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    This app doesnt do encoded url paths. You'll need to use another method to redirect percent encoded urls.
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    I've attempted to open a discussion with IPS to see if there would be a way that I could implement this functionality on a production level going forward. But at this time, my hands are tied.
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    This one is related to an IPS bug with decimals. Check this post: It will help.
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    Write a condition on the comment created rule that the number of comments on the topic is more than 1. That should do it.
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    This is not a suggestion nor a bug report, but an off-topic observation on your most recent statement on the IPS forums: https://invisionpower.com/forums/topic/429326-ibeconomy/?do=findComment&comment=2636520 IPS as a company isn't very good at community-building, and the third-party developers aren't very good at community-building. But that doesn't mean the community itself doesn't need or want the kind of leadership in collaboration that your apps provide.
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    I can confirm this behavior. I'll look into what can be done to fix it.
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    Kevin you are amazing, initially your code didn't work but I added the square brackets inside the single quotes For anyone who needs this in the future here's how it was achieved. $tokens = \IPS\rules\Application::getTokens( $operation->event(), $arg_map ); $pdusername = $tokens['[global:user:field_2]'];
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    In order to complete this kind of rule, you will need to use custom php code in your conditions and actions. Right now, there is not a calendar rules extension so accessing the dates associated with the event is going to require custom php coding. As for the general strategy, if you can figure out accessing the dates on the calendar event via custom php code, then I would go with scheduling the actions of creating the topic post by adding the action and setting it to execute at a future date and time. Of course, you can provide that date/time via custom php code.
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    Create a default collab and then create a role inside that collab which has the ability to approve members disabled and the ability to create new roles also disabled. Then designate that role as the default role for collab owners. Then mark that collab as the model collab for that collab category, and make sure the "use models" setting is turned on in the collab category settings. The net effect of this will be that new collabs created in that category will be clones of the model, which puts owners under the restrictions of the default owner role.
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    Collabs puts that index on the table for better performance. By removing it, your actually going to hurt performance. When collab notices its missing. It puts it back on.
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    Ya, that's not true. Here's a reference to the spot where they are setting that language string up in their own core pages app. ./applications/cms/sources/Databases/Databases.php : line 757 \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->language()->words['can_' . $lang . '_content_db_lang_su_' . $this->id ] The problem is that this issue doesn't affect their own app so their position is that it's not their problem. But if the support guy you talked to claims that its a collab sourced language string, then he just doesn't know the product or didn't care to look into it. I'll do what I can to work around it.
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    I managed to fix this by enabling individual permissions for collab records.
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    It has not been fully tested. Please give it a try and let me know if you have any issues.
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    I have few custom data fields, which I use to create a topic template. It seems that they are ordered by date of creation, thus if you mess up the order when you create the fields there is no way to rearrange them. I think it will be much better if they can be ordered based on the drag&drop order in ACP or at least by data key. Also one suggestion: Ability to group data fields in sets, so they can be more organized.
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    did you check the iAwards settings for the group of the test account? If the rule works for other accounts, so probably the problem is in the permissions for the current group of your test account. + You also can check in the Rules Logs to see what's going wrong.
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    Yes. If the database is not added to a page, then collabs has no way to display it.
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    I think part of your main confusion with the databases is that you dont extract a DB to the main site. Creating a database is always done in the ACP and is esentially creating a new custom content type for the site. As long as that database has categorization enabled, then it can also be used in collabs. But it is never "owned" by a collab. You pick and choose which databases are available to use in collabs from the collab category configuration form. So you may only want to allow the collabs in a certain collab category to use a specific database or two, which means that only those databases will show in the collab management menu for you to create collab owned categories for. What you can extract from collabs are the "categories" you create for permitted databases. So when you extract a pages database category, it appears in the categories list for that database in your ACP. As for the custom section headings you speak of, that is done simply by nesting your nodes into a top level one (forum, category, or whatever) that has the name that you want.
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    Thats correct. You copy the container(s), but not the content. If you want to copy a forums structure to a collab, I dont believe that duplicating all the topics and posts in those forums would be something that you would want to happen. If you want the content to go with, then you can use "move to collab" instead.
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    Its a fix that is needed in the pages app, since those language strings belong to the pages app.
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    I wasnt aware the option wasnt there for blogs nodes in the ACP. I'll look into that.
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    With the code I just provided. But if you want to check the reason, its actually even easier. What is the id of the "Spam" reason in your ACP? Lets say its 3. You create a php code condition on your rule and put the following in it: return $warning->reason == 3;
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    No one has created such a fundamental utility app before, so it's an entire paradigm of thinking that needs to shift. But you're like the first crack in the sea wall, so the change in perspective and attitude will only be the smallest trickle in the beginning. IPS clients have honestly never been presented with something like this before, and we've been teethed on turnkey plugins and apps that do everything for us. The Rules app is, at least to me, the greatest utility application for IPS 4 and it's just a matter of time before other developers come around to its widespread acceptance. But it could be awhile . In the meantime, I encourage you to keep an open and collaborative approach to other devs. The long-game is in your favor.