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  2. No argument available for content?

    Am i not going about the right way of returning the record object?
  3. Basically all I'm trying to do is create a rule that locks the pages record when the associated topic is locked. Event: Topic has been locked Action: Lock content $record = \IPS\Db::i()->select('*', 'cms_custom_database_2', array('record_topicid=?', $content->tid))->first(); return $record; Debugging: What does it mean by no argument available for content? $content->tid should give me the topic id if the content object in this case is the topic?
  4. trouble with Points increase rule

    Of course! But my point was that it isn't so simple if you don't know which value to check for (i.e. that it's a global value you're looking for). That takes a bit of time to learn the framework and browsing all of the options available (and there are a lot, which is great).
  5. Rules suggestion & question

    That is what rule sets are for. Yes, it absolutely does.
  6. trouble with Points increase rule

    The "amount" is positive when you are adjusting up. It is negative when adjusting down. Simply check that the amount is greater than zero!
  7. Rules suggestion & question

    Hello, For those of us who have more than a few rules, some of which are conceptually grouped together, it would be useful to be able to store them in folders for the sake of organisation. For example, I have a series of rules designed to bump users to Group-specific pages upon login. I am developing another series of rules that have to do with notifying members of credit/debit adjustments to different points economies. It would be very useful for me to be able to put the first group in a folder called "Member login bumps" and the second group in a folder called, say, "Points adjustments." Also, a question: I notice that rules can be dragged & dropped in the listing. Does this affect their order of processing?
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  9. trouble with Points increase rule

    Ok, so the last in this long stream of posts - I sorted this out. I was wrong on my last assumption: there is a way of dealing directly with the "amount" value, but you need to check it as a global value in order to access the greater than/less than/equal to conditional check. So I now have a rule that will check a certain currency and email a user only if the adjustment is a credit. Hopefully this thought process might help out others who are trying to make similar rules. Thanks to @Kevin Carwile and @jair for being part of the troubleshooting process!
  10. trouble with Points increase rule

    Ok, thinking about this I think I've arrived at the problem: The "balance transfer or exchange has been completed" event is when a member transfers or exchanges credits. The "balance has been adjusted" event is when the admin modifies a balance via the adminCP. This is why the first one doesn't trigger, because I've been testing by adjusting a test account. So what this all means is: @Kevin Carwile is there a way to implement the Number Value condition @jair screenshots above for the "balance has been adjusted" event? There currently seems to be no way to deal directly with the "amount" in the "Balance has been Adjusted" event.
  11. trouble with Points increase rule

    This would seem to suggest that the balance transfer/exchange event hasn't even been triggered.
  12. trouble with Points increase rule

    Just tried this now. The logic of it makes perfect sense to me, but when I saved this rule, went into Points and credited a test member, no email. Stranger still...when I enable debugging absolutely nothing shows up in the debug console (or Rules Logs for that matter).
  13. trouble with Points increase rule

    Thanks @jair. In fact, that was the interface I was looking for ("Number 1 is greater than number 2"), but for the life of me I couldn't find it. I'll check this out.
  14. trouble with Points increase rule

    Try the other trigger: A balance transfer or exchange has been completed. In it, you have access to credit_amount and debit_amount. Then as a condition you can compare Number value and make sure credit_amount is larger then 0, something like this: Not sure if it will work for your case, just throwing it out there...
  15. trouble with Points increase rule

    Ok, here is my problem with this rule: I've managed to create a rule which emails a member whose Points have been adjusted. However, the email will go out whether this adjustment is a positive value (credit) or a negative value (debit), when I originally wanted the email to be sent only for a credit. I think the core of the issue is that I can flag the amount of the adjustment ("amount" as you say), but in the condition phase I can't seem to find a way of comparing "amount" to the previous balance to determine whether it is an increase or not. So while the trigger event is "A Balance has been adjusted," and teh first condition checks to make sure the currency is the right Points economy, the next one, which shoudl check to see if the adjustment is a positive one, doesn't achieve its objective. ("Amount To Check" in the bottom part is set to "amount of adjustment") So I take it then that this condition returns TRUE if the "Total Balance" is greater than the amount of the adjustment? Well of course that's bound to be true. But what I'm looking for is a way to take the Total Balance (which I understand to be the new post-adjustement balance) and compare it to the previous balance to see if the adjustment was a positive one. I could be missing something entirely, or I could be misunderstanding the interface (which can be difficult to understand sometimes), but that's what I looking for. I hope this makes sense!
  16. Bug when organizing custom actions

    ok, i'll create a sandbox copy of the community and give you a full admin access so you can came up to see about the two last bugs I've noticed. But no, it was not just a display problem, I've seen a rule with empty fields from the custom event, so when I got back to see the event it was all a mess. I've fixed it by resetting the exact same variable name and editing the concerned rules. But it happened again. Now I avoid organizing custom events... Let me a few days and I'll send you back the sandbox access through PM.
  17. Hi! I wonder, what is the usage of the custom data fields, associated to the Topic comments? (stored data type - string; public use; automatic display mode). I was expecting to see the newly added field somewhere here: or in any other positions of the topic view, but I can't find this field anywhere Later I tried to input such codes into templates like {expression="\IPS\rules\Data::dataDisplayValue( $comment->getRulesData( 'myfield' ) )"} or similar {$comment->getRulesData( 'myfield' )} or even {$comment->myfield} - but nothing helps me to show up the field associated to the topic comment somewhere in the post area!
  18. Adding credit Points crashes wth error

    UPDATE: I was able to use Points to add a credit to a member account without problems just now - perhaps it was because I deleted that rule, rewrote it and got it working.
  19. trouble with Points increase rule

    Thanks. I got it to work (mostly); I think I still need to learn how the rule-creation interface works and what the descriptors mean. Rules has a definite learning curve, but it's worth it.
  20. Adding credit Points crashes wth error

    Well I tried to add credit using Points Economy, which is what threw this error. But just for good measure I'm attaching the rule I attempted to create which would email a member to let them know they have received credit. rp-has-been-increased.xml
  21. Economy Dashboard issue

    Inspect your javascript console and look for errors. Everything you mentioned is javascript related. And as I'm not from China, nor do I have access to browse the web from a Chinese IP address, I have no capacity to troubleshoot that.
  22. What does the log say when you turn the debug mode on for the rule? Maybe there is an error occuring. Maybe you could export the rule and post it so that I can see exactly what you're working with.
  23. Adding credit Points crashes wth error

    That appears to be some custom php code running. Export your rule and let me take a look at it.
  24. trouble with Points increase rule

    The "amount" event argument contains the amount that the balance was adjusted.
  25. Bug when organizing custom actions

    I cannot reproduce this on my system. Does it stay like that even after you refresh the page? Maybe this is a weird javascript error on your site. Do you want to provide a quick screencast to show me the issue or maybe PM me with ACP access to your site so I can see what you are referring to.
  26. Stock-Market

    Lottery was always intended to be a separate app. But I do believe that the merging with Miller Media is a positive step for the life of these products.
  27. Economy Dashboard issue

    While accessing any community with the Points Economy installed with the Chinese IP-address, I cannot use the Economy Dashboard comfortably. Just take a look, how it looks like on your forum by my side (and it doesn't matter what browser I'm using - always the same). On my community it's the same - no graphs at all Another bad thing is that when clicking on any small white triangle right from "Guru mantra 1" or right from my nickname "alexis" or even right from "Create" button, - in any situations I'm not able to open the menu And the link becomes something like or or - and the page didn't update.... this situation happens only when I'm on the Economy dashboard or My economy dashboard pages. Once changing my IP-address (using VPN), the problems above disappear. This makes me troubles, and I believe, to all users from China too Please help to check, @Kevin Carwile
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