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    It migrates the social groups data into group collaboration. It was provided for people who upgraded from that app to GC.
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    Schedule the custom action to run one time (not bulk) and it will allow you to input the member to run it for.
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    Well, I fixed the permission bug first which made the search empty, so I removed that.
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    Another way would be: $post = $content->comments(1,0); The IPS\forums\Topic object model has the following core method on it: /** * Get comments * * @param int|NULL $limit The number to get (NULL to use static::getCommentsPerPage()) * @param int|NULL $offset The number to start at (NULL to examine \IPS\Request::i()->page) * @param string $order The column to order by * @param string $orderDirection "asc" or "desc" * @param \IPS\Member|NULL $member If specified, will only get comments by that member * @param bool|NULL $includeHiddenComments Include hidden comments or not? NULL to base of currently logged in member's permissions * @param \IPS\DateTime|NULL $cutoff If an \IPS\DateTime object is provided, only comments posted AFTER that date will be included * @param mixed $extraWhereClause Additional where clause(s) (see \IPS\Db::build for details) * @param bool|NULL $bypassCache Used in cases where comments may have already been loaded i.e. splitting comments on an item. * @param bool $includeDeleted Include Deleted Content * @param bool|NULL $canViewWarn TRUE to include Warning information, NULL to determine automatically based on moderator permissions. * @return array|NULL|\IPS\Content\Comment If $limit is 1, will return \IPS\Content\Comment or NULL for no results. For any other number, will return an array. */ public function comments( $limit=NULL, $offset=NULL, $order='date', $orderDirection='asc', $member=NULL, $includeHiddenComments=NULL, $cutoff=NULL, $extraWhereClause=NULL, $bypassCache=FALSE, $includeDeleted=FALSE, $canViewWarn=NULL )