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  1. Kevin Carwile

    Number of Records in Database Grid

    Thats not a configurable value. Its hardcoded in the template somewhere.
  2. Kevin Carwile

    Create new post using existing post as template

    You cant do that with stock rules. You would need to use custom php code for the argument to the conent field of your "create topic comment" action. In that custom php code, you need to load the "template" topic object, retrieve its content, and return it as your argument value for the content of your posted comment.
  3. Kevin Carwile

    Boxed layout

    There is a setting in your collab category which you can enable the grid view. For databases in IPS, you can customize the theme views that are used for your databases. Thats how to customize the look. Thanks for the bug report.
  4. Kevin Carwile

    Rules spreading PM to 85 users

    No, IPS did not insert some code to make rules unstable. The mystery of this one is that rules does not have any code in it which adds users to existing conversations. In other words, it could not be the cause of this. Is it possible that someone on your site or in the conversation added the additional users?
  5. Kevin Carwile

    Rules spreading PM to 85 users

    Please provide me with ACP access to your site so I can have a look at your configuration.
  6. Kevin Carwile

    Rules spreading PM to 85 users

    Ok, but I dont see any way that this is related to rules. Unless you have some custom code at work. Rules doesnt even have an action to add users to a conversation. Only an action to create a new conversation.
  7. Kevin Carwile

    Reset point for specific currency

    Not sure how to answer that.
  8. Kevin Carwile

    Reset point for specific currency
  9. Kevin Carwile

    Reset point for specific currency

    The balances in points economy are based on transactions. There is not a singular register that you can simply "reset". You would have to rollback every transaction to effictively reset balances. I dont know the exact php code for that.
  10. Kevin Carwile

    change in IPS controller leading to error on category?

    You could probably use your theme editor to track them down and change them one by one.
  11. Kevin Carwile

    change in IPS controller leading to error on category?

    All "wordbreak=" template tags from the following template files need to be removed.
  12. Kevin Carwile

    change in IPS controller leading to error on category?

    Unfortunately, the fix is in a template file which can't just be patched like a source file. It requires a built version of the app to be installed to correct the problem.
  13. Kevin Carwile

    Rules spreading PM to 85 users

    If you are concerned that a rule you have configured might be the cause of a problem, you can do a couple of things. First, you can turn debugging on for the rule(s) in question. Then you can look at its logs to see if it is working as expected when the rule conditions are met. Secondly, you could create a custom rules log, and then log to it in your rules where you change a member group, etc. This would allow you to look at log entries for more insight.
  14. Kevin Carwile

    Rules spreading PM to 85 users

    Any particular reason why rules is suspected? Do you have rules set up to perform those kinds of actions? Rules doesnt do anything you havent programmed it to do. There is no way for it to just do things in the system without any associated rules that instruct it to do so.
  15. Kevin Carwile

    Rules 1.4.6 Disabled in Marketplace

    We were informed by IPS that they have too many support requests for bugs in apps which are exposed by rules and its core level integration with the IPS system. Apparently, the solution to is to disable rules from being purchased so that less bugs get exposed and therefore cross their support desk? None of it really makes sense, but rules was picked as a scapegoat by their support staff apparently to reduce support load.
  16. Kevin Carwile

    Rule for when user is added to a usergroup

    For that, you need to use the member updated event and check their member group. However, that will evaluate every time the member data is updated, so you usually want additional conditions also to ensure you only do whatever it is you want to do just once, znd not every time.
  17. Kevin Carwile

    "IPS\Content\ReportCenter" Error

    C:\xampp\htdocs\forum\applications\collab\sources\Collab\Collab.php on line 22 Comment out that line of code.
  18. Kevin Carwile

    Profile update Rules

    I'm not seeing anything in your code there that would cause a 500 error. I've not used the fetch_assoc() method before. Are you sure that method is valid?
  19. Kevin Carwile

    "IPS\Content\ReportCenter" Error

    Group Collaboration 1.4.5 added support for IPS 4.3
  20. Kevin Carwile

    Profile update Rules

    What is the server log from the 500 error. That would probably give a better clue.
  21. Kevin Carwile

    Commerce Rules: Subscriptions

    I cant think of any reason why it wouldnt. If you get a different result, let me know.
  22. Kevin Carwile

    Uncaught Exception with ips 4.4

    What was the problem?
  23. Kevin Carwile

    Commerce Rules: Subscriptions

    Upgraded what to 4.0.1?
  24. Kevin Carwile

    Scheduled actions locked

    From now until the beginning of time.
  25. Kevin Carwile

    Sorting collaborative groups does not work properly

    Sorry. That sorting will not work due to technical limitations. The problem is that the sorting happens on the database query level, however, those numbers are aggregated over multiple content sources and database queries inside the collab.