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  1. Got it, thank you sooooo much! you can delete if you want! recommending again @ IPS of course!
  2. In some parts of the screen I can't see the changes though damn nvm! I figured it out.
  3. Thank you so much! I will try to fix it that way. The highlighted changes will help for sure! Thank you!!!
  4. Hi @Kevin Carwile, as I can't afford to renew my license right now... would you be willing to help me with fixing the controllering issue on current IPS release? The overview works, single collabs work too.. only category view is bugged for me and I can't figure out where the issue is.. Would be awesome! Best Regards, Lukas
  5. And i got no money for renewal making me sad.
  6. Unfortunately I still can't use the app
  7. Hi, with IPS 4.4 Beta coming - is it just me or did it break the category view for collabs? I assume there has been a change in the controller? I am not an expert nor am I sure if that is really the reason why collabs are broken in 4.4 for me. Have you already been notified about this? Is there an easy fix?
  8. LukasGr.

    Can't change all /gc/ FURLs

    Do you see any update on this from IPS? We really want to change the FURL for the App as it does not make sense the way it is for our website.
  9. LukasGr.

    Show groups in postcontainer

    Awesome!! So you actually can display collabs that are from a specific category as I just edited a little bit the code above: collab > front > components > memberCollabCardList {{$collab_cat_ids = array( 1 );}} {{if $collabCount = count( $member->collabs( \IPS\collab\COLLAB_MEMBER_ACTIVE, 'view' ) )}} <li class="ipsDataItem"> <span class="ipsDataItem_generic ipsDataItem_size3"><strong>{YOUR LANG STRING FOR CATEGORY 1}</strong></span> <span class="ipsDataItem_main"> {{foreach $member->collabs( \IPS\collab\COLLAB_MEMBER_ACTIVE, 'view' ) as $i => $collab}} {{if in_array( $collab->category_id, $collab_cat_ids )}} <a href="{$collab->url()}">{$collab->title}</a> {{endif}} {{endforeach}} </span> </li> {{endif}} {{$collab_cat_ids = array( 2 );}} {{if $collabCount = count( $member->collabs( \IPS\collab\COLLAB_MEMBER_ACTIVE, 'view' ) )}} <li class="ipsDataItem"> <span class="ipsDataItem_generic ipsDataItem_size3"><strong>{YOUR LANG STRING FOR CATEGORY 2}</strong></span> <span class="ipsDataItem_main"> {{foreach $member->collabs( \IPS\collab\COLLAB_MEMBER_ACTIVE, 'view' ) as $i => $collab}} {{if in_array( $collab->category_id, $collab_cat_ids )}} <a href="{$collab->url()}">{$collab->title}</a> {{endif}} {{endforeach}} </span> </li> {{endif}} I just made use of the database column (category_id instead of collab_id - found in MySQL -> collab_collabs) forums > front > topics > postContainer {{$collab_cat_ids = array( 1 );}} {{if $collabCount = count( $comment->author()->collabs( \IPS\collab\COLLAB_MEMBER_ACTIVE, 'view' ) )}} <li> {{foreach $comment->author()->collabs( \IPS\collab\COLLAB_MEMBER_ACTIVE, 'view' ) as $i => $collab}} {{if in_array( $collab->category_id, $collab_cat_ids )}} <a href="{$collab->url()}">{$collab->title}</a> {{endif}} {{endforeach}} </li> {{endif}} I love it - thank you for your help @Kevin Carwile!
  10. LukasGr.

    Guest View Issue

    Thank you kind Sir!
  11. LukasGr.

    Guest View Issue

    From IPS Marketplace topic: Hi, please help We have 2 categories in use and permissions are set correct as far as I can say that. But now there is a weird part: Although logged in members see collabs within a category (3 collabs in in category A and 2 collasb in category B) guests view is quite bugged. Whichever category they chose to browse, they always see ALL collabs (in this example, the always see 5 collabs mixed up. doesnt matter which category they are browsing) Is this a common bug? Do you have solution? Do you need more info / site access?
  12. LukasGr.

    Show groups in postcontainer

    Hi guys, I just wanted to ask this one again in another way. But I assume this won't be possible either. Scenario: We have 2 categories (A and B) People are allowed to join 1 collab in each category Can I display the collab from cat A FIRST if displaying A alone does not work? So I can at least define the order of display and therefore format the design of the PostContainer? Or does solo display nowadays work? So display collab from category A isolated and collab from category B isolated somewhere else?