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  1. And it's working now thank you
  2. You tagged it as fixed may I know where I can find the patch ?
  3. After one more test I can confirm the issue : A custom loggable field can only be fill (in my case) when the trigger member has permission to see the log.
  4. So I've created a log on my calendar. It's simple : it keeps record of any RSVP action made. My main data is the name of the member, and i've add a loggable record : the action (Yes/No/Maybe/Withdraw). My problem is simple : the rule to add a record works fine. It's always trigger. But the "action" record isn't fill if it's not an Admin : Here Naurel and UneFriteUneFois are both admins and have access to the ACP. Only admins can see the Log. Permission on the custom loggable field : The action itself :
  5. Thank you !
  6. So i'm having issue with the 'no event' when a member refuse an event on my calendar (I got the extention) it trigger the withdraw event and not the 'no'.