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  1. This is better for a point on new post? Rule: New post MAIN Event: Topic Comment has been created Conditions: Topic is in certain forums (In forum MAIN) Actions: Credit or debit a points balance (Give point for post)
  2. Every time I tried to restrict it away from a forum section it disabled it everywhere so I was obviously doing it wrong.
  3. Rule: Content creation Event: Any content has been created Conditions: ( match all conditions ) Check if a balance is permissable (Content money) Member is in a certain member group (Group) Actions: Credit or debit a points balance (Give money for content)
  4. I have no idea how to work out what to show you. Basically if someone makes a post they get 1 point. I want to disallow it in one forum section (not a topic or thread). The rule that asks me to enter a random thread when I'm selecting which forum sections to allow the point in doesn't need to be there. If I've selected the forum sections I want it to work in and don't select one of them why does it ask to check a topic? Isn't it meant to check the forum section?
  5. Yeah it's still not clear why you have to select a random thread from somewhere in the forum when it's being allowed or disallowed by forum section. The threads inside it don't matter, only the section does.
  6. Why would there not simply be an option to enable/disable per forum section?
  7. Cecil


    It would be great if there were cool little ways to play games involving the money on the forum. Some kind of lottery or giveaway or even the ability to rob other users etc A fluctuating currency exchange would really keep people around and using the feature a lot to earn more money.
  8. Yes I got that far but this causes issues: What am I supposed to put here? I don't want it to check a topic, just the forum section. It's a required field and all I can put in there is a specific thread.
  9. Hi, sorry the issue with this was a bank was created before the savings accounts so it didn't show up and couldn't be linked. Once a currency was created then I could make a bank that would work properly and allow the currencies to be linked.
  10. Cecil


    This would be awesome! Has there been any progress on the items you listed? A currency exchange would be awesome too so people can try to earn points based on fluctuating different types of point values.
  11. I would like a whole section of the forum to ignore gaining points for posts. I have tried to create a rule but it seems to always ask for a particular thread rather than just allowing that forum section to be blocked. Could you please help me work out how to create part of the rule to block that forum section? Thanks