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  1. JohnnyKing94

    Permissions not saving

    It seems now to be working with this setting... but it is weird that i couldn't with expanded category configuration enabled!
  2. JohnnyKing94

    Forum options not saving.

    It seems now to be working with this setting... but it is weird that i couldn't with expanded category configuration enabled!
  3. JohnnyKing94

    Permissions not saving

    Already checked that and even done that, this is not a problem of max_vars... i personally think there's something related with the forms hook or i dunno... cause if i disable pages, calendar app and i try to edit some collab groups, still i can't... but i if i disable forms app, i can edit every settings of collab group (pages, forum, calendar etc)
  4. JohnnyKing94

    Permissions not saving

    While i keep active Forms 1.1.8, the Collab App stops saving permissions for the all the permission tabs (forum, pages, calendar... forms app included).of the collab group. I don't know if it's a known issue or what... for the moment i disabled forms app in order to make changes on the permission forum tab of my group, otherwise i couldn't in other way.
  5. JohnnyKing94

    Field length for strings

    Any ETA on this feature request?
  6. JohnnyKing94

    Different translations for custom fields

    Is still considered this feature?? Is it been implemented?
  7. JohnnyKing94

    Sitemap content with collab group

    Yes, when you hide a collab, it's basically unapproved in the table with approved to "-1"... so what i ask... when a collab is hidden, the content must also be hidden in the sitemap, otherwise google keeps stressing me...
  8. JohnnyKing94

    Sitemap content with collab group

    I would like not to see any contents printed in the sitemap where the collab group isn't approved (hidden) with approved to "-1" in DB... everything the collab group has (events, posts, forums etc) must be removed from site sitemap...
  9. JohnnyKing94

    Operation Callback Exception

    I have the latest version of iawards ( Did you test the rule? Try to import it and see what's the problem... remove the awards action, and set a pm action... see if it gives my same error replicating my ruledata
  10. JohnnyKing94

    Operation Callback Exception

    For example this is a rule currently using, wich the award giver is user id 600... but the awards keep being sent by guest user with this rule, why??? <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <ruledata> <rulesets /> <rules> <rule title="Prima registrazione" weight="1" enabled="1" app="rules" class="Members" key="memberSync_onCreateAccount" compare="and" debug=""> <conditions> <condition title="Premio Prima registrazione" weight="11" rule="1" app="awards" class="Awards" key="has_award" enabled="1" compare="and" not="1" footprint="9a593686195eca177ebc99f5061ca02f"> <data><![CDATA[{"configuration":{"data":{"awards_Awards_conditions_has_award_member_source":"event","awards_Awards_conditions_has_award_member_eventArg":"member","awards_Awards_conditions_has_award_member_eventArg_useDefault":null,"rules_choose_member":[],"awards_Awards_conditions_has_award_member_phpcode":"\/\/<?php\n\nreturn;","awards_Awards_conditions_has_award_award_source":"manual","awards_choose_award":[2],"awards_Awards_conditions_has_award_award_phpcode":"\/\/<?php\n\nreturn;","aa08769cdcb26674c6706093503ff0a3_nullable":false,"88840d9b9e6927fc7a1ac7f85570634f_nullable":false,"d8d65678c99d6477969bd28e34de93c7_nullable":true}}}]]></data> <conditions /> </condition> </conditions> <actions> <action title="Ricompensa prima registrazione" weight="1" rule="1" app="awards" class="Awards" key="give_award" enabled="1" description="" schedule_mode="1" schedule_date="0" schedule_minutes="0" schedule_hours="0" schedule_days="0" schedule_months="0" schedule_key="" footprint="4de8c10703cc2e15580d379b7facd916" else="0"> <schedule_customcode><![CDATA[//<?php return \IPS\DateTime::ts( time() );]]></schedule_customcode> <data><![CDATA[{"configuration":{"data":{"awards_respect_permissions":true,"awards_Awards_actions_give_award_member_source":"event","awards_Awards_actions_give_award_member_eventArg":"member","awards_Awards_actions_give_award_member_eventArg_useDefault":null,"rules_choose_member":[],"awards_Awards_actions_give_award_member_phpcode":"\/\/<?php\n\nreturn;","awards_Awards_actions_give_award_award_source":"manual","awards_choose_award":[2],"awards_Awards_actions_give_award_award_phpcode":"\/\/<?php\n\nreturn;","awards_Awards_actions_give_award_giver_source":"manual","awards_Awards_actions_give_award_giver_eventArg":"__global_logged_in_member","awards_Awards_actions_give_award_giver_eventArg_useDefault":true,"rules_choose_member2":[600],"awards_Awards_actions_give_award_giver_phpcode":"\/\/<?php\n\nreturn;","aa08769cdcb26674c6706093503ff0a3_nullable":false,"d8d65678c99d6477969bd28e34de93c7_nullable":true,"88840d9b9e6927fc7a1ac7f85570634f_nullable":false}}}]]></data> </action> </actions> <elseActions /> <rules /> </rule> </rules> <customActions /> <customData /> </ruledata> Now if i remove the give award action, and i set a PM action, the result would be the error written in my first post... it's like the recipient or the award giver passed from rule is nulled, can you give a look at it?
  11. JohnnyKing94

    Operation Callback Exception

  12. JohnnyKing94

    Feature request

    In your collabs community opened to users, if you find an inactive collab cause the last post was one month ago, but the leader still needs the collab, how do you act? You PM him? Then if he doesn't reply to you, you consider inactive the collab group or you wait some time reminding yourself to PM him 10/15 days later (as last warning)?
  13. JohnnyKing94

    Operation Callback Exception

    8 days later and no reply? is it considered? is it a known problem or what?
  14. JohnnyKing94

    Feature request

    on what criteria i hide inactive collabs? only on time? cause you can have active collabs forever and the ones inactive in a matter of a month... Instead what i was proposing it was that somehow the leader of collab group receives an email every X days from Collab App... inside the email there is a verification link to click for his onw collab group... if this can be done in rules app, i apologize then... otherwise i'm atm filled with inactive collabs which everytime (on my side) i have to check manually contacting the leader... in my case i have inactive guilds using collabs which no longer exist...
  15. JohnnyKing94

    Feature request

    Many people started to use your awesome product in many ways (creating groups, clans, guilds etc)... For my gaming point of view, i'd really like a feature to disapprove collabs project (in my case Clan/Guild pages) when the leader of the collab doesn't click the verification link after 30 days (or XX days) sent on his/her email or via PM or both. This would be awesome and it would help to prevent inactive group collabs created on the website many months ago and no more active. It will give to the collab category a clean view of active groups in it. Anyway i'm open to any feedback...