Remove Slashes Feature doesn't work correctly

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Hi @Kevin Carwile

On the IPS 4.4.4 your addon Advanced Path Aliases 1.1.8 with the feature "Remove IPS4 Core FURL Slashes" enabled doesn't work properly on my board.

Anytime I post a comment in a topic with more than 1 page, the page automatically loads by Submitting my reply, which should not happen and was not happen on IPS 4.3.*.

Also, when choosing a page on a topic here:


the page will open something like this: image.png.00fd2fbfc0d049601a6aa51effdd31b9.png

And once I click on update (F5) the page will redirect to the first page: image.png.1ff484c40c817a1d3b29e28f88049c55.png

It is not a correct way of working. The page changing should not remove the slash before word "page" on the address line, and should be like this: image.png.205740e526f1082a966acb3f0bf3d391.png

I believe, this error triggers the page auto loading on the reply submitting.

Please help to check and fix, if it is the addon's issue.


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