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  1. alexis

    Manage forums bug

    You removed that search line? OK! That works fine in this way.
  2. alexis

    files no longer sellable etc.

    Yes, all Kevin's files were unsaleable for several days. Maybe IPS bosses were checking them for something? Once I saw Adriano's files also in the same situation - that time IPS investigated them.
  3. alexis

    Manage forums bug

    Hello, I've found a critical issue, which let the users to freely access the forum settings, which is only accessible through the ACP. Steps for reproducing this bug: 1) Collab owner is not an administrator. 2) As a collab owner create a new forum within his collab. 3) After creating the forum, in the Search field input a name of any forum located OUT of the collab. 4) Enjoy the full access to any settings of the NON-collab forums without having an access to the ACP and with no need to be an Administrator!! Some pictures for easy understanding: This is the step 2: the non-administrator collab owner has just created a new discussion forum inside his collab: This is how the "Manage Forums" page looks like: And there is how the bug appears: (Steps 3 and 4) The forum "Invisible forum to anyone" is located OUT OF the collab, it locates in the "main forum", as you can see on the Menu buttons ("Copy to a collab" and "Move to a collab"), and according to the Forum settings on the ACP, it is not visible to anyone, including Administrators. This should not happen, since the collab owner is not an Administrator and doesn't have an access to the ACP. @Kevin Carwile, please kindly try to resolve this dangerous bug as soon as possible, this impacts a lot. I believe, this time it is a really important issue. Please do not ignore, thank you.
  4. alexis

    No "Collab Settings" available for Owners

    After months of investigation, hard checking, hundreds of testing, I finally found the reason, why the "Collab Settings" wasn't available for the collab owners by any circumstances! (except for the situation, when the setting "Restrict Owner Permissions" is OFF.) When a collab owner is in a group, which has the limited Edit time restriction, the "Collab settins" will be available for this owner only for the limited time! Once this user has a group with the unlimited Edit time restriction, the "Collab settings” will be ALWAYS available, no matter if the Role inside the collab is set to the "default owner role" or not! In my opinion, this way is not a correct way of collabs working. The "Collab settings” should not be depending on this group setting, Kevin. That's why I'm pretty sure this issue might be considered as a bug. These are three steps for you to reproduce the bug: 1) The ACP setting "Restrict Owner Permissions" is set to ON; 2) Take one user in a group with the Edit time restriction equal to 1 minute. Let him create a new collab (for becoming an owner). After creating, make sure, that the user (owner) has the "Collab Settings" button in the "Collab management". 3) That's it! Just refresh the collab page in two minutes and you will see, that the "Collab settings" button for that user disappeared! As you see, there are even no steps for creating a role for this user! Adding an *unlimited* role to that owner is optional, because the bug is not in the roles.
  5. alexis

    Fixing the IPS4 Number field decimals bug

    As far as I can see, this bug has been finally fixed in the IPS version 4.3.6!
  6. alexis

    display Points balance in member card?

    For compact view purposes I think I believe you can customize (edit) your Theme for getting balances visible on your phone devises.
  7. With the last Rules update (which did not update the number of the version of the application, and it is still under 1.4.4 for some unknown reasons), I regretfully noticed, that this bug is still not resolved I hope you didn't forget about this, but just don't know, how to resolve the issue, do you, @Kevin Carwile?
  8. alexis

    Warning level

    Yes, I have checked again and confirmed, that all in the Event "Member has been given a warning" presented variables are not working! Just try to return all of them, or one by one: $string = "$warning, $member, $moderator"; return $string; And it won't trigger the Event at all, but the error will appear. We HAVE to provide all these variables by ourselves, which we do not need to do in Rules with other Events. I believe, this is a bug, @Kevin Carwile
  9. alexis

    Rules & iAward problems

    @x7turist вот так попробуйте: Event: "Member profile is updated" Condition: "Check if member has a certain award" Ставьте там NOT ! Action: "Give an award to a member"
  10. alexis

    Warning level

    Hi @Kevin Carwile In my rule with the Event "Member has been given a warning" I have an action "Post new topic comment", where I'm trying to implement a php code for the "Topic Comment Content". And now I'm stuck with the variable, which is responsible for the link (url) to the content, the user was warned for. The whole day I am trying to find out the correct variable, but failed I was trying these: 1) $warning = \IPS\Request::i()->_warning; $content = \IPS\core\Warnings\Warning::load( $warning )->url(); 2) $warning = \IPS\core\Warnings\Warning::loadAndCheckPerms( \IPS\Request::i()->w ); 3) $warning = \IPS\core\Warnings\Warning::load( \IPS\Request::i()->id ); 4) $warning = \IPS\forums\Topic\Post::load( \IPS\Request::i()->id ); 5) $warning = \IPS\Request::i()->_warning->id; $content = \IPS\forums\Topic\Post::load( $warning ); 6) $select = \IPS\Db::i()->select( 'wl_content_id2', 'core_members_warn_logs', array( 'wl_id=?', \IPS\Request::i()->id ) ); and many more... Then I've put each of the variants (one by one) into the $string argument and returned it. (for example: $string = " Warned content: $warning "; return $string; ) . No one helped All of the variants caused an error: "Argument Callback Exception (content) : Line: 114 of ActiveRecord.php" Could you please help me to find out the url of the warned content for using it in actions? By the way, it's written there, that But it seems to be not correct: all of the variables I have to provide by myself. If I write something very simple in the php code, like "$moderator warned $member "; return $string; " - it will cause an error immediately.
  11. alexis

    Can't delete topic

    Try to move it into another, invisible forum/collaboration instead, so no one will see it.
  12. alexis

    Can't delete topic

    I think, this is the reply to your question:
  13. alexis

    Button type custom data field

    Not sure, if this would happen sometime in the future.
  14. Hi, it will be appreciated, if Kevin would pay attention to this issue @Kevin Carwile
  15. alexis

    support for member groups??

    You can try to use the existing Event "Member profile is updated" for your needs. You only will need to find out a way, how to make the rule trigger only once as for adding (changing) a group as well as for removing it.