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    For compact view purposes I think I believe you can customize (edit) your Theme for getting balances visible on your phone devises.
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    Points can be managed for members via the ACP. Its a transaction based system so its not so basic to edit a register. There is not an import feature. Points need to be assigned via automation rules or manually.
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    Commerce doesnt actually work in collabs even though you can enable it.
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    Nice! Thank you so much for this! I'm going to see what we can come up with this, and if it works out, I'll contact you on here and send you all my award information once I have it all complete.
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    @x7turist вот так попробуйте: Event: "Member profile is updated" Condition: "Check if member has a certain award" Ставьте там NOT ! Action: "Give an award to a member"
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    Using the link below: https://invisioncommunity.com/developers/docs/fundamentals/accessing-the-database-r166/ You should be able to compare the reactions table and the information from the active record and do what you want. Have fun!
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    At this point here I believe you could create a new condition based on receivers specific rep points. pp_reputation_points = total number of rep points the content author has which will increase with each positive reaction (see below). Using the below you could do something with the content author's total. Though, the below doesn't take into account if that particular reaction event was 0 or -1. The condition below doesn't know if the Author's rep points actually went down because it's not comparing the original # of rep points and what affect the event has on that total. Basing everything on reactions only being positive, meaning there is no neutral or negative ratings, would assume that every reaction event = a positive increase in the Author's total. I haven't considered 0 or -1 only 1, which makes things easy(er)(ish). The below is a simple example and might be totally wrong. Winging it. //<?php foreach ( $changed as $key => $data ) { if ($key == 'pp_reputation_points') { $repPoints = $key['pp_reputation_points']; } } if ($repPoints > 10) { return TRUE; } return FALSE; An example action for the above would be: Since the author has above a 10 reputation, we're going to give him 1.5 points economy points vs. 1 point for someone with a reputation under 10 who receives a reaction.
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    The active record event returns a response when a reaction is given. That's the only event I could think of to use that would apply. If the active record $record or $changes matches a pull from the reputation table then I guess you would have a match which could be manipulated. Maybe pull the item_id, rep_rating, and member_id from the core_reputation_index which appears to have all the reputation data. Then compare that data from the active record, $record->item_id, $record->member_id I think, and see if both those are in the core_reputation_index. If both of those are in that table, then then that member gave rep to that content. IDK. I'll play around with it. Probably won't work. And if it's pulling data from the database every active record hit, that wouldn't be good. So there would have to be more conditions to weed out the junk... I assume. There is a column in the above table for the type of reaction. So that could also be pulled to further narrow down the member, content id, and type of reaction.
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    I can't see anything obviously wrong with your ruleset configuration. Looks pretty good to me. What you need to do is enable debugging on the ruleset and then perform the activity which you expect the rules to evaluate for (publishing a review), and then inspect the debug logs for the rules and see what shows up.
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    Create custom data field to track the number of reviews. Rule 1: Event: article is published Action: increase the value of the custom data field by one Rule 2: Event: custom data field is updated Condition: is the value >1, 5, 10, etc Action: award a medal. Need some working, but this should be the basic idea.
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    I'm proud to be one of the first six users, who support Kevin's application by purchasing it on the marketplace I hope, that being a part of Miller Media and starting to get payments for the Points Economy application, Kevin will also start to consider implementing new features to this great application! I've checked trough the topics in this category, and found many good ideas worth to be implemented. I summarize them here for easy search and analysis: Besides of the gaming plan you wrote in the second post of this topic, the other good ideas are: - more graphs on the Economy Dashboard; - new widgets: 1) showing the Top-X users who got most points within a specific time period (day/week/month/year), 2) showing the most *rich* people among the users, who have points in a specific currency. (this info we have in the ACP, great to have it available somewhere on the forum). - ability to adjust points manually for the specific users groups (moderators) on the front end (without using the ACP), - Donations - When changing points from one currency to another, there should be a field somewhere on the Economy Dashboard, showing the current exchange rate between these currencies; - Reactions support! Would be great to find out the solution for this issue - the whole reputation system is currently out of our control which is very bad... By the way, the new addon called "Points" has the new Reaction system support: the points can be earned/lost according to the reaction given!