PM when topic title is edited

    @Gabriel Torres what Event do you use for your rule?
  8. alexis

    Rules 1.4.6 Disabled in Marketplace

    As I see, your products have been removed from MillerMedia website. A.Rules are also not accessible anywhere now. Too bad
  9. Hi @Kevin Carwile On the IPS 4.4.4 your addon Advanced Path Aliases 1.1.8 with the feature "Remove IPS4 Core FURL Slashes" enabled doesn't work properly on my board. Anytime I post a comment in a topic with more than 1 page, the page automatically loads by Submitting my reply, which should not happen and was not happen on IPS 4.3.*. Also, when choosing a page on a topic here: the page will open something like this: And once I click on update (F5) the page will redirect to the first page: It is not a correct way of working. The page changing should not remove the slash before word "page" on the address line, and should be like this: I believe, this error triggers the page auto loading on the reply submitting. Please help to check and fix, if it is the addon's issue. Thanks,
  10. Hi, could you please fix that bug reported in the first post? thanks,
  11. alexis

    Sneaky bug to duplicate points

    The Points Economy application has been removed from the Marketplace!! It is now even not like "This file is not currently available for purchase.", but it is not existing anymore! Another excellent application has been abandoned by Kevin. That's very bad Unfortunatelly NOT
  12. alexis

    Feedback plugin integration

    I personally do not think it is easy to do... But I can suggest to write a request to authors of that plugin to integrate it with Kevin's Rules. They have their website here:
  13. alexis

    email composition fields not opening in Rules

    I had and have this situation too. If I change conditions or actions for a rule many times, the Save button doesn't do anything in this rule. Then, I just click "Enter" when on the Rule name line.
  14. alexis

    Rules spreading PM to 85 users

    Did you read any posts from users, who have the similar issue like yours? Or are you a unique one? Seeing your unsolved issue, I fear to update my board to 4.4.* now...
  15. @Chris did you try to add "Collaboration" through the "Menu manager"? like on the picture below Also, in your "Testing" collaboration settings you can check the button "Show On Forum Index", so it will be shown as a *normal* forum category on your forum homepage.
  16. alexis

    Rules 1.4.6 Disabled in Marketplace

    All of the Kevin's Applications could be sold directly on his own website (, together with the IPS marketplace and any other stores. I know some of the ips third-party developers who do in this way: as an example. I believe, it will be if not very profitable, but at least stable, independent and convenient as for Kevin's customers, as for himself, I think.
  17. alexis

    Validity of points

    Hi, I think having the Points and Rules installed, we can try to realize your needs using the "Unclaimed credits" feature in the Points and the Action in the Rules. I think you can play with them first.
  18. I've found an issue on my board, where the Custom Logs associated to Members, are not discarded automatically, with the specified Log Age. The new entries are keeping coming, but the old, outdated entries are not pruned as they should do according to the following settings: I've tried to change the number of days to "7" (seven) also. But it doesn't work either. I've also tried to manually run the Rules task "Maintenance" > it doesn't help Please help to check, @Kevin Carwile
  19. It finally works! I'm very happy Many thanks, Kevin!
  20. Hi, @Kevin Carwile I still hope to have this long-term and annoying bug fixed as well...
  21. alexis

    Manage forums bug

    Hello, I've found a critical issue, which let the users to freely access the forum settings, which is only accessible through the ACP. Steps for reproducing this bug: 1) Collab owner is not an administrator. 2) As a collab owner create a new forum within his collab. 3) After creating the forum, in the Search field input a name of any forum located OUT of the collab. 4) Enjoy the full access to any settings of the NON-collab forums without having an access to the ACP and with no need to be an Administrator!! Some pictures for easy understanding: This is the step 2: the non-administrator collab owner has just created a new discussion forum inside his collab: This is how the "Manage Forums" page looks like: And there is how the bug appears: (Steps 3 and 4) The forum "Invisible forum to anyone" is located OUT OF the collab, it locates in the "main forum", as you can see on the Menu buttons ("Copy to a collab" and "Move to a collab"), and according to the Forum settings on the ACP, it is not visible to anyone, including Administrators. This should not happen, since the collab owner is not an Administrator and doesn't have an access to the ACP. @Kevin Carwile, please kindly try to resolve this dangerous bug as soon as possible, this impacts a lot. I believe, this time it is a really important issue. Please do not ignore, thank you.
  22. alexis

    Manage forums bug

    You removed that search line? OK! That works fine in this way.
  23. If a 'normal' user in a non-moderator and non-admin group adds a new Collab, he becomes an owner of the new added Collab and has a permission to edit the Collab settings. The settings on the ACP "Restrict Owner Permissions" is ON (True). On an unknown reason, this permission to edit the Collab settings will be disappeared just after several minutes! If I sign as Administrator and allow to the Collab's owner only the edition of the Collab settings, he won't see anything in the Collab management menu: If I manually input the editing link (.../index.php?/gc/3-test/&do=edit), the error will appear: Although, the settings for his Role allow the collab leader to edit the Collab Settings: If I try to enable ALL permissions for the owner's Role (all to "ON"), the "Collab settings" still won't be shown within the Collab management options Only if the ACP setting "Restrict Owner Permissions" is set to "OFF", the owner has all the settings in the menu available. I have tested GC version 1.4.3 and 1.4.4 on my localhost, and I wonder why no other users reported this issue, so please help to check it, @Kevin Carwile, is this my local problem or that's a bug? Thank you,
  24. alexis

    files no longer sellable etc.

    Yes, all Kevin's files were unsaleable for several days. Maybe IPS bosses were checking them for something? Once I saw Adriano's files also in the same situation - that time IPS investigated them.
  25. alexis

    No "Collab Settings" available for Owners

    After months of investigation, hard checking, hundreds of testing, I finally found the reason, why the "Collab Settings" wasn't available for the collab owners by any circumstances! (except for the situation, when the setting "Restrict Owner Permissions" is OFF.) When a collab owner is in a group, which has the limited Edit time restriction, the "Collab settins" will be available for this owner only for the limited time! Once this user has a group with the unlimited Edit time restriction, the "Collab settings” will be ALWAYS available, no matter if the Role inside the collab is set to the "default owner role" or not! In my opinion, this way is not a correct way of collabs working. The "Collab settings” should not be depending on this group setting, Kevin. That's why I'm pretty sure this issue might be considered as a bug. These are three steps for you to reproduce the bug: 1) The ACP setting "Restrict Owner Permissions" is set to ON; 2) Take one user in a group with the Edit time restriction equal to 1 minute. Let him create a new collab (for becoming an owner). After creating, make sure, that the user (owner) has the "Collab Settings" button in the "Collab management". 3) That's it! Just refresh the collab page in two minutes and you will see, that the "Collab settings" button for that user disappeared! As you see, there are even no steps for creating a role for this user! Adding an *unlimited* role to that owner is optional, because the bug is not in the roles.