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  1. I'd like to set up the following system. Is this possible using a combination of the points and rules apps? 1) Author posts an article in pages and requires x number of points for other members to view the "content" field of the article 2) Other members must send the author the requested points before they're able to view the content field. Any help or advice you can offer is appreciated.
  2. I'm using IPS.Connect. As you probably know, this creates/updates/logs in/logs out users across the networked sites. I'd like to find a way to identify which site the login originates on and assign the user to a secondary group within the originating site. I see the rules app has a trigger for "Member logged in / out of system." Will this fire when IPS.Connect logs a user in, or only when they are physically logging in on a networked site? Otherwise, can you suggest a method that will allow me to accomplish this?
  3. Pixels

    Rules to update profile across connect?

    Ok. I figured it was worth asking. Thanks for the quick response!
  4. I'm considering using a combination of the rules app and IPS Connect. While Connect handles updates to user names and emails across all sites, it doesn't update a user's status, avatar, or profile photo. Would it be possible to update these across connected sites using the rules app? If so, how would I achieve it?
  5. I'd like to moderate posts which contain links by new members. Is it possible to do this with the rules app?
  6. Using Rules, is it possible to hold in moderation any topics/posts that contain links for new members? If so, is there a way to popup a message telling them their post was moderated? I'm trying to prevent people from signing up and posting spam links.