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    Paying with Exact Amount Issue

    So I have a point currency set up to equal an IPS currency exactly for checkout. However, the exchange rate is set to 1.00001 rather than 1.00000. I'm not sure if it is the IPS Suite denying me to set it to 1.00000 exactly, or Points economy. This all works fine except for when someone tries to purchase an item from the store and pay for it with the exact amount of points that they have that the item is worth. It then gives an error saying that it would bring the balance below 0. I have my decimal places on the points set to 0 but I tried it with 2 decimal places and I still get the same error. Is there any way to fix this, or make a point currency equal and IPS store currency exactly? A path to the proper file to edit/adjust this restriction would help if that is the issue. The following images is in the Payment Methods in Commerce.