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  1. jair

    Daily login Point Awards

    You need to add a data field to member that contains 0 or 1. With the action that provides the award, set the number to one and add condition that only users with value 0 are awarded. At 23:59 run mass rule that resets the value to 0 for all members.
  2. jair

    Rules 1.4.6 Disabled in Marketplace

    @Kevin Carwile, I think we definitely need an answer here. I know that you ignored previous topics about future of Rules, fair enough, but right now this is not a discussion about the future, but the present. If you have some ideas to get out of this gridlock, please share, if we need to look for other solutions - also please advise. The worst you can do is leave us hanging in no mans land.
  3. jair

    Rules 1.4.6 Disabled in Marketplace

    Is the app going to be updated here or it is officially dead?
  4. It seems that Date/Time fields are not supported in the pages expansion. I do have a form with a few fields, on which I try to send an email with content on each submit. Date/Time fields are not caught by rules and I cannot use tokens for them.
  5. jair

    Collab header cover not display

    It is done automatically when you click the "Something is not working correctly". Check your first screenshot, it says in pale gray letters "We have cleared all cached data". You are good to go, but I will check the other warnings - about the server time, and especially the one for the database.
  6. jair

    Detect reactions?

    That looks like a vert faint glimpse of hope Please keep us posted, I might play with it too. One note though, from my experience adding more conditions actually slows things down. I think it makes sense - more conditions need to be checked on each event, which consumes resources, regardless if it ends in firing an action or not.
  7. jair

    4.2 plans for Rules app

    Hi Kevin, do you have any plans in the foreseeable future for 4.2/4.3 upgrade?
  8. jair

    add points to everyone in a group

    You can do that with Rules with Bulk actions. I very much doubt points economy will get any features that can be created with Rules, the two apps complement each other.
  9. Create custom data field to track the number of reviews. Rule 1: Event: article is published Action: increase the value of the custom data field by one Rule 2: Event: custom data field is updated Condition: is the value >1, 5, 10, etc Action: award a medal. Need some working, but this should be the basic idea.
  10. Should be fairly straightforward, probably the most difficult part will be inserting it in the template where you want it to be visible. But just create a member related custom data field (do not use profile field for that) from a datetime type that should be editable by users. Then on the frontend, just show how many days since this date have passed - should be very simple php code.
  11. Is there an action for flagging as spammer? I do not remember on top of my head, so my suggestion is kinda rough, but something like this. Create a custom data field of integer type, connected to a member that contains number of reports. Rule 1: Event: Content is reported Action: Add +1 to the created custom data field. Rule 2: Event: Custom field is updated Condition: is the value of the created custom field > 5 Action: flag member as spammer Something like that. Sorry, I am a bit tired, so it probably needs a lot of work to get it going, just a direction you can think about.
  12. Would it be difficult to implement custom data field, from let say "Button" type and then we can catch the event and do stuff related to the content item when the button is clicked? The missing reactions are killing pretty much all my ideas (I know, IPS did it), but actually I don't need the reactions, I need an easy way to catch members interaction with the content and some extra buttons can do the trick. Here is a graphical example of what I mean: Events would be "Button is clicked" and we could take parameters from the item on which was the button (post on which button is clicked), the member that clicked the button, etc. Is something like that possible?
  13. Yeah, best way to learn is by trial and error. Otherwise, you might be spoonfed some partially working solution, but at the first moment you need to customize it, you will be in trouble. So, keep digging, eventually you will get it right and it will be much easier to create additional rules from that point on
  14. This will simply check if the member joined the site in the last 6 hours. Not really what you are looking for from what I can get from your description earlier.
  15. Then you need a rule to also delete the award if the user did not logged in during the night in the last two days... Roughly something like that. It will take some experimenting, for example in your screenshot you compare the timestamp, which is not the best way to do it, timestamp is a static unique value, you can't have it repeating each day, so this means you will have to change your rule each day, not much of an automation Play around with the compare dates or use different time then timestamp. Or if you use the timestamp, try to find which seconds of the timestamp belong to the night time. Something like this.