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    For anyone who wants to use the multiple "member" database field to be able to use as private message recipients in the future, here's my code: $tokens = \IPS\rules\Application::getTokens($operation->event(), $arg_map); $id = $tokens['[content:id]']; $hosts = array(); $query = \IPS\Db::i()->select('field_6', 'cms_custom_database_2', array('primary_id_field=?', $id))->first(); $users = preg_split('/\s+/', $query); foreach ($users as $member) { $hosts[] = \IPS\Member::load( $member ); } return $hosts; Since there are no tokens available for the database being used and the field being utilised, you will need to look through your db and find the corresponding names. i.e. field_6 (field name) and cms_custom_database_2 (db name)
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    Your select on the database is going to return a string value. Also, the select method returns an object instance. You need to call ->first() to attempt to fetch a record. How is data being stored in that field? Because your retrieval from the database is not going to result in any array, it will result most likely in a string value being stored in 'field_6'. You'll need to process that string to turn it into an array of members.
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    This is not a suggestion nor a bug report, but an off-topic observation on your most recent statement on the IPS forums: https://invisionpower.com/forums/topic/429326-ibeconomy/?do=findComment&comment=2636520 IPS as a company isn't very good at community-building, and the third-party developers aren't very good at community-building. But that doesn't mean the community itself doesn't need or want the kind of leadership in collaboration that your apps provide.
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    I'm not sure creating the path alias for a member profile will affect the affiliate url. I've never used the affiliate features so I'm not even sure how that works. If you post an example of an affiliate link I can advise better on that. But to change the urls for all member profiles on your site recursively using rules is inadvisable unless you are really saavy. Typically, to perform that kind of feat, you would create a custom action with a member argument and then write a rule for it that created the new path alias using the member profile url as the old url, and providing the member name in token format as the new alias. But there might be situations where the tokenized version of a members name is the same between multiple members because of special characters being stripped. So to deal with that requires additional complexity which would likely be best addressed with some custom php code, hence the need to be a bit saavy. And then there is the whole challenge involved with staying synchronized with user name changes, deletions, etc. Its a lot of work.
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    A new version will be released soon with these two errors fixed.
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    OK, then it should be pretty straightforward 1. Create custom action with topic as argument. Use this action as an event for the rule. 2. For first condition use Global -> "String value" and then String 1 contains String 2. For first string use the title of the topic from the custom action. for the second string use "Destiny" (not sure if you need the quote marks, you will have to experiment). Add another OR condition that is basically the same, but for the topic content. 3. Set the action to move the topic. 4. Manually schedule the custom action to run through the topics. 5. Profit!!