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  1. What you are asking for is instruction on how to modify your theme with a new image. But I'm not familiar with your theme so I have nothing for you.
  2. The collab header has a contextual dependency on a collab and cannot be displayed outside of a collab context. That is why you get an error.
  3. Rss bug

    I believe he is claiming that this is an issue with my app, however, my app simply exposes the flaw. Its not the flaw. I gave the technical report to you. Any competent engineer should understand the problem after looking at it. In more laymens terms. The RSS export class is flawed. All that is needed to reproduce the problem is to call the url() method on the rss object and then call the save() method on the same object. No 3rd party app is needed. It will break all on its own. It just so happens that my app happens to do those two things and exposes the issue.
  4. System Errors Running "BalanceUpdate" Task

    FTP would allow me to see if the patch is in effect.
  5. Rss bug

    This is a bug with the RSS. Put simply, the RSS Export class extends the core Node Model class which has a method on it called url(), which sets a property of the instance called "_url", which has not been defined by the RSS Export class and therefore results in the value being saved to its internal data array which writes back to the database table. The RSS Export model needs to override the url() method to not set this internal property, or define a _url property on the class.
  6. Proglem with angled brackets in Custom Logs

    [content:url] and [member:namelink] are not the same token. The only thing they have in common is the letter "n" and "e". They are supposed to produce different results.
  7. Proglem with angled brackets in Custom Logs

    Also, the fact that you are seeing the html instead of it being interpreted as html has nothing to do with the token. That only means that the output was html escaped when it was output by the framework as to protect against cross site scripting. Imagine if someone was able to slip their own html into something you decided to log.
  8. Proglem with angled brackets in Custom Logs

    Tokens are simple string replacements using php strtr(). There is no context about them. In your case, One token generates a "url" and the other a "link", hence their names. A link contains html while a url is only the url. That is why they produce different results.
  9. Proglem with angled brackets in Custom Logs

    Are you saying the tokens arent replaced, or they are replaced but the html is being escaped, or are you saying something else? What you seemed to have just explained is exactly what I would expect to happen. I dont understand the problem.
  10. TOKEN returns empty in post

    Rules doesnt have surveys, so I have no clue what you have going on.
  11. System Errors Running "BalanceUpdate" Task

    ./applications/points/extensions/core/Queue/BalanceUpdate.php BalanceUpdate.php
  12. Automation Rules + iAwards "No reason provided."

    It can't be fixed from the Rules end. It needs to be corrected in the iAwards rules extension packaged with iAwards.
  13. Collab main page error

    Looks like that bug was fixed in Rules 1.4.0
  14. Collab main page error

    What version of Rules are you running?
  15. Collab main page error

    What version of GC are you running?