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  1. Rules suggestion & question

    That is what rule sets are for. Yes, it absolutely does.
  2. trouble with Points increase rule

    The "amount" is positive when you are adjusting up. It is negative when adjusting down. Simply check that the amount is greater than zero!
  3. Economy Dashboard issue

    Inspect your javascript console and look for errors. Everything you mentioned is javascript related. And as I'm not from China, nor do I have access to browse the web from a Chinese IP address, I have no capacity to troubleshoot that.
  4. What does the log say when you turn the debug mode on for the rule? Maybe there is an error occuring. Maybe you could export the rule and post it so that I can see exactly what you're working with.
  5. Adding credit Points crashes wth error

    That appears to be some custom php code running. Export your rule and let me take a look at it.
  6. trouble with Points increase rule

    The "amount" event argument contains the amount that the balance was adjusted.
  7. Bug when organizing custom actions

    I cannot reproduce this on my system. Does it stay like that even after you refresh the page? Maybe this is a weird javascript error on your site. Do you want to provide a quick screencast to show me the issue or maybe PM me with ACP access to your site so I can see what you are referring to.
  8. Stock-Market

    Lottery was always intended to be a separate app. But I do believe that the merging with Miller Media is a positive step for the life of these products.
  9. details for Member Re-Engagement Rules?

    You'd need to clear the database table that holds the scheduled actions out. Your suggestion is noted.
  10. details for Member Re-Engagement Rules?

    It may have been an old copy of the re-engagement rules export which did not contain the unique identifier field for the scheduled follow up email action, which would cause it to schedule the follow up repeatedly instead of re-scheduling the follow up each time a member logs in. I would say to remove the ruleset for the member re-engagement, and import the newest version available in the rules starter pack.
  11. Award Entire Group at Once?

    1. Create a custom action 2. Add a member argument to that action (object IPS\Member) 3. Create a rule for that new custom action which has a condition that they are in your specified group, and an action to give the award. 4. From the dropdown in the custom actions ACP where you created the custom action, choose to schedule your new custom action. Choose to run it as a bulk action choosing the member argument as the bulk argument. That will do it.
  12. Award Entire Group at Once?

    What specifically can I help with.
  13. Automatically expire topics based on a forum setting

    After importing these rules, you will need to edit the permissions settings on the rules custom data field for the "Auto Expire Topic Time" to allow select member groups to see the field.
  14. Award Entire Group at Once?

    Yes, in order to do that, you need to create a custom action that takes a member as an action argument. Then you create a rule for that custom action which gives the award to the provided member if they belong to a particular member group. Then from the custom action ACP, choose the dropdown menu option to schedule the action to run in bulk for every member on your site. The rule you created will evaluate for every member and only grant the award for the specific group you add to the conditions.