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    Advanced Tags & Prefix

    Wow, I didn't even think to try that. That totally fixed it. I'm not sure what was causing the topic not to lock, but that seemed to fix the problem. Thanks for all your help.
  2. erich

    Advanced Tags & Prefix

    After enabling the debug - this is what I see. It says the condition was met - but the topic isn't being locked.
  3. erich

    Advanced Tags & Prefix

    This could be what is happening. Is there a workaround to this? I'm basically wanting to have the rules check when a tag "closed" is applied - then it will close the thread.
  4. erich

    Advanced Tags & Prefix

    Hey Kevin, Still looking for some guidance on this one. Reading your last post where you say The creation event occurs before the tags are added - does this mean when one makes a new topic - the topic is created BEFORE the tag is applied?
  5. erich

    Advanced Tags & Prefix

    I believe it is the "Topic Tag is Updated" event. Here is the overview: Rule: Closed Tag - Close Topic Event: Topic tags have been updated Conditions: Content has specific tags (Closed Tag) Actions: Lock content (Lock Content)
  6. erich

    Advanced Tags & Prefix

    Hi Kevin, I've set up a rule so that when users choose a "thread prefix" using this extension: The rule I've set up is if the user choose the thread prefix "closed" it should then lock the thread. For some reason, it does not lock the thread when I do this. It will lock the thread if I add a tag and manually set it to be the thread prefix.
  7. erich

    Forms- Membership Group Change

    This is the app in the IPS marketplace I"m using The thing is, I'm not sure where I would create an "Approve/Disapprove" button in this forum. I might have to ask Mike about this.
  8. erich

    Off Topic

    I was ecstatic to find this in the marketplace. I came from using WoltLab and the community bot plugin which does similar functions as automation rules does. This is like the "Swiss Army Knife" for IPS. Granted there is a learning curve, but once you start to work with it - it is awesome to use.
  9. Hi Kevin, I have the application "Forms" created by Mike and I was wondering if it were possible to set up a form application that a member would need to fill out in order to get a membership approval? Basically, I want to set up a form - have the user submit the form - have an admin/moderator approve it. Once the admin/mod approves it, it the automation will assign them to the proper group. The trick for me is figuring out when the automation process takes place - and that would be when the moderator/admin clicks on an "Approve" button. This is the part I'm unsure how to do.
  10. erich

    Custom Homepage

    Is this a feature that could be added in the future? It could be a nice edge for the plugin. I run a gaming website and I'd like to use Collabs as a way to allow clans/guilds to run their own pages on my site. The collabs plugin is way more advanced than the native clubs feature and well worth the price tag. I see the way it functions currently more like a subreddit. So the main site is "Reddit" and each group created is a "subreddit". I'm currently running it on my beta site (my main site uses Woltlab currently - I want to switch but I'm waiting on the Feeds plugin to support images which it may never do ) so I can tweak things, break them and figure out a way to make the homepage of a collab , look like an actual homepage vs a landing page with a forum like layout.
  11. erich

    Custom Homepage

    Ah I see. Would you recommend setting up a totally separate database for WYSWYG pages? I used the articles database since it was already installed to see how it looked. I like how it uses the templates from supergrid to make it look nice. Is there any way to customize the homepage layout of the collabs?
  12. erich

    Custom Homepage

    I just bought collaboration and I'm playing with it on my beta site. I'm wondering if it's possible to make a custom "landing" page for each group that the group owner can edit with a WYSWYG editor?