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  1. It migrates the social groups data into group collaboration. It was provided for people who upgraded from that app to GC.
  2. Social Groups was an app for the IPS 3.x platform.
  3. Kevin Carwile

    Rules not ruling anymore since V1.4.5 install

    Schedule the custom action to run one time (not bulk) and it will allow you to input the member to run it for.
  4. Kevin Carwile

    Rules not ruling anymore since V1.4.5 install

    I don't see anything in particular that would be causing a problem with your rule group. I can't see what member groups you have set in your conditions since the member groups from your rule export do not exist on my system, but I would double check that you have your member groups set correctly. Also, this rule group is attached to the custom action which you have created. So that means that it will only run when your custom action is called. I would double check that it is still scheduled as a recurring bulk action and that it has not stalled or been deleted. Finally, if all of that still looks correct, you can turn debugging on for your rule and then inspect the debug logs to see if anything looks off. With debugging turned on for the rule, you can also trigger the rule to run for a member of your choosing by hand and then inspect the log for that and see where it may have gone wrong.
  5. Kevin Carwile

    Rules not ruling anymore since V1.4.5 install

    Ok, but you didn't mention what the rule is supposed to do and why you think its not working. Sometimes its best to just export the rule and post it here.
  6. Kevin Carwile

    Rules not ruling anymore since V1.4.5 install

    No clue. A specific example would be helpful...
  7. A blank page could mean that a 500 server error occurred. This could be all sorts of causes, but likely its due to some stale caches causing code errors or something related. Unfortunately, without a stack trace from your error log, there is no way for me to help you correct the problem. If you can track down a log of the error causing the blank page, and post it here, I may be able to make a recommendation to fix it.
  8. Kevin Carwile

    Calendar stacking?

    I see, you had Commerce products enabled for the collab category. Unfortunately, Commerce products are not compatible as collab content.
  9. There is not really a straightforward easy way to accomplish that goal without writing some custom php code to go in your rules. The event is when a new database record is created, and the action will be a custom one which will need to take the value from the "Order city" field of the custom database and look up all the users who have a matching data field, and then pass those to the email action.
  10. Kevin Carwile

    Calendar stacking?

    PM me with access to your ACP so I can check your logs.
  11. Kevin Carwile

    Calendar stacking?

    Try adding this to your custom css .cForumGrid { min-height: 280px !important; }
  12. Kevin Carwile

    PHP Code with Custom Tables

    I dont think your $teamRows are objects. I believe that the query returns an associative array. Try $team1Row['field_27']
  13. Kevin Carwile

    Calendar stacking?

    What's the url to the page with the grid on it?
  14. Kevin Carwile

    Manage forums bug

    Well, I fixed the permission bug first which made the search empty, so I removed that.
  15. Kevin Carwile

    No "Collab Settings" available for Owners

    The purpose of the "Restrict Owner Permissions" is to allow all natural IPS core restrictions to apply to the owner. Its basically a pass through. That means it includes the post edit time restriction and/or any other current or future restriction modifications that are part of IPS core or another third party application for that matter. I'm not picking and choosing which restrictions to apply from core. That would create a nightmare of code to maintain. You'll need to figure out the best configuration that works for you between the two.
  16. Kevin Carwile

    files no longer sellable etc.

    IPS license needed renewal.
  17. Kevin Carwile

    Manage forums bug

    Thanks for this report. Got a fix for it. Please apply the following patch file and let me know if problem is completely resolved for you! ./applications/collab/modules/front/collab/nodes.php nodes.php
  18. Kevin Carwile

    Other Error?

    There should be more information in your system log related to that error which might provide more insight. But sometimes using the support tool to clear cached data will also fix errors like that.
  19. Kevin Carwile

    Disable app until fixed.

    Try removing any collab widgets from your pages. It looks like a page is attempting to use a collab widget while the collabs app is disabled.
  20. Kevin Carwile

    Calendar stacking?

    Not sure, but maybe its a javascript issue as I believe those are adjusted by javascript? Or it could be strictly CSS. I doubt its an iframe issue. I just reused the html structures and classes from core templates to achieve that grid.
  21. Kevin Carwile

    nexus error

    You cant use commerce in collaborations. Its not compatible.
  22. Kevin Carwile

    Template Error - Help

    Look for any records of the actual error being thrown in the system log in your ACP. That could provide some more insight.
  23. Another way would be: $post = $content->comments(1,0); The IPS\forums\Topic object model has the following core method on it: /** * Get comments * * @param int|NULL $limit The number to get (NULL to use static::getCommentsPerPage()) * @param int|NULL $offset The number to start at (NULL to examine \IPS\Request::i()->page) * @param string $order The column to order by * @param string $orderDirection "asc" or "desc" * @param \IPS\Member|NULL $member If specified, will only get comments by that member * @param bool|NULL $includeHiddenComments Include hidden comments or not? NULL to base of currently logged in member's permissions * @param \IPS\DateTime|NULL $cutoff If an \IPS\DateTime object is provided, only comments posted AFTER that date will be included * @param mixed $extraWhereClause Additional where clause(s) (see \IPS\Db::build for details) * @param bool|NULL $bypassCache Used in cases where comments may have already been loaded i.e. splitting comments on an item. * @param bool $includeDeleted Include Deleted Content * @param bool|NULL $canViewWarn TRUE to include Warning information, NULL to determine automatically based on moderator permissions. * @return array|NULL|\IPS\Content\Comment If $limit is 1, will return \IPS\Content\Comment or NULL for no results. For any other number, will return an array. */ public function comments( $limit=NULL, $offset=NULL, $order='date', $orderDirection='asc', $member=NULL, $includeHiddenComments=NULL, $cutoff=NULL, $extraWhereClause=NULL, $bypassCache=FALSE, $includeDeleted=FALSE, $canViewWarn=NULL )
  24. Perfect. Good job on solving that one.
  25. What I would do is find a way to test the topic object to see if it is a redirect and put that test in your rule as a custom php condition.