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  2. Hide topics that are too old

    Hi @Kevin Carwile I don't see anything related to that on the system or error logs. Note that I made another test disabling the other rule that sends out PMs when topics are hidden, but still getting the same issue ("unresponsive" after a while)...
  3. Hide topics that are too old

    Anything in the server error logs to indicate that the process is failing?
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  5. Hide topics that are too old

    Reduced the number of topics per batch to 50 and I am still getting "unresposive" status.
  6. Hide topics that are too old

    @jair Thanks for your input. The 1 million topics is the total number of topics present in our community. The custom action actually scans all topics and apply the rules on each topic that triggers the conditions. So, even if we change the time span, the scheduled action will still scan all 1 million topics present in our community... That said, disabling the notification rule might actually be a good idea! Will play with this and let you guys know what happens.
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  8. Event: Member profile is updated

    This is the statement that is confusing me. Is this a fact, or is this what you "think" is going on. Also remember, that member profile updated happens any time that the member object is updated in the system. So not necessarily just when they visit their profile, edit it, and save it.
  9. Glad you got that resolved. I was also going to mention, that only points that are "unbanked", i.e. in the spending account can be used to make purchases. And that pseudo account cannot go below zero, just like money in a wallet.
  10. Force change collab owner

    The only way at that point would be to edit the collab record in the database and set the member id to the new owner. Either that, or use another plugin that allows you to change the owner of a content item arbitrarily.
  11. Hide topics that are too old

    I'm afraid your issues are a bit too technical for me, but allow me to speculate a bit. 1. Yes, it is possible that your rule number 1 is too slow, I have noticed rules not running very fast, especially when you have more then one condition (you have 3). And it seems that you indeed have quite a bit of topics to go through, so it is quite possible that you hit some kind of timeout. I would suggest to do it in batches - hide first 10 y old topics, then 9, then 8, etc. Also, I believe unresponsive does not mean dead, I hope it moved eventually if you were patient enough 2. I think not only the missing ids of the recipient are creating the issues, but also the missing id of the member who hides the topic. I.e. they are hidden by the other rule, which is not associated with any member. Altough I see the error logs are fairly irregular in time so it does not happen for every topic. I think it is best to disable this rule while the other one is running, otherwise you can spam a lot of your users with pms for old topics and if they have email notifications for pms (i believe it is default), you will spam their emails, your emails will get blocked by mail providers, your ip can get blacklisted, etc. Not to mention the possible expenses of sending 1m emails.
  12. After some more browsing, my error might have been due to this bug. I applied the suggested template change and was able to enter a whole number into conversion rate. Unfortunately, the "debited balance" error I was getting at checkout has been replaced with the even more vague error "We are unable to process your purchase. Please contact us for assistance." Edit: and I finally got it to work. I deleted everything and started over. Not even sure what I did differently, but maybe in my attempts to troubleshoot what was actually the decimal issue the first time I messed something else up.
  13. I feel stupid for asking this, but I think I lack a basic understanding of how this plugin works and can't figure it out. The instructions that came with the plugin were very basic "how to install an application" type of instructions and didn't explain any of this. I want to set up what I thought was a simplistic points system. All I want to do is let members buy virtual products from my store for reward points that I manually give them. I'm not mixing this with any real currency transactions, and I don't want to involve real money at all. Here's how I set it up: I installed both the points economy and the rules In manage currencies, I set up my points. I entered names for these. Currency decimal places is 0. Points exchange rate is 1 (I assumed this meant 1=1 USD) In Commerce settings, added the points as a payment method. Very confused about the conversion rate as I can only enter a long decimal string and I don't know what that means. In manage balances I manually give my test account a balance of points it can spend. There's nothing it does on the forum that needs to trigger this. I'm not sure if a bank is required for this, but I tried both with and without and got the same errors. When I set up a bank, I selected my points, left fees and interest cycle at 7 (I don't want any extra fees or interest), minimum balance 0, no maximum balance, 0 days transfer hold, 0% interest rate. When I set up the bank, I also gave my test account a bank balance. I set up a product in Commerce, entered a price, selected the points as a valid payment method Here's what happens: I log into my test user. I go into "My Economy Dashboard" and see that I have a balance in both my points and bank that is enough to pay for my virtual product. I put the product in my cart and go to checkout. I get an error that says: "The transaction would drop the debited balance below the minimum allowed amount." The only place I see to set a minimum balance is in the bank, and my minimum allowed amount is 0. Spending the points would not make that balance less than 0, and I even gave myself a lot more points so it wouldn't be close. Didn't matter. I thought maybe it's because I need to set up rules to make it work, but I looked a the list of events, actions and conditions and I'm completely lost. None of my experiments with the rules were helpful - I think I need a tutorial or step by step instructions and I can't find anything. Any help getting a system like this set up would be appreciated.
  14. Downloads Plus Application Conflict

    Fixed in the next release.
  15. some Collabs pages not properly CSS-wrapped

    I'm not a themer so if somebody would like to point out which classes are missing from what elements, I can probably tighten this up.
  16. Dev mode E_NOTICE in 4.2.2

    A new version will be released soon with these two errors fixed.
  17. Notification issues

    You still having this issue? Collab comments are not likeable so I'm not sure how your members are liking collab comments.
  18. Trying to Select topic

    Me neither. Maybe a server error. Hard to say. I tried to reproduce it over here and was unable to.
  19. Hide topics that are too old

    @jair @Kevin Carwile I created a rule to hide all topics older than 4 years in a specific forum, and scheduled it to run manually using a "Topic" Custom Action, however I am facing a couple of issues. First, let me tell you what I did: 1. Created a new "Topic" custom action. 2. Created a new rule linked to this custom action as follows: Conditions: 1. Topic is in the target forum 2. NOT - Topic last updated date and current date is within 4 years 3. NOT - Topic is hidden Action: Hide topic Source: Event/Global Data, Data to use: (The name of my custom action) Member responsible: "Equipe Clube do Hardware" Reson: Manual/Custom text Here are the unexpected behaviors: 1. The Scheduled Action is getting "unresponsive". I tried to reduce the number of topics per batch from the default 500 to 100. Should I try lowering this even more? 2. Several error messages at the logs. My best guess is that these are being triggered by another rule we have, that sends a private message to users when their topics are hidden (more about this later), and there are some old topics where the user was deleted, so there is no member_id for the topic author available. Is there a solution or should I simply ignore these error messages? Here is how we have the rule "Send PM when topic is hidden" configured: Event: Event: Tópico has been hidden Conditions: None Action: Send MP - hidden topic Action to perform: create a new private conversation Conversation Participation Mode: All recipients will be participants in the same conversation Join creator in the conversation Conversation Creator: Event/Global Data - The member who hid the topic comment Conversation Participants: Event/Global Data - The hidden topic (author) Conversation subject: manual configuration Conversation Message Body: manual configuration Thank you in advance.
  20. I was just trying to debug why all users in the database all have a value stored in the new custom profile field i created with that rule. I doubt all of them updated there profiles within the last 24 hours, but I guess its possible. Perhaps I triggered it when I did a recount statistics. I guess that also makes sense haha, thanks!
  21. Event: Member profile is updated

    The profile and event have a one to one relationship. I dont know what you are asking for. If you update one member, you want that update to happen on all members simultaneously also?
  22. Would it be possible that if you udpate the profile in admincp, that it updates for all users? Or is that also not possible?
  23. Trying to Select topic

    I'm trying to make it so when a topic is moved from one place to another it would post in the topic. The issue I am having is when I try to select a sub form it just stays at loading. I tried clearing the cache that didn't help, I'm not sure what it could be.
  24. Event: Member profile is updated

    No, one member updating their profile will not cause the event to happen for every member on the site.
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  26. Hi, Just have a question regarding the event trigger: member profile update. I created a rule that triggers the event to change a custom profile field based on saving their profile, which works well but when one person saves their profile, it triggers the rule action for all users. Is this how this event is supposed to work? <?php // Gather stored username from IPS $tokens = \IPS\rules\Application::getTokens($operation->event(), $arg_map); $username = $tokens['[member:field_2]']; $memberID = $tokens['[member:id]']; // Compile url for API request $query = "removed" . $username; // Create a URL object $url = \IPS\Http\Url::external( $query ); // Now fetch it and decode the JSON try { $response = $url->request()->get()->decodeJson(); } catch( \IPS\Http\Request\Exception $e ) { die( "There was a problem fetching the request" ); } catch( \RuntimeException $e ) { die( "The response was not valid JSON" ); } $playerID = $response['id']; if ($playerID != NULL) { // Store player ID into database | update core_pfields_content set field_3 = 'value' where member_id = 2; \IPS\Db::i()->update('core_pfields_content', array('field_3' => $playerID), array('member_id=?', $memberID)); } ?>
  27. Making custom home page url

    Can you tell me what urls you are putting in?
  28. Making custom home page url

    each url i try to input i always get invalid url, when trying to make a custom url in the settings can you tell me what i'm doing wrong please
  29. Invalid container after upgrade to 4.2.3

    I just figured it out partially. It is because this feature "delete later" The points are only deducted when I delete the topic/post permanently in modCP. Here are the exports anyways. Any content deleted = Without conditions, works only after permanent deletion Any content deleted C = Doesn't work, generate the error quoted above (invalid container), after permanent deletion Topic deleted = Works after permanent deletion It is now clear that I have to disable that feature for now, but I don't want to, plzzzz don't make mee Make it work instead, just like hidden content any-content-deleted.xml topic-deleted.xml any-content-deleted C.xml
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