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Im having a bit of trouble trying to compare the content of two edited posts.

Using the values provided: 

  • content - The created/updated content
  • changed - An array of the properties being saved
  • new - Boolean value indicating if content is new

I get the following response from $content

stdClass Object
    [warning] => 
    [rulesDataChanged] => 
    [changed] => Array

    [skipCloneDuplication] => 
    [reactBlurb] => 
    [likeBlurb] => 

Theres no values?

I was hoping to find somewhere the previous post content so that I could compare how different the change was when the content was updated.

When I use $changed I am able to grab the post data from $changed->post but thats only the new value, anyone suggest how to find the old value?

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For anyone interested in something similar, I ended up just using the database table core_edit_history by doing the following:

$edited = \IPS\Db::i()->select( '*', 'core_edit_history', array( array( 'comment_id=?', $content->pid ), array( 'time=?', $content->edit_time ) ) )->first();
$comparison = similar_text($edited['old'], $edited['new'], $perc);

return $perc;


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