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I have a forums category which holds password-protected forums for individual Tutor Clients so I can discuss their work with them.

Since it is not possible to Follow password-protected forums, I am trying to use Rules to email me a notification whenever one of my tutor clients posts in their individual forum.  I can narrow the Rule down to whether it's in forums or not (post or comment), but I run into problems when I try to specify the Category and/or the individual forums to check.

The Condition which is supposed to check for specific forums/categories asks for two things: the Select Container to Check menu has a menu with all categories, subcategories and forums; I assume they want the category so I specify the category here.  The next menu is Check for Any of These Forums, so I specify all the forums in the category.

When I debug the rule, the forums check is OK but the sub-condition craps out as follows:


So it doesn't like something about either the "Container" selected or the forums.  Why isn't it possible to just select a Container and have the rule automatically check every forum in that Container?  That would be much more logical and timesaving than specifying each forum - not to mention they're both mandatory, which I find a bit confusing.

Either way, if I am just misunderstanding what a "container" is, or if there's a more direct workaround for something like this, any advice would be appreciated.  Thanks!


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Try this...

First create a rule set.

First rule:

Event: Topic has been created

condition:  content is in specific forum

Select your password protected forum

Second rule:

Event: Topic Comment has been created

condition:  content has a particular author


Those both evaluated true when I tried with a user on my testing site.  You'll probably have to make a separate rule for each client.

You can add a separate action rule or add it onto the second rule.

This might need more testing, but it appears to work (condition wise).

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