Welcome to the virtual guru points economy! This ecosystem is comprised of non-cash
redeemable concept money
and participation points which are passed around at will.
Play nice and you just might end up with a fat stack for your own wallet.

In Circulation:
15,983 Points

Guru Points

Guru points are earned when a guru of any type expresses spiritual satisfaction (in other words, they like!) content that you post to the community.

Member Group Net Worth
Constituant 15811
Guru Uno 167
Novice Guru 5
In Circulation:
23.00000 Kudos

Guru Mantra

On the way to enlightenment, a guru must tackle many challenges including the helping of other constituants. Earn kudos by answering questions in the community and achieve the ultimate guru status.

Member Group Net Worth
Guru Uno 22
Novice Guru 1