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  1. liquidfractal

    Link to latest version?

    Since this file can no longer be download on the Invision site, @Kevin Carwile can you provide a link to the latest version of the file? Thanks!
  2. liquidfractal

    Feature request: Rules for PMs

    Hello, For a future release, I'd like to be able to configure rules around PMs, e.g., I'd like to send out an email notification to members (or members of group X) if they have unread PMs in their mailbox (or mailbox X) which are X weeks/days old. This is only one example, but it seems to me that PMs are glaringly absent from the Rules parameters and should be built in. If there is a way to specify PMs, I don't see it and quite frankly it should be easily accessible in the listing as it is an important aspect of the core suite. Thanks!
  3. liquidfractal

    email composition fields not opening in Rules

    Strange...I've never had this problem. But in terms of an update of the original topic: I tried exporting my rules, uninstalling Rules and reinstalling from scratch. Then, I tried creating a simple rule which involved sending an email as an action - still got the missing editor space. Re-imported my rules so I'm back to where I started. Stranger still - my development site doesn't have this problem. It's a slightly different domain name on a completely different account, but both sites are on the same VPS server. My dev site also has all the same apps and plugins installed as well.
  4. liquidfractal

    email composition fields not opening in Rules

    Aha! This worked. Thank you! Although there's still some strange behaviour: I save as something else, then switch back to manual configuration and get my email window back. If I edit my email content and save again, then go back to edit further, the email window disappears again - I have to repeat the save process to get the email window back every time I want to edit. Still, at least it works!
  5. For some reason, I am no longer able to either create actions involving sending email or edit existing rules which send email. It was obviously working before, but I've spent an hour trying to troubleshoot this with no luck: The Insert image from URL button doesn't work either - you can add a URL and click the upload button and nothing happens. I thought at first it might have been the occasional problem with the IPS core editor needing a reload or two to appear, but other parts of the suite are working fine. I also tried clearing the cache and even using other browsers, but nothing seems to help.
  6. liquidfractal

    checking for posts in specific forums/categories

    So yeah, I've been looking around more and it doesn't seem possible to Rule-check specific categories. If that's the case, that would e very useful in a future update of Rules.
  7. I have a forums category which holds password-protected forums for individual Tutor Clients so I can discuss their work with them. Since it is not possible to Follow password-protected forums, I am trying to use Rules to email me a notification whenever one of my tutor clients posts in their individual forum. I can narrow the Rule down to whether it's in forums or not (post or comment), but I run into problems when I try to specify the Category and/or the individual forums to check. The Condition which is supposed to check for specific forums/categories asks for two things: the Select Container to Check menu has a menu with all categories, subcategories and forums; I assume they want the category so I specify the category here. The next menu is Check for Any of These Forums, so I specify all the forums in the category. When I debug the rule, the forums check is OK but the sub-condition craps out as follows: So it doesn't like something about either the "Container" selected or the forums. Why isn't it possible to just select a Container and have the rule automatically check every forum in that Container? That would be much more logical and timesaving than specifying each forum - not to mention they're both mandatory, which I find a bit confusing. Either way, if I am just misunderstanding what a "container" is, or if there's a more direct workaround for something like this, any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. It would be good to see a way of checking to see if a user is using the site on a phone, tablet or browser and then proceed accordingly.
  9. liquidfractal

    Rules 1.4.5 blocks status feed updates

  10. Hello, I have Rule 1.4.5 installed on a test site with IPB 4.4.1. I just noticed that when Rules is enabled, when I post public status feed updates the content does not show up - there is a physical entry for the update, but the content does not appear: If I edit the update and re-type the content (or something else), that content appears, but not the first posting. I disabled all customisations and worked backward from there, and have isolated Rules 1.4.5 as the culprit. I have no Rules configured in my test install, so it's nothing I have written in the app.
  11. liquidfractal

    ERROR with APA 1.1.7 on 4.4: TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS

    Awesome...thank you Kevin!
  12. Hi @Kevin Carwile, I've upgraded to IPB 4.4 and installed APA 1.1.7. However, I am experiencing a critical error when APA is enabled on my site: any page or link I try to get to beyond the core Invision Apps (e.g., Pages structures and pages I've created) throws an ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS from the browse (doesn't matter which one, mobile or desktop).. I have tried clearing the cache, clearing out all browser data (as Google directs), and nothing worked. Finally, I disabled all 3rd-party applications, which eliminated the problem. After re-enabling bit by bit I can definitely confirm that APA 1.1.7 is causing this issue (disabling it I lose my custom URLs but I can get to my pages). I considered downgrading to 1.1.6 but wasn't sure that was a good idea and thought I would post this to you first.
  13. liquidfractal

    IPS 4.4 compatibility?

  14. liquidfractal

    IPS 4.4 compatibility?

    Can I just ask if Collabs (as well as other apps you've made) are or will soon be made compatible with 4.4?
  15. liquidfractal

    feature request: folders/categories for better organisation

    It would be a good addition to make, since the app hasn't been updated in some time.