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  1. Hide topics that are too old

    Anything in the server error logs to indicate that the process is failing?
  2. Event: Member profile is updated

    This is the statement that is confusing me. Is this a fact, or is this what you "think" is going on. Also remember, that member profile updated happens any time that the member object is updated in the system. So not necessarily just when they visit their profile, edit it, and save it.
  3. Glad you got that resolved. I was also going to mention, that only points that are "unbanked", i.e. in the spending account can be used to make purchases. And that pseudo account cannot go below zero, just like money in a wallet.
  4. Force change collab owner

    The only way at that point would be to edit the collab record in the database and set the member id to the new owner. Either that, or use another plugin that allows you to change the owner of a content item arbitrarily.
  5. Downloads Plus Application Conflict

    Fixed in the next release.
  6. some Collabs pages not properly CSS-wrapped

    I'm not a themer so if somebody would like to point out which classes are missing from what elements, I can probably tighten this up.
  7. Dev mode E_NOTICE in 4.2.2

    A new version will be released soon with these two errors fixed.
  8. Notification issues

    You still having this issue? Collab comments are not likeable so I'm not sure how your members are liking collab comments.
  9. Trying to Select topic

    Me neither. Maybe a server error. Hard to say. I tried to reproduce it over here and was unable to.
  10. Event: Member profile is updated

    The profile and event have a one to one relationship. I dont know what you are asking for. If you update one member, you want that update to happen on all members simultaneously also?
  11. Event: Member profile is updated

    No, one member updating their profile will not cause the event to happen for every member on the site.
  12. Making custom home page url

    Can you tell me what urls you are putting in?
  13. Invalid container after upgrade to 4.2.3

    How about an export of your rule.
  14. Invalid container after upgrade to 4.2.3

    Not enough details to help you.
  15. Send PM on Group Change ONCE

    You are correct. This is how to solve that issue.