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    That is what rule sets are for. Yes, it absolutely does.
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    Try the other trigger: A balance transfer or exchange has been completed. In it, you have access to credit_amount and debit_amount. Then as a condition you can compare Number value and make sure credit_amount is larger then 0, something like this: Not sure if it will work for your case, just throwing it out there...
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    UPDATE: I was able to use Points to add a credit to a member account without problems just now - perhaps it was because I deleted that rule, rewrote it and got it working.
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    Lottery was always intended to be a separate app. But I do believe that the merging with Miller Media is a positive step for the life of these products.
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    You'd need to clear the database table that holds the scheduled actions out. Your suggestion is noted.
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    It may have been an old copy of the re-engagement rules export which did not contain the unique identifier field for the scheduled follow up email action, which would cause it to schedule the follow up repeatedly instead of re-scheduling the follow up each time a member logs in. I would say to remove the ruleset for the member re-engagement, and import the newest version available in the rules starter pack.
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    Jair, no worries. I'd love to address that for you. My applications have been acquired and rolled into the software division of Miller Media! And yes, I happen to be one of the developers leading up that division. After some careful consideration, it was mutually agreed between me and my employer that the products would be a good fit in our base offering. This is great news for you because it means that the products will actually have more resources available to them for their development than they did before, since I have only been able to provide basic updates for compatibility for a while now. My involvement in other projects has detracted from my ability to pioneer new features into these apps. Now that they belong to a healthy development team, you can expect many more years of enjoyment out of them!
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    This topic explains, that the new (since ips 4.2.*) reputation system called "reactions" cannot be controlled by the Rules anymore That's why your chosen Event won't trigger at all .
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    I noticed in your topic on the IPS board that there is some terribly ineffective workaround, is this an option? I wonder if there is some way we (the customers) can pressure IPS in taking care of this, this app is one of the unique features that makes me locked to their platform, but if they decide to effectively kill it, I might consider moving. The irony is that they hamper Rules and at the same time advertise some Group Promotion feature in 4.2 that is barely a fraction of what this app already does.
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    I get this question a lot. But it doesn't quite work that way. Apps implement a rules extension on their own. Rules doesn't extend them. The rules extension is what tells Rules how to use any available events, conditions, and actions available for a particular app, and is a component that gets packaged with the app itself. I dont maintain or distribute the "such and such" app so I dont have a way to include that extension myself. But I've been pretty open in my offer to help other app authors add a custom rules extension to their apps if they need help with that. They just need to come to me with an idea of what events, conditions, or actions they want to add and provide me with a dev copy of their app and I will happily help them get a baseline extension up and running for them to include in a future release. In the early days of rules, I actively pursued app authors on my own to offer my service of creating a rules extension for their app for them while considering what ECA's would be a good fit, and aftwr I would build it on goodwill and send it to them, some would not even include it since they didnt really understand the benefits. So I built extensions that never even got rolled into the other app by the app author. I'm too busy for that these days. I am happy to help, but only on specfic request and in cooperation with the app author themselves.
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    I would like to give points for referreals to my members but I am not sure what settings to put for table, see the screenshot. I also have rules, maybe it is easier with that?