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Before i buy i need some help :D I have a custome script which is execute when a user buy some stuff. Also i have 2 custome profile field which contain some data(when a user buy something then the script pull some data from custome field).

When i try to setup profile update rules i got 500 error (something really bad) im not a php guru so a little help would be nice :D 


$memberid = $purchase->member->member_id;  
				$ingame = \IPS\Db::i()->query("SELECT field_2 FROM core_pfields_content WHERE member_id=$memberid");
		        $member = \IPS\Db::i()->query("SELECT name FROM core_members WHERE member_id=$memberid");
				$pass = \IPS\Db::i()->query("SELECT field_3 FROM core_pfields_content WHERE member_id=$memberid");
		       	while ($row = $ingame ->fetch_assoc()){
		        while ($row2 = $member ->fetch_assoc()) {
				while ($row3 = $pass ->fetch_assoc()) {
				\IPS\Db::i()->update( 'ebacore_adminok_awp', array(
						'felhid' => $memberid,
						'steamid'	=> $row["field_2"],
						'nev'	=> $row2["name"],
						'jelszo' => $row3["field_3"]
					) );

Some help would be nice :D This is the script from nexus and i try to modify this to work with Rules :P  (Not the best but its working with commerce)


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Well my webserver does have log yet because i turn off but actually i got 500 error because i try to modify the script which is included in the first post  (that script is for nexus and i try to modify to work with rules ) 

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