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  1. Kevin Carwile

    Presales Question

    Rule: Give bargaining chips for reputation Event: Member receives reputation points Conditions: Member is in a certain member group (Giving member is a guru) Actions: Credit or debit a points balance (Credit points balance)
  2. Kevin Carwile

    Presales Question

    Rules require a certain level of logical thinking in order to create.
  3. Kevin Carwile

    Presales Question

    Points are awarded with rules. So you just create a rule to give people points when they post. Then you add points as a payment method in commerce.
  4. Kevin Carwile

    Auto-update profile fields

    Did you create the custom data field with rules?
  5. Kevin Carwile

    Auto-update profile fields

    Rules can write to custom data fields created through rules easy enough. But writing to a core profile field is not supported.
  6. Kevin Carwile

    Auto-update profile fields

    Is it unique per user? How do you know if the user is married?
  7. Kevin Carwile

    Auto-update profile fields

    What would need to update every time? How does the link change?
  8. Kevin Carwile

    Duplicate Title

    You would have to get creative with your own php code condition.
  9. Yes. You would need to add a condition to check a number value and check the hour of the time.
  10. Kevin Carwile

    aliases don't work with Menu Manager?

    Yeah, I've had that same problem too. I had to put the IPS standard url in for custom menu links.
  11. Kevin Carwile

    feature request: folders/categories for better organisation

    Thats a good idea. Thanks for the suggestion.
  12. Kevin Carwile

    Collabs not compatible with 4.3 Subscriptions

    You could edit the file ./applications/nexus/sources/Subscription/Package.php and declare the missing property protected $_url; Add it inside the class definition.
  13. Kevin Carwile

    Forums names on Collabs main page

    Collabs are an organization of "apps", not "forums". This is why you see a summary of the all the "apps" type content in the collab and not a breakdown of some arbitrarily picked categories from a single app that is in the collab. I can only suggest that you attempt to customize the template for the collab row to accomodate your specialized needs. Theme > front / components / collabRow ~ line 104 - 117
  14. Kevin Carwile

    Content recount for collabs

    Ok. Please try using this patch file and see if you have a different result. ./applications/collab/hooks/ipsMember.php ipsMember.php
  15. Kevin Carwile

    Collabs not compatible with 4.3 Subscriptions

    I've seen this plenty of times before. It's not actually a problem with Collabs. Collabs simply exposes a problem in the Nexus app. The problem can be easily be re-created even if collabs is not present: $package = \IPS\Nexus\Subscription\Package::load($id); $url = $package->url(); $package->save();