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    Hello, We had a configuration problem with backends that did not use the same sub-version of php. Regards
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    Hi, I think having the Points and Rules installed, we can try to realize your needs using the "Unclaimed credits" feature in the Points and the Action in the Rules. I think you can play with them first.
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    Try this patch file: ./applications/rules/Sources/Log/Custom.php Custom.php
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    Date/Time files are indeed included in the pages expansion. You can use them in conditions and actions since they are available as event arguments. However, they are not available as tokens since they are actually object instances when they are accessed and not strings or numbers. Rules only makes string and number type arguments available as token replacements.
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    This issue appears to only affect aliases created for urls in the cms/pages app. The 1.1.8 release of the path alias app in the marketplace addresses this issue.
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    Hello @Kevin Carwile This bug has been fixed by the patch you published following this Group Collaboration problem Thank you Solved
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    Yes, as far as I know, they are now compatible without issue.
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    Confirmed. I will release a fix for this shortly.