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When looking at a Collaboration main page like this: , we can find, that there are no discussion forum names shown right under the Collabs' names:


For easy and convenient navigation purposes, it is very important for my users to see the forum names, located in each Collab, like we have on any other communities' main pages with forums, like here:


So, what I'm asking is - is that possible to replace "Topic, File, Article" from the first picture to "Issue Tracker", "Knowlegebase", "General Discussion" (the names of the discussion forums, located in the Collab "Automation Rules")?

If this is outside the scope of this application, would you please at least suggest, where I can start from, to find the way of doing this, Kevin? In what file I could try to find out the solution? It is really necessary for us :( 

Thank you,

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Collabs are an organization of "apps", not "forums". This is why you see a summary of the all the "apps" type content in the collab and not a breakdown of some arbitrarily picked categories from a single app that is in the collab.

I can only suggest that you attempt to customize the template for the collab row to accomodate your specialized needs.

Theme > front / components / collabRow   ~   line 104 - 117

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