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  1. No. It's not.
  2. This app doesnt do encoded url paths. You'll need to use another method to redirect percent encoded urls.
  3. Thats not a collab category that youre looking at. Thats a database category. You need to look in the pages app config of your collab category (in the ACP) and enable the specific database that you are trying to create database categories/records for in your collabs.
  4. There is not two resources. You are creating an alias to a single resource. Enter the path to the non existing resource as the path alias, and the url to the existing resource as the mapped url, select the option to 301 redirect. Whats so difficult about this?
  5. I should point out that: $owner is null in your code which will cause unexpected results $values is null in your code which may cause unexpected results Your modification will break your site if the points app is disabled Your changes will be wiped out with your next core upgrade
  6. The alias is the new url that you want the resource to be available on: i.e: /tutorials/category/subcategory/title-id The mapped url is the original url to the resource that you would like to alias with the new url. i.e This application only aliases existing resources/pages on your site with new urls. It is not a 301 redirect solution for urls that aren't a valid IPS4 resource.
  7. I've attempted to open a discussion with IPS to see if there would be a way that I could implement this functionality on a production level going forward. But at this time, my hands are tied.
  8. The new IPS 4.2 reactions were built using PHP traits and therefore cannot be hooked by third party apps. It's not possible for me to connect them to rules at this time.
  9. I dont know. Maybe? It depends on if those tokens are even part of the event.
  10. Write a condition on the comment created rule that the number of comments on the topic is more than 1. That should do it.
  11. Its an impractical workaround.
  12. Ya. Would love to add hooks to the new reactions, but 3rd party devs are locked out since IPS 4.2 is starting to use traits.
  13. Use the private setting on the collab category. It prevents users from seeing collabs unless they are a member or have been invited to it. Unless the collab membership is set to open, in which case any member who has permission to see the category will be able to see it until it is set back to closed or invite only. If you really want to go the other way and try to create a workflow with rules, there are events for when a member joins or leaves a collab.
  14. You can set a holding period on points that get transferred into a bank, but there are no configurations to control the amounts or intervals of specific transactions.
  15. I can confirm this behavior. I'll look into what can be done to fix it.